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Krotos Audio Sound Design Bundle 2

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Krotos Audio Sound Design Bundle 2
Krotos Audio Sound Design Bundle 2

Maximize your workflow

The Sound Design Bundle 2 includes the full Krotos product line: Dehumaniser 2, Reformer Pro, Weaponiser Fully Loaded, Igniter Full Tank, Krotos Bundle 1, Battle Bundle and a full range of included Weaponiser Sound Libraries – all in one discounted package.

The Sound Design Bundle 2 combines our four flagship products with three huge sound effects libraries – bundled together into one essential package at amazing value.

Offering flexible, creative and efficient workflows for sound design, audio post-production and game audio applications, the Sound Design Bundle 2 enables you to design creatures, animals, weapons, vehicles, footsteps, Foley and other unique sound effects – advancing creativity and shortening the critical path from your imagination to the final mix.


Save hours of editing time and design, customise, and perform the best sounds and Foley quickly and easily.
Find new ways to interact with sound and streamline your process for designing Foley, creatures, weapons, footsteps, textures, vehicles, and other unique sound effects directly in your DAW.
Explore creative and unique workflows for Audio Post-Production, Game Audio and Education with specialised software that eliminate repetitive tasks and processes, allowing you to focus on creativity.

Software Included:

Dehumaniser 2
Dehumaniser 2 is a powerful vocal processor, perfect for designing a huge range of complex vocal sound effects. Dehumaniser allows you to jump right into your creative work and easily produce creature, monster, robot and other extreme vocal sound effects by using 100 presets.

Weaponiser Fully Loaded
Experience the advanced dynamic asset creation plugin for layering, variations and weapon sound design. Your Weaponiser Libraries can be easily imported, stacked & sequenced for a transformed workflow.

Reformer Pro
Discover a new approach to designing textures with the award-winning and patented technology that lets you design, automate and perform sound effects in real-time – utilising the world’s first Dynamic Input.

Igniter Full Tank
Igniter is the new industry standard for creating any real-world or sci-fi vehicle sounds with ease – a complete system that brings a dynamic and performable approach to vehicle sound design for the first time.

Libraries Included:

16,799 Sounds

Krotos Bundle 1
3.82 GB | 1199 files

The Krotos Bundle 1 library is an amazing collection of 1199 high-quality sound effects for use with Reformer Pro, offering everything you need to explore Reformer Pro to its fullest potential.

Battle Bundle
2.75 GB | 5854 files | 85 Presets

The Battle Bundle features 5854 high-quality combat sounds – from sword attacks and rapiers to chainmail, shields, metal, hand-to-hand combat, body falls and impacts.

Weapons Library
5.46 GB | 2828 files | 239 Presets

The Weapons Library offers out-of-the-box weaponry and gun sound effects, featuring a total of 2828 assets, 1596 edited weapon recordings, 13 weapons, 1088 sweeteners and 39 IRs. Also included are 239 presets from Bryan Celano (Dead Space, Gears of War 3, Metal Gear Solid) Jim Stout (Sound Ideas Library, Native Instruments) George Vlad (Mindful Audio, Door Kickers).

Footsteps Bundle
699MB | 1885 files | 81 Presets

The Footsteps Bundle features a comprehensive collection of 1885 dynamic shoe, step and surface assets for flexible and responsive footstep sound design.

Whooshes Library
350MB | 574 files | 50 Presets

The Whooshes Library offers a complete collection of whoosh sound effects for creating a variety of movements, pass-bys, transitions, sweeps and impacts.

Magic Library
500MB | 476 files | 50 Presets

The Magic Library is a specialised sound library filled with otherworldly, supernatural, cinematic sounds – the perfect mix to inspire and create your secret audio potions.

User Interface Library
423.7MB | 346 files | 73 Presets

The User Interface Library is a specialised SFX library that offers you a versatile collection of notification and interaction sounds for apps, interactive media, games, and devices.

Trailers Library
630MB | 178 files | 64 Presets

The Trailers Library is filled with cinematic transitions, massive impacts, synth swells, and dramatic risers – a perfect selection of sounds to boost your trailer project with the immediacy, suspense, drama or emotion it needs.


Designing sound using the Sound Design Bundle 2

From the tyre skids, background noises, footsteps crunching on glass to the tension created by the monster’s voice and resulting gun fire – the full sound design for this scene was created using only the software and libraries contained in the bundle.

Interested in learning what the design process for the above scene was? We’ve broken the scene down in to quick walkthroughs demonstrating how the specialised plugins were applied to bringing the full sound to life. Find out how in our new series ‘Sound Design in Under 10 Minutes’.

Igniter: Vehicle sliding and door Foley.

Igniter is our all-in-one solution for vehicle sound design, one of the four flagship plugins that comes with the Sound Design Bundle 2. The beginning of the promo video shows a police van sliding in, skidding wheels, the van abruptly braking to a halt, and finally the back doors opening. How did we go about designing all of this using just Igniter… in under 10 minutes? Watch the video to learn how it was done.

Reformer Pro: Glass Crunch and Movement Foley

Reformer Pro is our specialised Foley designer that lets you perform, automate and perform any sound effects in real-time using a mic or controller. In this walkthrough you’ll learn how the clothing movement and footsteps on the broken glass were designed with just Reformer Pro.

Weaponiser: Gun fire and footsteps

Weaponiser provides powerful and efficient workflows for weapon sound design and layering. This video walks you through how the individual gunfire was designed, as well as showcasing the depth of Weaponiser’s versatility for creating footsteps.

Dehumaniser 2: Monster Vocalisation

Dehumaniser 2 is the Sound Design Bundle’s creature and monster vocal processor, already famed for its use in feature films and TV Series like Stranger Things, the Lion King, Avengers, and many more. Watch the next walkthrough to learn how our sound designer handled an off-screen monster by allowing the audio to build all the tension using only Dehumaniser 2.

Please check system requirements for each individual product for the most up-to-date information.

Creating the Sound of a Forest Scene with Krotos Studio

Create Hollywood sounds in seconds with Krotos Studio, which is Free! We posted about it on a Freebie Friday audio roundup this fall.


Krotos Audio: Create Monster Sounds From a Limited Set of Samples

Get creative with Weaponiser, Dehumaniser, a balloon, a digeridoo, and a plunger.  Wait. What?  Music composer Nikita shows you how to create monster sounds in minutes, using just those items.


Use Krotos Audio Reformer Pro to Design Sound for Haunted House Attractions

Create some spooky haunted house attraction sounds with sound designer Dan Bieranowski using Krotos Audio Reformer Pro.


How to Create Helicopter Sound Effects in Krotos Igniter

Learn how to use Krotos Audio Igniter to create helicopter sound effects. Igniter, the industry standard for creating real-world/sci-fi vehicle/engine sfx.


Andy Gibson Tutorial/Interview: Game Audio & Krotos Igniter

Like the sound inThe Grand Tour, Forza Street, Hot Wheels ID, and For Honor? Thank Andy Gibson, Lead Audio Designer at Electric Square. Watch a tutorial.


Sound Design from the Sofa: Krotos Audio Sound Design Bundle Parts 1-4

Want to find out how the Krotos Audio Sound Design Bundle 2 can greatly improve your creativity and workflow? Watch this 2 part series from Dan Mellins-Cohen for an in-depth look at the flagship Sound Design Bundle 2 from Krotos.


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