Kubity 3D Suite


Kubity 3D Suite
Kubity 3D Suite

Universal Immersive 3D Suite

Kubity 3D Suite is a collection of four easy-to-use immersive tools for 3D dreamers and doers. Share models in augmented reality with Kubity, make photorealistic fly-through tours with ArchiKlip or immerse yourself in a design with 3D2VR.


kubity iconKubity

A web app to automatically optimize and transform models for visualization and exploration in AR, VR, screen mirroring and more across any device.


archiklip iconArchiKlip

A web app that makes photorealistic 3D videos from SketchUp, then exports in MP4 video format.



rvt2skp iconrvt2skp

A Revit plugin that allows Revit projects to be exported accurately as SketchUp files.



3d2vr icon3D2VR

A dedicated plugin for SketchUp and Revit for instant 3D exploration in 1:1 scale immersive desktop VR on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.


More info for each product can be found on the details tab.


Bring together clients, co-workers, and collaborators around interactive 3D models for better, faster design decisions in augmented and virtual reality.

Kubity PRO is now a web app.

In an effort to increase accessibility and stay agile for updates, we have prioritized a ‘do it in the cloud’ mindset. Now, with the Kubity web app, you can export models from anywhere with an internet connection. Kubity is SketchUp without SketchUp… all you need is an .skp file and a web browser to be on your way to immersive exploration! The new Kubity web app eliminates lag times and updates automatically so you’ll always have the latest and greatest version of Kubity no matter what.

Learn more about the change

Your 3D models, made better.

  • Simple drag & drop web app interface for .skp files
  • Free mobile app download
  • Dynamic models on-the-go
  • AR, VR, screen mirroring & more


Interactive models

Agile 3D models with push-button simplicity are ready to be shared across any device.

Loads lightning fast

Machine learning destroys and rebuilds polygons making 3D models up to 50% lighter to load in seconds on any device.

Photorealistic render

Artificial intelligence analyzes millions of 3D textures and assigns materials for real-time photorealistic rendering.

Free mobile app

Kubity Go is free to download and use making it the perfect team and client solution.

Works on any device

Compatible with most browsers, smartphones and tablets. No special equipment required.


Easy-to-use interfaces means anyone can explore 3D models right from the first try.

What is an AI-powered 3D model?

A SketchUp file exported by Kubity is made interactive on any device, automatically. It is shareable and accessible on a web browser or the Kubity Go app in AR/VR and more.

kubity shareUnlimited sharing without SketchUp

  • Open models in a web browser or on the mobile app. No software to install. No extra fees for clients and co-workers.
  • Keep projects moving by sending a model link to anyone over text message, email or social media.
  • Just drop a 3D file and it works like magic*.

* Magic is in the algorithm.

kubity photoPhotorealistic Rendering

Instantly transform your SketchUp projects with high-quality, fully immersive renders in a single click.


kubity augmentedAugmented Reality

See how your models will look, fit, and feel in a space right away for faster decision-making.

kubity virtualVirtual Reality

Explore 3D models on-the-go right from a phone with Oculus Go, Google Cardboard, and Samsung Gear VR in just the click of a button.

kubity screenScreen Mirroring

Instantly screen mirror 3D models and control from a phone or tablet for big-screen presentations that wow.

What You Get

Export your SketchUp project to an AI-optimized 3D model for better, faster design decisions.

Included free and unlimited with every export:

  • Ready-to-share (via email, text, social media)
  • AR/VR ready
  • Rendered in photorealistic detail
  • Works fast on all devices
  • Unlimited views
  • Present to a big screen, control from your device
  • Interactive 1:1 scale
  • Secure & encrypted

Are you a Revit user?

Use the rvt2skp plugin to convert your file.

ArchiKlip (Beta)

AI-Powered Videos from 3D Models

A new way to create photorealistic flythrough videos of SketchUp models.  Powered by Artificial Intelligence. Nothing to learn. Nothing to code.

3D videos engage clients and sell ideas.

High-resolution walkthrough videos of your SketchUp models in a click.

  • Simple drag & drop web app interface.
  • Nothing to learn. Nothing to install.
  • Cloud-based 3D engines powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Deliverables in hours, not days.

Share the Vision. Sell the Dream.

3D flythrough videos bring your ideas to life and helps clients fully understand your concept.

Publish – Publish videos directly to a website or embed from a Youtube or Vimeo channel.

Share – Easily send videos over social media, in newsletters or via email to clients, co-workers and other stakeholders.

Present – Fully visualized designs give project stakeholders an immersive experience to drive sales and streamline decision-making.

What is an AI-Powered video ?

An AI-powered video made with ArchiKlip is created from a SketchUp model with scenes automatically rendered in photorealistic detail and made available for download in mp4 format.


Revit to SketchUp, Fast.

The one-click plugin that converts Revit projects to SketchUp models.


rvt2skp protects the integrity of the original Revit project by accurately conserving:

→ Geometry
→ Materials
→ Textures
→ Linked Models


rvt2skp exports are compatible with all the latest versions of SketchUp from SketchUp 8 to 2020.


Exports automatically convert ‘3D Views’ as ‘Scenes’ and ‘Families’ as ‘Groups & Layers’ for maximum modifiability.

3D Views → Scenes
Families → Group & Layers


Retains sun settings, location and render appearance paths consistent with the original Revit project.

→ Locations
→ Sun Settings
→ Render Appearance Paths


Meet Instant VR.

From SketchUp and Revit to immersive virtual reality in a click.

  • RVT2VR
  • SKP2VR

Build smarter. Save money. Wow clients.

Avoid costly mistakes & resolve feasibility issues by interpreting real-world spatial relationships alongside digital information. Communicate your ideas to clients with real-time design validation.

  • Rift & Vive Compatible – Compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive—the two best immersive VR headsets on the market.
  • Comfortable – Low latency and high frame-rates makes for a more pleasant VR experience.
  • Loads Fast – Quick 3D conversion gets you into VR in seconds—even with large, complex models.
  • Easy To Use – A simple plugin that works in a click. No training or preexisting software needed.


Kubity Web App

The Kubity web app is accessible via Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Edge. It is compatible with .skp (SketchUp) files.

If you are Revit user, you must use the rvt2skp plugin to convert your file.

Kubity Go

Kubity Go is compatible with most devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. View the complete list on the App Store and Google Play.

Browser Access and Screen Mirroring

Kubity on the web works with the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

To screen mirror from mirror.kubity.com, use the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox.

Note: Kubity uses WebGL2 technology which is NOT compatible with Safari, Edge or Internet Explorer.

Virtual Reality (on mobile)

VR is compatible with Google Cardboard viewers and other cardboard compatible devices including clip-on style VR glasses like Homido Mini, as well as the Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go.

Samsung Gear VR supports: Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge, Galaxy S6 Edge+, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ (2018) and Samsung Galaxy S9/Galaxy S9+.

Augmented Reality

AR iOS is compatible with all ARKit compatible devices running iOS11 including: iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone X, all iPad Pro models, and iPad (2017).

AR for Android requires Android 7.0 or later and access to the Google Play Store. A full list of compatible devices can be found on the ARCore developer website.


rvt2skp supports Revit 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019, 2020 including Revit Architecture, Revit Structure, and Revit MEP.

rvt2skp supports SketchUp 8 to 2020.


SKP2VR & RVT2VR is compatible with Oculus Rift and HTC Vive headsets.