It's super easy!

LAUBlab AutoCAD2C4D is a very simple to use but yet very powerful tool. Export full models into Native .c4d files from within AutoCAD.

It totally changes the way one can work using both applications together. It had been traditionally a pain getting full models error-free into MAXON Cinema4d. The dwg misses all solids, the most used geometry in 3d acad models and introduces some other issues while the classic exchange formats lose information on the way, have scaling issues, miss objects etc.

All this is history now. Working with AUTOCAD and rendering in Cinema4d is now very easy. You can transfer your file error-free in a few clicks to C4d and render there with any renderer (internal and 3rd party engines supported).

[Auto]CAD2C4D enables you to save native .c4d files directly out of your AUTOCAD environment.

Just type “toc4d” into the command prompt in AUTOCAD and you can save the full AUTOCAD scene, including layers (transferred to c4d groups), layer colours, cameras, splines, faces, polygons, solids, splines circles, arcs, text, subdivs and block references.


  • AUTOCAD 2012-2020
  • MAC and Windows
  • The resulting native .c4d file can be opened in C4D 12 and newer
  • Works with any render engine in C4D, internal and 3rdparty