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Your completely automatic professional colorist.

Revolutionary Automatic Color Correction Plugin for Final Cut Pro X, it makes your footage look completely natural, just the way you would expect to see it. Based on Artificial Intelligence and a first of it’s kind Technology.


EPICOLOR is fundamentally different from any other technology used for video color-correction Even the best cameras in the world only record the incoming light and “see” color-shifts in a scene that would be imperceptible to the naked eye if observed in person.

EPICOLOR is based on an algorithm called Xe8472® which simulates the human brain visual system, the so-called Color Constancy. It automatically corrects professional video to make it look natural and realistic without tedious manual correction

This technology is a first of it's kind and is the result of 15 years of research and development.


Automatic Color Constancy:
the artificial intelligence simulates the human brain visual system and automatically corrects professional video to look natural and realistic

Manual Color Correction:
achieve a specific color mood by adding manual corrections

Post Production LUT:
add an external color-look-up-table (LUT) to give your film a special look

Available exclusively on FxFactory

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Select how your video was shot:  normal (Rec.709),  flat (with low contrast), or real LOG (uses a dedicated de-LOG method before EPICOLOR is applied)


Choose one of three build-in presets: default, friendly or understated. For more control, change the following parameters and save as own custom presets:

Changes the color saturation
Colder - Warmer:
Two different sets of gradation-curves simulate colder or warmer color-moods
Color Mood:
Any kind of color-mood is possible by seemlessly blending sets of gradation-curves.
Color Mood Intensity:
Intensity of the color mood. Default is zero. Change before you see an effect
Changes brightness with a traditional  gradation curve
Contrast Overdrive:
Adds contrast with an S-shaped gradation curve
Custom Presets:
Save your own presets which  include the  input format (normal, flat or LOG).

Selective Color:
Pick a color in the frame to be changed with the eyedropper tool or use the color-wheel
Hue Shift:
Shifts the hue of the color towards the neighboring colors
Changes chroma/saturation of the color
Changes luminance/brightness of the specific color
Desaturate Rest:
Reduces the saturation of every other color in the frame
Color Range:
Defines the range of the color. This is done with a sophistaced method to ensure very well-defined and smooth transitions
Adds the current selective color correction, repeat  for any additional corrections
Only resets the current correction
Completely deletes all selective color corrections

Post Production LUT:
Adds an external color-look-up-table (LUT) to give your film a special Look. Benjamin from luts.iwltbap.com made 5 LUTs exclusively for EPICOLOR,  inspired by famous hollywood blockbuster. You can add your own LUT-files in .cube format. (Only use LUTs made for Rec.709)
LUT Intensity:
Changes the intensity of the LUT


EPICOLOR  includes another new first of it’s kind technology:

Many modern video cameras, even smartphones like the iPhone record "Extended Range Video“, outside of the broadcast standard 0-100 IRE, also known as "Full Range“ or "Studio Levels“. Sometimes called superwhites and sub-blacks.  Even if outside of the recognized TV standard, these recordings contain very useful additional visual information.  Those values need to be gently brought back into the broadcast range without compromising the brightness or over-all impression. This strongly depends on the content that's beeing recorded which sometimes can change very rapidly.

This is a well known problem among color grading professionals. It needs to be done shot by shot manually by skilled professional colorists and this is a very costly and time-consuming process.  Under tight schedules and money constraints the typical practice until today is to just cut off at 0 and 100 IRE, which leads to unpleasant visual artifacts in the highlights and the areas around black.

Our method is an intelligent adaptive algorithm that analyses every single frame, conforms the footage to broadcast standard while improving visual quality.


This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Works in Final Cut Pro X, Motion and DaVinci Resolve.


Color Grading in FCPX Using the Tools in Final Cut Pro 10.4

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Lemke Software Epicolor Next

Learn how to use Epicolor Next, with it’s advanced algorithims and simpler and more intuitive UI, to get the perfect color for your footage.