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v1 Luca Visual FX XOverlays for FCPX

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Luca Visual FX XOverlays for FCPX


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Luca Visual FX XOverlays for FCPX

Luca’s XOverlays are stylish and customizable motion graphic effects for Final Cut Pro X for use on a great variety of projects.

8 Image Sections
Inspired by the 60’s, this effect frames your footage into 8 sections adding selective color, glitches, animated elements and more to each part.

luca vfx xoverlays 8 image



An effect that adds moving bands to any given footage. The angle, colors, speed and edge softness of the animated bands can all be adjusted to taste.

luca vfx xoverlays bands


Flary Pattern / Animated Flary Pattern

This effect applies separately adjustable round or square elements to the footage. With a variety of adjustable controls, the user can recreate the effect of a lens flare, multiple spot lights or use it as stylization elements.

luca vfx xoverlays flary


Funky / Funky (Linear) / Funky Frantic

Three variations on a funky theme. The 3 effects feature animated abstract shapes and colors creating intriguing and vibrant overlays.

luca vfx xoverlays funky



A complex highly customizable overlay which allows the user to add two floating custom clips within the composition of light frames and animated numbers.

luca vfx xoverlays grids


High Tech

A cool animated high tech looking overlay allowing the user to add custom motion graphic elements and text.

luca vfx xoverlays hi tech


High Tech Circuit

A customizable circuit board design overlay featuring animated current flowing through.

luca vfx xoverlays circuit


Mask Split

These overlays splits your footage into a series of customizable animated masks revealing the footage behind in various optional pattern styles.

luca vfx xoverlays mask split


Sound Ripples

Recreate the effect of sound ripples on your footage or use this effect simply to add some stylization to your clip.

luca vfx xoverlays sound ripples


Sound Visualizer Overlay

An effect rich of overlay elements reproducing the effect of a sound visualizer on your footage. Comes with an animated frequency wave and an animated equalizer.

luca vfx xoverlays sound visualizer


Time Split Templates

Time Split 12-Custom, TIme Split 12-Preset and Time Split 24 time delay sections of your footage in a number of customizable styles.

luca vfx xoverlays time split



This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.


Luca Visual FX XOverlays Effects for FCP X Tutorial

Learn how to use XOverlays for FCPX from Luca Visual FX to amp up the style of your projects with this quick tutorial.


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