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Red Giant Trapcode Lux


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Red Giant Trapcode Lux

Bring your subject into the light

Need a realistic headlight or beautiful spotlight? Red Giant Trapcode Lux simulates the ‘visible light’ phenomenon in a dark or foggy environment. After Effects’ built-in lighting creates pools of light in 3D space, but you can’t see the light itself or the cone it produces. Enter Lux: A speedy plug-in that adds volumetric lighting effects to projects that require believable spotlights, point lights or stage lighting of any kind.

Red Giant Trapcode Lux Highlights

What’s New

  • Significantly, Red Giant Trapcode Lux has been updated to support 32-bpc for a more robust color definition.

Reasons To Buy

  • 64-bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Lends greater realism to After Effects’ 3D environment
  • Used in feature films and commercials for BMW, MTV and McDonald’s

Instantly add dramatic lights


Apply Lux to your After Effects layer, and instantly enjoy the enhanced atmosphere, ambiance and drama. Lux automatically creates visible sources for all Point and Spot Lights in the scene, and you can apply Lux to lights by name, making complex scenes easy to manage. Another key point is that Lux is simple to apply. In addition, it renders quickly. By all means, it works beautifully.

A range of realistic styles


Easy options let you set the style of Lux lights from natural to intense. You can specify the look of the light beam, including its intensity, falloff, behavior, and how far the light travels. Unlike AE lights, Lux lighting is truly 3D, and can co-exist and interact with each other to create completely realistic and believable lighting setups.

Full integration with AE lights


Lux offers complete integration with After Effects’ built-in Light layers. As you move each light in your 3D scene, Lux automatically updates its position in 3D space. Integrated alpha channel output lets you extend the visible area to add smoke or dust that further enhances the Lux effect.

Fast rendering

With Lux, you can see the light with less waiting: it’s a 3D effect without the long rendering times of 3D.

Multiprocessor Support

Lux takes full advantage of all processors (Mac & PC) and Intel hyperthreading.

Light Modeling

Select a Light Model for different light looks.

Non-Square Pixels

Lux handles non-square pixel aspect ratios correctly, so you’ll have no unpleasant surprises.

Deep Color

Works in 16-bit and 8-bit-per-channel color depths.

Let Lux Do the Math

Internal 256-bit (64bpc) calculations for smooth results.

Reach Comp Layer Option

Allows light from spotlights to reach a specified 3D layer in the comp.

Host Applications

Adobe After Effects CC 2017-2020

Operating Systems


  • Mac OS X 10.11-10.15
    4 GB of RAM
    30 MB of Hard Drive space


  • Windows 10 and later
    4 GB of RAM
    30 MB of Hard Drive space
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Customer Reviews

D-Lux Program

Honestly, I haven't used it much, but for the project I did, the results were excellent and proved to be the solution I didn't know was out there.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Mike Cash
Date: April 29, 2012

Great when paired with Particular and Shine

Lux works like a charm and provides just enough of the options you need to make your scene look great, without overwhelming you completely. It fills in a crucial gap in what After Effects is able to do right out of the box-- definitely a must-have for compositors and motion designers.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Jared Flynn
Date: April 09, 2012

What’s new in v 1.4.2

  • Mojave Compatibility

Using Trapcode Particular with Master Properties in After Effects

Harry Frank that explains how to use Particular with After Effects new Master Properties feature, which allows you to easily create tons of variations from a single comp.