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MoleculeGen° is an extension for After Effects that creates intricate circle pack shapes for stunning animations.

✨ MoleculeGen° Extension for After Effects ✨

Revolutionize Your Creative Workflow

MoleculeGen is the ultimate extension for Adobe After Effects, designed to revolutionize your creative workflow.

With its powerful features and intuitive controls, MoleculeGen enables you to effortlessly create intricate circle pack shapes and stunning animations.

MoleculeGen° Key Features

Effortless Circle Pack Calculations

Calculate and generate intricate circle pack shapes with precision and ease.

Intuitive Controllers

Full control over position, rotation, fill, and stroke for each element. Tailor your designs to perfection with simple adjustments.

moleculegen batchBatch Placement

Manage multiple layers seamlessly.
Control entire groups of circles at once, enhancing efficiency and creativity.

moleculegen color themesVibrant Color Themes

Choose from over 200+ color themes.
Add depth and personality to every project with vibrant color options.

 moleculegen extra strokesExtra Strokes

Add extra strokes for a unique touch.
Give your designs a professional, polished look.

3D Parameters for Cinema 4D

Unleash the power of 3D with dedicated parameters for Cinema 4D renderer within After Effects.
Create stunning, dimensional graphics that captivate and engage.

Wide Range of Animations

From dynamic 2D animations to complex 3D graphics, MoleculeGen empowers you to craft a wide range of visually stunning animations, all utilizing intricate circle patterns.



  • The easiest way to install is by using the aescripts + aeplugins manager
  • You can also install using the zxp installer.
  • In After Effects, enable ‘Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network’ in Edit > Preferences > Scripting and Expressions


  • Uniform size of circles
  • Amount of Circles
  • Batch Placement and batch size
  • Additional Strokes and their amount
  • Color theme selection
  • Extrusion setting (Requires Cinema4D Renderer to be on)

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