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Mt. Mograph Midas


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Mt. Mograph Midas

More than meets the eye

Midas is massive and the uses are almost endless. Over 26 powerful tools lay beneath the surface to animate and design anything in After Effects.



  • Create intricate animation easily
  • Link and control any property
  • Millions of uses and combinations
  • One of a kind workflow and tools
  • Endlessly flexible and fun

Efficient & flexible

  • Auto-Update: Instant version updates, with no restarts necessary. Brand new tools, upgrades and improvements.
  • Smart Screens: Each tool has a customized sub-menu that will open when there are more options to explore.
  • Close Edge: Designated edges that will close the current screen when the mouse leaves the panel.

Fast interaction — faster iteration

The tools in Midas make creating animation smart and intuitive. Each of the 25 tools has custom effect controls that are completely customizable and keyframable. Use unique modules like Color, Delay, Drag, Magnetism, Scatter, Spectre, and more to animate effortlessly.

Endless uses and combinations

Using Midas keyframes have more power. Keyframes can be delayed, offset, pushed, and combined — all by referencing one set. Properties can also be magnetized relative to the original keyframes.

Intuitive & flexible animation

Midas is an already massive system of 25 tools that is full of surprises. Backed with a Lifetime License, and Auto-Update the whole system is designed to grow and improve. Creating animation, and making revisions is better — with a golden touch.

No amount of examples will replace exploring and using Midas yourself. Download a free 7-day trial below to start seeing what a couple keyframes can really do.


Future Tool Improvements and Updates are Free!

Tools Overview

Opening & Docking



Delay, Drag, Magnetism & Scatter








Installation video



Panel Overview


Overlap Limb


Alpha Text


Swarm Mess


Cloth Transition


Cloth Arm


DJ Effect


Trace Transition

Adobe After Effects CC2015+ , including CC 2019



Future Tool Improvements and Updates are Free


Current version of Midas is 4, bringing CC 2019 compatibility. Unfortunately, some of the changes in the update to CC 2019 broke the Auto-Update feature of Midas. Since the Update system was broke — a fix to resolve the error was unable to be installed.

To support CC 2019 and bring back Auto-Update, a manual installation is required. 

Create a Particle Morph Between Pixelated LED Type in Cinema 4D

Here’s a fun pixel Morph effect tutorial from Mt. Mograph.