Nattress Advanced Plug-ins for Apple’s Color


Nattress Advanced Plug-ins for Apple’s Color - featured

Variety ColorFX nodes, giving you immense flexibility in how they are used, and you can use the in-built functionality of Color to save and load your favourite combinations or settings.


Package Contains:

Technicolor Simulation
G 2 Strip
G 3 Strip

Bleach Bypass Simulation
G Bleach Bypass
G Bleach Bypass Sharp

Chroma Sampling Toolkit
G Chroma Offset
G Chroma Sharpen
G Chroma Smooth 4:1:1
G Chroma Smooth 4:2:2
G Chroma Smooth 4:2:0

RGB and YCbCr Tools
G RGB to YCbCr
G YCbCr to RGB

Gamma Curve Tools
G S Curve
G S Curve Luma
G S Curve RGB

Power Tools
G Blend
G Smart Denoise
G Detail Contrast
G Percentage Median
G Sharpen
G Smart DeInterlace

Building Blocks
G Field Motion
G Gradient
G Simple Levels

Color FX Node Trees

All Noise Industries visual effects for Final Cut Pro X are available as Filters, Transitions, Titles or Generators, and listed in the effects browser.

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