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NewTek LightWave 3D 2015 - featured

LightWave 2015 provides the tools that you need to solve your animation and design challenges

Numerous new workflow enhancements and features designed to streamline your creative process. LightWave makes the impossible possible with its easy, robust workflow for everything from visual effects, motion graphics, and game development to architectural visualization, product design, and advertising and marketing. Simplify your creative process with LightWave 2015.




Constraints and Motors

Take control over dynamics simulations with new constraint types such as Point-to-Point, Hinge, Slider, Cone Twist, Spring and six degrees of freedom (DOF) constraint types.  Whether it's a car rolling over a terrain with fully working suspension, or a rag doll falling down the stairs, constraints help make it believable.

Constraint Types

  • Point-to-Point - Also known as a ball socket joint.  Allows items to be connected to one another.
  • Hinge - Restricts rotation to one axis, perfect for things like doors. A motor can also be applied, allowing for powered movement.
  • Slider - Allows movement to rotate in one axis, while sliding along that axis.  Great for simulating mechanical movement.
  • Cone Twist - A hybrid point to point constraint, that restricts movement within a cone angle, very useful for rag doll limb movement.
  • Spring - As the name suggests, this constraint is perfect for simulating car suspension and other mechanical properties.
  • 6 Degrees of Freedom - A general purpose constraint that combines many of the other attributes, allows locking of translation and rotation in all axis.

lightwaves springs

lightwave constraints


Importance Sampling

Better, Cleaner Renders

Greatly improve the quality of scenes lit by GI and HDR images or any type of background lighting.  By intelligently concentrating rays into important areas, noise and splotches that can arise from highly differing light intensities are eliminated, resulting in cleaner, more accurate renders.

importance sampling


Match Perspective

Plate Matching in Minutes

Whether matching plates or simply placing objects into photgraphs, matching the camera position and rotation is a tedious process.  With the new Match Perspective tool this chore is now a breeze.  Using simple on-screen gizmos to feed information to the Match Solver means you can sync your Lightwave camera to an original photo or plate quickly.

plate matching 1

plate matching 2


Genoma 2

Fast, Flexible Rigging

This rapid modular rigging system, which at the base level is a complete rigging development kit (RDK) can be used  to quickly rig characters for animation without the need to setup complex rigs from scratch.  Genoma 2 gives everyone the ability to create expert rigs and makes it possible to generate custom presets that perfectly fit into any character animation pipeline at any degree of complexity, including the use of Math Expressions and Scripts.  It also features new and improved Human, Feline and Anthropod preset rigs.

genoma 1

genoma 2


Edge Rendering


Intersection Edges

Can now be drawn where geometry intersects on the same object and/or separate objects, allowing for more creative control over cel rendering.

Patch Borders

Sub-division patch borders can now be made visible in the render at the click of a button.  Perfect for modelers who wish to showcase their mesh topography combined with the beauty of the full rendering.

Edge Buffer

Render all edges into their own buffer, allowing for post-process manipulation in your favorite compositing package.

edge rendering 1

edge rendering 2


Interactive Dynamic Parenting

Parent with Ease

The workflow for dynamically changin parent relationships has recieved an overhaul.  You can now easily assign synamic parenting using intuitive on-screen gizmos, rapidly speeding up the animation process.



What's new in update 3?

  • Improved GoZ and After Effects support
  • Workflow enhancements to the VPR, viewport, and restore options
  • Interchange enhancements include support for AE CC2015
  • Improved FBX rigging import from Maya
  • Additional support for UV interchange with Unity and other game engines
  • Improved Subd mesh interchange for Alembic
  • Additional GoZ interchange support for ZBrush 4R7

Hefty scripting improvements have also been made to the LScript Scene Object Agent, with 22 new data members and supporting environment constants, as well as updated Python control over LightWave Custom Object access.

What's new in Lightwave 2015?


Feature Improvments

64-bit QuickTime Support

QuickTime is now available to those using 64-bit versions of Lightwave.  Now, loaing and saving QuickTime movies is as easy as using any other file format Lightwave supports.

Textured Falloffs

Falloffs in Modeler now offer Texture Editor support, allowing you to use any image, procedural or gradient to affect your modeling poerations.

Per Surface Clip Maps

'Clip maps were always available on a per-object basis, now in addition to object based, per-surface based clip maps are now available both in the layered Surface Editor and Node based surfacing.

Camera Overscan

Overscan cameras without affecting the zoom factor.  This allows you to render extra areas by specifying either pixels or a percentage of the original frame size.

VPR Alpha Channel Rendering

VPR now renders alphas, and can be saved when using file formats that support alpha channels.

Spline Control Improvments

Modeler splines can now be converted for use with spline control, allowin you to use Modeler to accurately place your spline paths.

Enhanced 3DConnexion Support

3D input can now be customized for the way you work.  2D and 3D viewports can be set up to operate uniquely, with complete control over any input axis.  It also includes different modes for navigating in either first person or model view.

Improved Interchange

Updates to Lightwave's alreadt robust interchange toolset include: Alembic 1.5, FBX 2015, Unity 5, GoZ Multi-Tool Support.

Motion Blur for Displaced Geometry in VPR

VPR now supports motion blur on deformed geometry, allowing you to preview your renders closer to final render.


Includes a new comprehensive API in the SDK that allows third-party renderers to utilize FiberFX data in their rendering engines.

Workflow Improvements

Work Better

With every release of Lightwave, many aspects of workflow are addressed, these often come directly from talking with our users.  Here are some of the notable improvements.

  • Global MipMapping Toggle
  • Multi-Selection Awareness in Scene Editor for View, Active and Lock
  • Multi-Viewport VPR
  • Double-click to deselect in Modeler
  • Viewport layout Sub-menu accessible from Viewports
  • Morph Mode HUD
  • Multi-select key copy/paste in DopeTrack
  • Image Editor Search and Filtering options
  • Independant Viewport Cameras and Lights
  • Improved Advanced Save Dialog panel
  • Load-from-Scene Search and Rename functions
  • Image Viewer Copy to clipboard
  • Mouse wheel zooming in Modeler
  • Multi-layer support for many Modeler tools
  • Multi-selection aware VMap Panel
  • Falloff imporvements in Modeler
  • Improved search in Edit Menus, Edit Keys, and Plugins Panels
  • Double-click to add keys in Graph Editor
  • Improved Graph Eitor key drag copying
  • Easy setup for Background Image Compositing
  • Distribute All Axis added to Layout
  • VPR Refreshing improvements
  • Improved Slider Drawing
  • Graph Editor Prev/Next key shortcuts consistent with Layout

2015.1 FIXES


  • Layout crashes loading a 'cyHair' format wig
  • FBX importing "Target Cameras" have incorrect rotation values.


  • Hub crash if custom background GUI image used.


  • Cut Tool crash in Modeler using Edges


  • FiberFX no longer works with bullet guides
  • FiberFX Strand Tool workflow issue making "Fixed Tips" during styling
  • FiberFX crashing when using Bullet
  • FiberFX related crash when clearing an object with FiberFX applied, and then creating a new object
  • FiberFX crash due to mixed meshes
  • FiberFX motion vector data is broken
  • Clicking "Edit" in FiberFX crashes - MAC ONLY
  • Changing FiberFX shadow-type while VPR on crashes
  • "Polygonize Mixed" command in FiberFX doesn't work.


  • Option of 'Render Outside Camera' not working for VPR
  • VPR not showing proper shadow density when using transparency
  • VPR does not update in real-time when changing basic color attributes
  • VPR crash when 'Shift-clicking' to get surface with 2 point polygons
  • Fixed a bug in morph surfaces in VPR that could cause a crash due to uninitialized pointers.
  • crash if executing shader Lscript UI while VPR evaluates same shader
  • Unseen by Camera items render when PRMBlur is on.
  • Motion Blur rendering hidden objects
  • motion vectors not working for MDD's
  • 2015 does not save proper motion vector data to EXR file format
  • Edge Thickness changes when Stereo is on.
  • LW2015 GI render crash with 2 or more bounces.


  • Crash when trying to make fractured geometry a "Parts Body" in Bullet.


  • Node Editor Node thumbnails and Image node thumbnail broken
  • Nodal export/import dialogs have a localized file type field


  • Bilinear re-sample buffer size issue in SDK.
  • ClipMap surface not accessible with Lscript
  • "GlobalStore" function is broken on Mac OS systems (Layout)


  • Save Dialog does not set mesh flags to 'Saved'
  • Restore build number to the 2015 About box
  • Docs don't launch with F1
  • Crash using the nVidia "3D Pro Plug-in"



  • Intel® Core™ 2 or AMD Athlon™ II Processor (or better)
  • 64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum
  • 32-bit System RAM: 2GB minimum
  • Available USB Port (for users with existing hardware dongles)

Operating System

  • 64-bit: Windows Vista through Windows 8.1 64-bit Edition
  • 32-bit: Windows Vista through Windows 8.1

Mac OS®


  • Intel® Processor
  • 64-bit System RAM: 4GB minimum
  • Available USB Port (for users with existing hardware dongles)

Operating System

  • Snow Leopard® 10.6 or better


  • Minimum Graphics Card: NVIDIA™ GeForce® 8400 series or ATI® X1600
  • Minimum Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768 pixels

Installation Requirements

  • Storage: All systems require 750MB available hard drive space (excluding content); complete Content library is approximately 3GB.
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