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Neyrinck Broadcast Supreme Bundle

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Neyrinck Broadcast Supreme Bundle
Neyrinck Broadcast Supreme Bundle

All you need for complete Dolby E, Dolby Pro Logic and Dolby Digital workflow in Pro Tools in one complete package.

The SoundCode Broadcast Supreme Bundle is a suite of software tools making it easy to mix, encode, decode, and deliver audio for TV broadcast. It provides LtRt, Dolby Pro Logic IIx, Dolby Digital, and Dolby E technologies so you can meet delivery specifications for broadcasters worldwide.

supreme bundle

Broadcast Supreme Bundle includes:

  • SoundCode Dolby E Encoder
  • SoundCode Dolby E Decoder
  • SoundCode Stereo LtRt Encoder
  • SoundCode Stereo LtRt Decoder (Dolby Pro Logic IIx)
  • SoundCode Dolby Digital Preview
  • SoundCode Dolby Digital Encoder
  • SoundCode Dolby Digital Decoder

SoundCode For Dolby E


The SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder for Mac or PC, includes a standalone application, an Audio Suite Pro Tools and Media Composer plug-in and a Final Cut Pro plug-in.

There are several encode options, including encode from film and SMPTE track order, 1 or 2 frame input offset, Dolby E 16-bit, 20-bit and PCM, together with standard Dolby E metadata settings. Encode up to 8 tracks with over 20 different Dolby E program configurations including 5.1 + Stereo, and LCRS + Stereo.

The encode process is faster than real-time and includes tape and file based workflows.


SoundCode for Dolby E Decoder for Mac and PC, includes a standalone decoder application, Pro Tools HD/LE plug-in and a audio unit decoder plug-in.

The standalone application allows faster than real time decode of Dolby E files. Within Pro Tools simply place the Dolby E WAV file on a track and select the SoundCode Dolby E Decoder plug-in. In Final Cut Pro use the audio unit decoder with the included N-Mon application to decode the Dolby E file in Pro Tools to the computer’s audio outputs in real time.

Monitor with N-Mon

N-Mon is a Core Audio application that comes bundled with SoundCode for Dolby E Encoder.

It connects the audio output of an application such as Final Cut Pro to the Core Audio computer audio output and includes a decoding window to allow real time monitoring of Dolby E playback from Final Cut Pro.

SoundCode LtRt Tools

Decode Pro Logic LtRt track in Pro Tools

SoundCode LtRt Tools now includes a Pro Logic IIx decoder licensed from Dolby Laboratories Inc.  It provides 7.1, 5.1, and LCRS decoding so mixers can simulate consumer system playback environments.

Integrated Stereo Down Mixing

SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it simple to add down mix processing to a Pro Tools session for many types of applications.  SoundCode LtRt Tools is a Pro Tools 10 AAX  DSP, Native, and Audiosuite plug-in that can simply be inserted on a Pro Tools track. Because it is a plug-in, it is compatible with powerful Pro Tools features such as control surface operation, automation, and preset management.

Down Mix Compatibility Checking

SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to check how a surround mix will down mix to stereo.  SoundCode LtRt Tools features a “Down Mix” control that can be used to enable/disable down mixing while mixing with a surround speaker system. When enabled, the surround mix is down mixed to stereo and output on the left and right channels of the surround speaker system. Also, SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to feed a dedicated, alternate stereo speaker system.

Stereo LtRt Program Delivery

SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used to matrix encode and down mix a surround mix to stereo LtRt for stereo LtRt mix delivery.  Many broadcasterʼs require both surround mixes and stereo LtRt mixes. SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it simple to do so.  The matrix encoding can be set for PL2 or PL1 mode which are compatible with Dolby Pro Logic I and Dolby Pro Logic II decoders.

Edit & Monitor On Any Pro Tools System

SoundCode LtRt Tools makes it easy to edit surround audio projects using a Pro Tools system connected to a stereo speaker system. Just insert SoundCode LtRt Tools on the surround mix bus and all audio channels will be mixed to stereo so an editor hears everything with just two speakers or headphones.

Pro Tools LE Monitoring

The Pro Tools Complete Production Toolkit allows Pro Tools LE to open Pro Tools HD surround projects. But Pro Tools LE hardware such as MBox Micro can only output two audio channels. SoundCode LtRt Tools can be used by Pro Tools LE systems to make a stereo monitor mix when working with surround projects.

Dolby Digital 2

SoundCode for Dolby Digital 2 Preview

SoundCode For Dolby Digital 2 provides a new AAX Native plug-in called Dolby Digital Preview. Just place it on your 5.1 mix bus and you can hear exactly what a consumer hears from a set-top box, streaming media player, DVD, or Blu-ray system.

It provides AC3 metadata authoring, adjustable AC3 decoding features, and real-time DRC metering that shows you exactly what the dynamic range processing is doing, for truely professional AC3 monitoring.


The encoder is implemented as an AudioSuite plug-in. Open the plug-in window by selecting it from the AudioSuite menu in Pro Tools. The plug-in is located in the Sound Field category.

The user interface is divided into two sections. The ENCODE section controls the metadata and preprocessing settings used by the encoder. These settings can be saved as presets using the Pro Tools plug-in preset features. The OUTPUT section controls how and where the encoded data will be written. These control settings cannot be saved as presets. Instead, these control settings are persistent and are saved in a preferences file that is read when the plug-in window is opened. When the window is closed, the current settings are saved to the preferences file. The preferences file is associated with the currently logged in user of the computer. Each user account has a separate preferences file.


The decoder plug-in operates as a real time AAX Native 32/64 plug-in or as a non-real time AudioSuite plugin. The plug-in types are located in the Sound Field category of Pro Tools lists of plug-ins. Open the AudioSuite plug-in window by selecting it from the AudioSuite menu in Pro Tools and includes these real time types: stereo to-mono, stereo-to stereo, and stereo-to-5.1. Open them by clicking a Pro Tools channel insert and navigating the multchannel popup menu.

Open them by clicking a Pro Tools channel insert and navigating the plug-in multchannel popup menu. The plug-in is not available in the multi-mono list.



  • Mac OS 10.6
  • Windows 7
  • Pro Tools 10.3.7 / Pro Tools 11.0 and later
  • Final Cut Pro 7 (Dolby E Encoder)

NOTE: Bundle licenses are grouped to a single iLok and cannot be separated as required by PACE.

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