PathSlicer for After Effects

PathSlicer for After Effects

Advanced Shape Layer Tool for Adobe After Effects

PathSlicer is all about making difficult and complex tasks easy. Create cool transitions with a single PathSlicer layer, easily customize the design and animation of fonts, enhance your animations with high-quality, customizable bursts, lines, lower thirds and more.


  • Automatically Slice a Path Shape for Easy Manipulation
  • Control the Slices Individually or as a Group
  • Easily Control up to 12 Shape Layer Groups via the Effects Control Panel
  • Use the Timeline to Access Each Slice's Detailed Properties
  • Easily Design & Customize Animated Fonts
  • Easily and Quickly Create Cool Transitions & Unique Lower Thirds
  • Easily and Quickly Create Line Bursts and Wavy Lines
  • One Consistent & Elegant UI to Create Your Imagination!
  • It's FAST!!!
  • Available for Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC (all versions)

Adobe After Effects CS6 and CC (all versions)