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Pixel Lab 3D Flags and Banners Pack

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Pixel Lab 3D Flags and Banners Pack
Pixel Lab 3D Flags and Banners Pack

60 Flag/Banner Animations for your Render Engine of Choice

The Pixel Lab Flags and Banners Pack has 60 different animated 3D files that quickly integrate into your scenes. The pack includes 30 flags and 30 banners in various shapes, sizes and styles. There’s even ripped flags, medieval battle style banners and pirate flags.

Incredible Realism

Attention to Detail

  • Every animation has real world wind characteristics.


Choose Your 3D App

  • All of these are simulations baked into Alembic files, so you can open them in any 3D app you want. The .obj files are also included for flag poles and ropes etc.

A Unique Resource

Quickly integrate flags and banners into your scenes

  • No need to deal with caching and simulation, especially with Cinema 4D’s cloth engine. Just drag/drop these into your scene and you’re done!

These are Alembic files, so you can use them in any 3D app that can open Alembic such as Cinema 4D, Maya, Houdini, Blender and many many more. This also means you don’t have to deal with annoying cloth settings in Cinema 4D which take forever to cache. All the sims are cached and saved so you can just paste these into to your scene and you’re done!



This is a revolutionary way to approach flags/banners/cloth and I think you will love it. We have included everything, including the splines for the ropes so you can create custom ropes. Everything is UVW mapped so you can just drag/drop your logo or texture onto them and they will stick perfectly. We even include texture selection tags of various parts of the flags so you can easily customize the texturing. All the flag poles, holders, rubber rings etc. are included so you can also texture these very easily.



Any application that supports Alembic files, like Cinema 4D, Blender, Houdini, Maya and many, many more!


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