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Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Terrains

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Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Terrains
Pixel Lab Redshift Mutating Materials: Terrains

A first of its kind terrains/landscapes material pack for Cinema 4D + Redshift, featuring 250 materials (including beaches, deserts, forests, glaciers, jungles, mountains and wetlands)! All materials are 4k, seamless and physically accurate. Simply drag & drop to effortlessly achieve the precise look you’re after. This pack is guaranteed to save you huge amounts of time!

Redshift Mutating Materials Highlights

250 Redshift Materials

  • 4K Resolution and Seamless
  • This pack includes 250 premium materials for Cinema 4D Redshift.

Iterate with Ease

  • Designed for Experimentation
  • No need to mess with nodes. Don’t like a material? Just add a variation to quickly test out different options.

Incredible Variety

  • Quickly iterate
  • 6 categories of terrain: Beach, Desert, Forest, Jungle, Mountain, Wetland with 10 unique materials for each category, all featuring 4 variations (Dry, Damp, Wet, Snowy). Also included is a Glacier category with numerous variations.

The most comprehensive collection of RS terrains textures on the planet


What makes this product unique?

The premise of this product is to take one type of terrain and then have mutations of it under varying weather conditions, such as dry, damp, wet, and snowy. This makes it easy to match the mood and weather conditions of a scene just by selecting a different variation. Iterating has never been so simple!

rmm terrains

What Terrains are included?

Beach – 40 Materials

rmm terrains beach


Desert – 40 Materials

rmm terrains desert


Forest – 40 Materials

rmm terrains forest


Glacier – 10 Materials

rmm terrains glaciers


Jungle – 40 Materials

rmm terrains jungle

Mountain – 40 Materials

rmm terrains mountains


Wetlands – 40 Materials

rmm terrains wetlands



  • Redshift V2.5.46 or Above for Cinema 4D
  • Cinema 4D Version R16 or Above
  • 11 Gigs of Space

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