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Pixel Lab Streets

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Pixel Lab Streets
Pixel Lab Streets

Prepared for Octane + Redshift + Cinema 4D

The Pixel Lab Streets is a kitbash/texture pack combo product designed to let you create street and road scenes with a few clicks! It includes almost 100 incredibly detailed road textures with dozens of variations. They’re all 4K, PBR based, and incredibly detailed. Also included are nearly 100 kitbash models to spice up your scene. There’s a bit of everything: signs, lightposts, guard rails, trash cans and garbage, bridges, street lights, sidewalks, subway entrances and many more.

Incredible Realism

Attention to Detail

We’ve worked hard to keep everything light on the polygons but with super detailed textures so it’s very fast and fun to work with. Everything is 4K, UVW mapped and PBR based.

Infinite Possibilities

Dozens of Variations

We have the most comprehensive collection of road/street textures out there. Almost 100 variations including painted, simple, wet painted and wet simple. These are all labeled to be easy to mix/match different road pieces together to create your own customized scene.

Prepared for Octane + Redshift + Cinema 4D + OBJ

These are specially prepared for Octane + Cinema 4D and Redshift + Cinema 4D. These are .lib4d’s so you can easily access them in your content browser. We have also included .obj and .fbx files for the models and also every PBR material. This means you have roughness, diffuse, specular and normal maps for everything. That way if you use a different render engine you can still use the pack!

pixel lab streets example

What’s included in Streets?

  • Dry Painted Roads (29)
  • Dry Simple Roads (10)
  • Wet Simple Roads (10)
  • Wet Painted Roads (29)

Plus almost 100 street models

streets models example 1

Pixel lab streets models example 2



  • You can use it with C4D + Redshift, or C4D + Octane. We also included the .obj + .fbx files if you want to use a different application. Also included are all of the PBR texture maps.
  • 6.7 Gigs of hard drive space for Octane Version
  • 8.5 Gigs of hard drive space for Redshift Version
  • 6 Gigs of hard drive space for PBR Textures

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