POGUMAX Designer Unlimited

POGUMAX Designer Unlimited

Easiest 3d video mapping interior projection software

In 30 minutes you can create magic in your room with 1,200 video effects, with POGUMAX Designer Unlimited. The Unlimited version also offers unlimited animation library software updates.

Advantages of POGUMAX Designer Unlimited

No technical skills required

Designed for general PC users. Providing technical support, telephone and TeamViewer lessons, video tutorial.

1,200 animations included

Choose among hundreds of animations on different themes: landscapes, outer space, animals, celebrations, etc. Updates every 2 months.


Use the mouse to select the area that projection needs to consider: pictures, furniture, ledges, arcs, any part of the wall. Create living pictures.

Custom design

Insert your own videos and inscriptions into projection. For advertising, congratulations, branding.

pogumax example 5

3 things to create interior projection mapping

Video projector(s)

Resolution: 1024х768 or more, light flow 3000 ANSI lumens or more

PC or laptop

OS Windows, graphic card with 1Gb memory

Software POGUMAX Designer Basic, Extended or Unlimited

Up to 1,200 animations included

Adjusting Interior Interaction

Adjust projection by selecting pictures, furniture, arcs, doors, or any other elements on the wall you want it to consider. Some of the effects can “physically” interact with selected areas. For example, falling hearts will push away from obstacles, and snowflakes will accumulate on picture frames.

Illuminate your pictures of posters at a certain angle. Project different photos or videos into frames. Create modular projection where video will only be displayed in selected areas.

1,200 Animations

Abstractions, visualizations, equalizers, VJ-effects, effects with particle system.

Nature, landscapes, seas, mountains, forests, canyons, cities, animals, underwater world, flowers, snow, fire, water, ice, outer space, sky, clouds, fruits, fireworks, hearts.

Festive videos: New Year, Christmas, Valentine’s Day (February, 14), International Women’s Day (March, 8), Victory Day (May, 9), Halloween, wedding animations.

What’s Included

  • Space (65)
  • Sea world (58)
  • Paradise Island (20)
  • For children (101)
  • Kaleidoscopes (42)
  • Landscapes (58)
  • Animals (51)
  • Romantic (99)
  • Patterns and abstractions (looped) (97)
  • VJ-effects (looped) (113)
  • Patterns and abstractions (unlooped) (64)
  • VJ-effects (unlooped) (60)
  • Cities (33)
  • Food (45)
  • Christmas & New Year (99)
  • Halloween (42)
  • Celebration (21)
  • Nature (45)
  • Sport (25)
  • Winter (18)
  • Spring (20)
  • Summer (22)
  • Autumn (20)
  • Other (12)

pogumax example 11

Adding videos, pictures or text

Insert .jpg and .png pictures by placing them on screen. While adding, select several or all effects as the background for the picture. For example, if you add the picture of Santa Claus and choose “Snowfall” effect, this picture will be displayed only in that particular effect. Your logo can be inserted into all effects.

Insert .mp4, .mpg, .avi, .mov, .flv, and .mkv videos. Video can be displayed in two modes:

1) full screen, like any other video effect in animations library;
2) inserted in a certain place on top of selected effects.

Insert text into projection. Adjust font, size, color, and appearance. Inscriptions can also be “tied” to selected effects.

Regular updates

Pogumax adds new animations to the library on average every 2 months. You always have fresh content to make a projection.

Program setting

1) Use the mouse to select certain objects on the wall: pictures, furniture, doors, windows, other interior items.
2) Generate the playlist and adjust the effects.
3) Add your own videos, pictures, inscriptions (optionally).
4) Launch the presentation.

Setup process usually takes up to 5-15 minutes. For an advanced user, it is only 1-5 minutes. Settings can be saved to a file.

You can run the program in background and work with other programs while POGUMAX Designer will be displayed through the projector.

Buying any package of POGUMAX Designer software you receive:

  • free technical support
  • video training on how to work with the program

3 POGUMAX Design Version to Choose From


  • POGUMAX Designer software – perpetual license for 1 projector
  • 500 animations


  • POGUMAX Designer software – perpetual license for 1 projector
  • 1000 animations.
  • 1-year animation library updates
  • 1-year software updates


  • POGUMAX Designer software – perpetual license for 1 projector
  • 1200 animations.
  • Unlimited animation library updates
  • Unlimited software updates

Additional options for POGUMAX Designer software

1-year software and animation library updates

You can buy 1-year updates at any time. Cost – $329. The unlimited package includes lifetime updates and you will receive it for free. The extended package includes 1-year updates.

Switch from «Basic» to «Extended»

The switching package unlocks 500 additional animations (makes it a total of 1000) and enables subscription for 1-year software and animation library updates.
Cost – $529.

Using multiple projectors

This option allows you to use the program not only with one projector but with several. Cost – $419 for every additional projector (counting from 2nd). The cost is the same for any package.


Questions and Answers

Projection Size

Standard size of the projection using one 3000 lm projector in a semi-dark room — 4х2.5 m (1280х800 resolution) or 4х3 m (800×600 or 1024х768 resolution).
In complete darkness, the projection width can be increased up to 6-8 m.
To cover bigger areas, use multiple projectors. To seek advice and find suitable equipment for creating wide panoramic projections or for projecting animations to different walls, please contact us.

Projector’s Position

Projector is permanently fixed on brackets, on the ceiling or on the wall.

Portable solution is also possible — install projector on a leg, table, tripod, cupboard, etc.

Distance to a projection screen. For different projectors, different distances are required. With images 4 m in width, there are various models that are placed on 2-8 m distance. Models able to project onto a wall from 2-4 m away are called short throw projectors: they are best used in sensory rooms. Other projectors can display images 4 m in width from 6-8 m away..

Conditions for Projecting

Any surface can be used for a projection: wallpapers, paint, cloth, screen, etc. Choose white or light-colored surface. Projections are hardly visible on a dark background (black, purple, maroon).

Lightning conditions. Projections are best displayed in a semi-dark room. By day, close the curtains; by night, dim the lights. In the daylight, only small projection (1-2 m) can be seen clearly.

For semi-dark rooms, average size of projection is 4 m. Complete darkness allows displaying images 8 m in width using one projector.

Software License Conditions

How do I activate the program on my PC?
At the start-up of the program, the activation dialog box will appear. Copy the request code and send it to your manager. In response, you will get the license key. Insert it to activate the program.

Can I use the program on multiple PCs?
One license key can only be activated on one computer. The cost of a multi-computer license is higher.

If the PC with the program installed is broken down, what should I do?
In such cases, Pogumax will provide a new license key for free.

Can I use my PC while running the program?
Yes. You can run the program in the background mode and work with other programs while POGUMAX Designer will be displayed through the projector.

Can I use multiple projectors with one PC?
Yes. You will need a special computer that supports multi-monitor setups. Please note that software license cost depends on how many projectors will be used.

Projector and Computer

Is our projector suitable?
Yes — almost any model. The software has no impact on images’ size and brightness. Pogumax recommends using projectors with >2000 lm luminous power and >800×600 resolution, but it is not a requirement.

Is our computer suitable?
Requirements to run the software with one projector: >1.7 gHz dual core processor, >2Gb RAM, 1Gb graphics card, Windows 7, 8, 10. To ensure your computer meets the requirements, give Pogumax the information on its characteristics.

Will you help us to choose a projector?
Yes. Based on the conditions of your premise, Pogumax will choose suitable equipment that can be purchased in your country.

If you need a computer to connect multiple projectors, Pogumax will advise you on appropriate configuration.


Do you provide training for another country’s residents?
Along with the software comes the user manual, which includes a video lesson.  If necessary, Pogumax can provide training and technical support via phone or using remote access program TeamViewer.

How long is the training process?
Usually, it takes up to 1-2 hours. The duration of the video lesson, which explains in detail how to work with the program, is approximately 30 minutes. After training, it will only take 5-10 minutes to adjust the program for any interior and launch the presentation.

Training and support

Along with the software comes User manual, which includes video lesson. If necessary, Pogumax can provide training and technical support via phone or using remote access program TeamViewer.

Training is easy for everyone.


Recommended Projectors

We use short throw projectors in our sets. They are the perfect fit for use in small spaces ranging from 7 to 25 square meters and have the capacity to create large images of 3-8 meters wide from an average distance of 1.5-4 meters.

We recommend using projectors with >2000 lm luminous power and >800×600 resolution, but it is not a requirement.

Computer Requirements

Requirements to run the software with one projector: >1.7 gHz dual core processor, >2Gb RAM, 1Gb graphics card, Windows 7, 8, 10.

If you need assistance with choosing a projector or have questions specific to your project, please Contact Kirill at Pogumax.