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Pomfort Silverstack Lab

Data Management and Dailies in One

Silverstack Lab is the first software that enables a simultaneous handling of data management and dailies creation in one tool. By integrating the renowned data management capabilities of Silverstack with an elaborate set of functionalities needed for a lean and highly efficient dailies creation process, two previously separate production steps are merged into one integrated activity. Footage can be backed up securely and organized transparently, while at the same time dailies can be created.


The core of Silverstack Lab is its central clip library. From the first moment media is loaded off the camera, Silverstack Lab automatically stores all clip, look and audio related information in its central library. When transcoded clips are created the library also tracks and logs all essential clip information. Having all digital assets in one place makes it easier and faster to manage, control and exchange production critical data.

On top of that, Silverstack Lab comes with a high performance transcoding engine and an automated audio sync function that significantly accelerates the creation of dailies. By supporting the simultaneous transcoding to AVID DNxHD, ProRes, and H.264 file formats and parallely to various resolutions, dailies creation reaches a whole new level of productivity. With Silverstack Lab, film productions benefit from an intelligent, streamlined and self-contained data management and dailies creation process. The responsibility for this process can be assigned to one person in charge working directly on set.

1. Simultaneous handling of data and dailies in one integrated activity

By merging data management and dailies creation into one integrated activity, a seamless workflow with less interfaces, a reduced overall complexity and a lower risk of costly errors is enabled. Silverstack Lab provides a clear structure and secure processes that enable direct control over footage and immediate access to transcoded clips

2. Rapid transcoding with hybrid CPU / GPU-based transcoding engine

Silverstack Lab’s highly competitive transcoding engine allows a simultaneous transcoding to various resolutions and to all required output formats like Avid DNxHD, ProRes, and H.264. Silverstack Lab comes with all the power and capabilities needed to rapidly transcode clips for editing systems, web platforms, and storage archives.

3. Automated syncing of video and audio

Silverstack Lab offers a fully automated audio sync functionality. The incorporated syncing wizard detects corresponding audio and video clips based on time code and automatically syncs them. This way, users have to spend less time on manual preparation work, and more time on the creation, management and delivery of digital assets.


Audio Clips

Manage and Sync Sound Files.

Silverstack Lab reads extended metadata from BWAV files and other audio formats, and automatically groups together track files that belong to one clip. You can automatically match and sync audio and video clips by timecode information, and it's also possible to manually sync audio and video by setting slate markers.

Silverstack Lab supports playback multi-track audio and video clips (solo and grouped). Individually adjust level and panning of internal and external audio tracks for the stereo-mixdown used in rushes and dailies.

Dailies Creation

Create Native Avid DNxHD/MXF, Apple ProRes, and H.264 Files for Editorial and Review.

Silverstack Lab's hybrid GPU/CPU-based transcoding engine reaches impressive speeds (e.g. by utilizing multithreading and multiple GPUs), that makes it possible to transcode multiple dailies deliverables at the same time on a single Mac notebook fast enough to cover the dailies process for an entire shooting day.

Silverstack Lab adds new features such as various burn-in options, watermarks, and frameline overlays for your production's specific needs. You can also create clips with multiple original audio tracks.

All transcoded clips are managed in Silverstack's library and are part of the workflow statistics, that help you get a quick overview of the status of your day's work.

Examples of Transcoding Speed

New MacBook Pro (15”, Late 2016) with Silverstack Lab
 2.6 GHz Intel Core i7 (AMD Radeon Pro 450):

silverstack lab transcoding speed


ARRIRAW in Open Gate, 3414x2198 resolution and debayered in half-res quality. H.264 is in 720p resolution, ProRes 422 LT is in 1080p resolution. No look and overlay is applied.

The hardware setup needs fast disk I/O (e.g. a SSD RAID). The ARRIRAW transcoding example requires roughly 720 MB/sec read speed to encode ARRIRAW material to DNxHD 155 and H.264 in 21 minutes (1h of ARRIRAW at 24 fps has a size of approx. 996 GB). The transcoding speed is equivalent to 62 frames/sec decoding speed for the ARRIRAW material and 124 frames/sec encoding speed for the simultaneous creation of DNxHD and H.264.

* Multiple formats are transcoded simultaneously

Supporting Post-Production Workflows

Fine-Tuning for Metadata Transfers.

The process of creating dailies has to have the overall workflow in mind – from editorial to conform and finishing. Therefore Silverstack Lab let's you fine-tune the metadata that goes into and travels with the dailies. Depending on the chosen destination application (such as Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, or DaVinci Resolve) you can set for example the type of clip and "tape" names in such detail, that no workflow will be left behind. In Silverstack Lab's transcoding configurations you can set which and how metadata files should be automatically created after finishing the transcoding jobs.

Tons of Improvements

Window Configurations and Multi-Clip Grid View.

Silverstack comes with easy access to different window configurations, that are tailored to specific activities on set, such as management, QC, color grading, or configuring the transcoding process. Window configurations get all the user interface elements out of the way that are not needed at the moment and puts the focus on the user's current task with just one click.

Silverstack Lab allows to place user interface elements such as a clip collection on a second display. For improved look management and QC, Silverstack Lab offers a side-by-side mode of the player, that can display up to twelve clips simultaneously – either on the computer display or on the HD-SDI output.


Operating Systems

  • Intel Mac
  • OSX 10.12 or newer.

If your MacBook Pro is equipped with an ExpressCard/34-, CompactFlash- or SD card-slot, you can directly offload clips from any SxS, CompactFlash or SD card as they are used by following cameras: ARRI Alexa (SxS),  RED and AJA Ki Pro  (CompactFlash), Sony Sony F5 / F55, Canon EOS C300, Canon EOS DSLRs , Nikon DSLRs and GoPro (SD Card). Otherwise you need a suitable card reader.

You can find a list of supported formats in the article Assets in Silverstack. All formats with no specific detection will be handled as generic files. Please see the article Generic File Formats for more information.

For a realtime playback of your offloaded video files the usage of a fast hard drive as a SSD card is recommended.

Advanced Camera Support


  • ARRI Alexa (.ari) **
  • ARRI Alexa Mini (.mxf)
  • ARRI Amira (.mxf)
  • ARRI Alexa 65 (.ari) **
  • ARRI Alexa LF (.ari) **


  • ARRI Alexa **
  • ARRI Alexa 65 **
  • ARRI Alexa LF **


  • Panasonic Varicam

Blackmagic RAW

  • Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro 4.6K

Canon XF Movies

  • Canon C300 Mk. I & II **
  • Canon C500 **
  • Canon C700 and C700 FF **
  • Canon C200**


  • Canon XF705 **

Canon MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 (*.mts) 

  • Canon C100 **

Canon Cinema Raw Light (.crm)

  • Canon C200 and C200B

Canon Uncompressed RAW (.rmf)

  • Canon C700 and C700 FF
  • Canon C300 Mk II


  • BMCC
  • Bolex D16 **
  • Ikonoskop
  • IndieCam

Generic Image Sequences 

  • JPEG
  • TIFF
  • DPX

H.264 Quicktime Movies

  • Canon DSLR **
  • GoPro Hero **
  • Nikon DSLR **

Kinefinity KineRAW (.krw)

  • TERRA 4K/5K/6K
  • KineMINI 4K
  • KineMAX 6K

Panasonic DNG RAW 

  • Panasonic Varicam LT (with Convergent Design Odyssey7Q+)

ProRes Quicktime Movies

  • AJA KiPro
  • ARRI Alexa / Alexa LF **
  • ARRI Alexa Mini **
  • ARRI Amira **
  • RED cameras **
  • Panasonic Varicam **
  • Sony Venice **
  • Atomos Ninja and Samurai
  • Codex Action Cam
  • Convergent Design Odyssey

Phantom Cine

  • Vision Research Phantom Flex/Flex4K/Miro


  • RED Weapon Dragon 6K, Weapon Helium 8K S35,
  • Weapon Monstro 8K VV **
  • RED Raven 4.5K **
  • RED Scarlet-X, Scarlet Dragon, Scarlet-W 5K **
  • RED Epic-X, Epic Dragon, Epic-W 8K **
  • RED One, RED One MX **

Sony RAW

  • Sony F5/F55/F65, Venice


  • Panasonic Varicam

X-OCN LT, ST and XT 

  • Sony F5/F55, Venice (with AXS-R7 recorder)


  • Sony F5/F55, Venice **


  • Sony a7S**

** with audio support

What's new in version 6.5?

Dailies & Proxies:

  • Create AAF Files for Avid Media Composer: Speed up and simplify Media Composer editing workflows by creating AAF files
  • New Output Format: DNx in QT Container (.mov): Transcode to DNx codecs in Quicktime (.mov) container
  • Advanced Custom Crop Options: Crop to exact resolutions and offsets for fine control over transcoded clips and still exports
  • New Output Format: H.264 and HEVC in MP4 Container(.mp4): Transcode to H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) codecs in MP4 container (.mp4)
  • Custom Keyboard Shortcuts: Define your individual shortcut for any action in the main menu


  • Audio Waveform Zoom: New audio details panel enables more detailed sound sync control and subframe audio slipping
  • Panasonic Varicam AVC-Intra: Audio support for Panasonic Varicam AVC-Intra MXF clips

Camera Formats:

  • Blackmagic RAW: Advanced camera support for Blackmagic RAW
  • CODEX HDE ARRIRAW: Advanced camera support for Codex HDE ARRIRAW files (.arx)

Copy & Library:

  • Improved Copy Speeds: Copy speed optimization for file sequences and high performance drives
  • Scrubbing Through Clips: Smoother scrubbing through clips in player
  • Library Sorting: New bin and folder sorting options for easier library organization

Reports & Still Exports:

  • New Custom Naming Options for Reports and Still Frame Exports: File names for reports and still frames can now be customized with metadata wildcards

Metadata Export:

  • ARRI Webgate: Automatic export of metadata file to transmit information to ARRI Webgate

Working with LiveGrade Pro:

  • Receive Metadata from LiveGrade Pro: Take over metadata from LiveGrade Pro via PFLA when matching looks

What's New in Silverstack Lab v6.4?

Video Scopes:

  • Native Video Scopes in Multiple Flavors: Waveform, histogram, vectorscope with settings

Copy & Verification:

  • Separate Copy and Verification Jobs: Schedule separate copy and verification jobs to complete copy first and verify afterwards
  • Verification States: Immediately see if any copy of a file misses verification or is defective
  • Simplified Options for Standard Copy: Improved security by reducing options for default copy settings


  • Identify Related Jobs: Select a job to see its dependant jobs in the jobs panel (e.g. for cascading copy or separate copy and verification jobs)
  • Schedule as Next Job: Schedule new jobs to be executed at earliest possibility
  • Running Jobs for Bins: Monitor in the library which bins have running jobs

Camera Formats:

  • Canon: Support for 5.9K RAW clips from Canon C700 FF

Dynamic Metadata:

  • Support for Dynamic Lens and Camera Metadata: Extract and display dynamic metadata to reference settings per frame and in playback
  • Improved Clips Reports: Dynamic metadata is leveraged to improve reporting with metadata of first frame
  • Dynamic Metadata Burn Ins: Transcode clips with dynamic metadata visibly embedded in the clip

Metadata Export:

  • COPRA Dailies System: Automatic export of metadata file for COPRA dailies system

Output Formats:

  • H.265/HEVC: Transcoding to H.265/HEVC (available starting from macOS 10.13)


  • Tags: Enter keywords or prepare uniform favorite tags to select from

New in Version 6.3


  • Support for External GPUs: Use external GPUs to improve transcoding speeds for specific formats
  • Custom Frame Lines: Frame line burn-ins now support custom aspect ratios
  • H.264 Bitrate Options: Enter your custom bitrate or choose intended quality for transcoding to H.264


  • Linear Timecode (LTC) Support: Extract timecode information from video clips with LTC
  • Direct Transfer of Audio Sync to Adobe Premiere Pro: Create synced sequences in Premiere Pro with audio sync information from Silverstack Lab


  • Reports with Three Thumbnails: Create Clips and Thumbnails reports including three thumbnails per clip

Clip Processing:

  • Crop to Aspect Ratio: Crop clips to a custom aspect ratio


  • Dual LTO/LTFS Backup: Backup clips to multiple LTO/LTFS drives simultaneously

New in version 6.2:

Zeiss Lens Correction:

  • Lens Data from ZEISS CP.3 XD Lenses: Lens correction data can be imported (e.g. from MasterLockit Plus), exported (e.g. to Zeiss plugin for DaVinci Resolve), and used for image filtering


  • Transcoding with LUTs and Burn-ins: Up to 30% faster transcoding compared to version 6.0
  • Transcoding Speed Improvements: Improved decoding for Phantom Cine RAW and SONY RAW camera formats
  • Combined Clip Transcoding: Transcode multiple source clip to one combined clip for easier sharing and review
  • Decoding Options: Optimized ProRes option ("reduced decoding resolution") for playback and transcoding


  • Drylab: Handover of clips and metadata to Drylab Creator


  • Suspension and Reordering of Copy and Transcoding Jobs: Interrupt and reorder copy and transcoding jobs for more flexibility for scheduling and resource management

Camera Formats:

  • Canon: Cinema RAW Light (.CRM) from latest Canon cameras
  • Kinefinity: KineRAW (.KRW) from Kinefinity cameras


  • Audio: Audio support for ARRIRAW in MXF container
  • Looks: Easy copy and paste of looks with shortcuts
  • Import: Enhanced Movie Slate import options
  • Clips Table View: Easier column selection
  • Metadata: Renaming of custom metadata fields

New in version 6.1:

Project Preparation:

  • Project Settings Export/Import: Transfer project settings and create project templates including transcoding configurations, library folder structure, offload templates and smart folders


  • DNx Formats: Improved naming and audio support for DNx formats
  • Transcoding Options: New burn-in and black bar options for transcoding


  • Audio Sync: Easier adjustment, re-sync and batch editing of external audio clips
  • Audible Frame Stepping: Hear audio while stepping through a clip

Camera Formats:

  • RED IPP2: Enabling RED Image Processing Pipeline 2 for custom looks
  • Canon: Uncompressed RAW from EOS C700 (.RMF)

What's new in Silverstack Lab 6?

Silverstack Lab is based on all the production proof features of Silverstack and Silverstack XT. We added a full set of features for a streamlined dailies workflow. You can see the details below.


  •     Audio Clips: Multi-track audio clips with metadata in the clip library with playback
  •     Manual Audio Sync: Add audio tracks to video clips and sync by slate
  •     Automatic Audio Sync: Timecode-based syncing of video and audio clips


  •     Avid DNxHD support: Transcoding to native DNxHD in MXF container for Avid Media Composer
  •     Speed Improvements: Accelerated transcoding to ProRes and H.264 (including support for 2nd GPU)
  •     Managed Transcodes: Transcoded files are managed in clip library
  •     Overlays: Frame lines, extended metadata burn-in and watermark
  •     Multi-Channel Audio: Source audio tracks in transcoded clips
  •     Transcoding Configurations: Store custom configurations for transcoding jobs


  •     Workflow Support: Automatic export of metadata for target application
  •     Conform Options: Detailed configuration of clip and reel names in transcodes and metadata
  •     Adobe Premiere Export: Transfer of clip list with metadata

User Interface:

  •     Window Configurations: Shortcuts for activity-tailored user interface configurations
  •     2nd-Display: Clip collection and player on second display
  •     Side-By-Side: Grid-View with up to twelve clips side-by-side

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