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PowerProduction Software StoryBoard Quick Studio
PowerProduction Software StoryBoard Quick Studio

Fast, Easy, Stylish Storyboards for writers, producers and directors.

Even if you can’t draw! StoryBoard Quick STUDIO will make it look you can! Loaded with content and packed with features, including Print-To-Sketch Mode & QuickShots, StoryBoard Quick Studio will help you bring your visual concepts to everyone working on your next film or video!


Everything StoryBoard Quick has and more!!  StoryBoard Quick Studio makes creating amazing storyboards even easier! The StoryBoard Quick Studio EXTRA features will change the way you present your story ideas, and speed up the creation of each shot.

SBQ Studio includes built-in characters, locations and props as well as free video tutorials!  QuickShots Technology assembles shots for you and types (annotates) Slug lines!  The Print-to-Sketch feature blends various media styles of artwork into sketch-style boards. Finally, each of the standard Quick colorizable characters now come in double (2x) the action poses, making even more action detail available for each of your shot setups and sequences.

The 3 Major Additions

Twice as Many Poses!

See the more Poses! Add more action to your cast with double the poses! 

The colorizable cast of vector characters do more actions! All Studio characters come Standing, Walking, Running, Sitting, Jumping, Prone and now Phoning, Point-Shoot, Punching, Driving, Typing, and Lounging.

Print-to-Sketch Boards

Make boards look hand drawn! 

Storyboard artists charge up to $100 per frame, you can create an amazing-looking project in this hand-drawn style with StoryBoard Quick Studio. Take your digital elements, compose your panel and then, before you print, select Sketch Mode. Choose from five Intensity Levels to get just the look you want!

With Sketch Mode, you can blend elements and produce boards that look like they're hand drawn. Dazzle your clients with your ideas!

Automatic Storyboards with QuickShots

Create storyboards automatically with QuickShots

Need to get your preproduction boards started and done in a real hurry? QuickShots is the answer! It's easy and the fastest on the planet! Choose the “shot type”, select the characters, pick a location setting, and BAM! in an instant shot is created for you with the caption typed in too! This is truly automatic storyboarding! Even writers are using this feature to create visually.

Save Time. Save Money
Media pre-production means time is money. When you work faster, you free up valuable time and, in turn, money on your media production, film production or video production. Read more about how valuable it is to develop and use storyboards to plan your project!

Design and refine.
When you see your shots next to your script you are better able to refine your story ideas. Read more about how you can make a tighter end project with storyboard software.

Instant StoryBoards
Print your great-looking storyboards, or export them as graphic files or a free Flash movie. StoryBoard Quick frees up creativity and makes it easy to show off your ideas. The new script-integrated page layout gives you film screenplay formatting with thumbnail shots and is just one of the many ways to show your ideas.

StoryBoard Quick STUDIO Features

The Art of Storyboarding.

New cast. New props. New locations. New Actions. And more of each too! Color-customizable, rotating (vector) characters and props define spatial relationship in your shots. 3D Graphic Director'sarrows indicate actor and camera movement. You don't need to be a story artist (but some draw tools included!). StoryBoard Quick IS the art of script-integrated storyboarding. script layout with storyboards

Plays well with others.

Import almost anything into your storyboards! Take digital photos and drag and drop them right into the storyboard frame. Import your screenplay script from any filmmaking/screenwriting program (or even text files). Import your pre-production scheduling data as well. You can also type directly into the caption area for the fastest script-integrated storyboards on the planet.

It's ok. Be a show off.

Print your great-looking storyboards, or export them as graphic files or a Flash movie. StoryBoard Quick makes it easy to show off your ideas. The new script-integrated page layout gives you script formatting with thumbnail shots and is just one of the many ways to show your preproduction ideas.

Edit and organize.

StoryBoard Quick's overview gives you the power to see the whole storyboard preproduction project in one view. Rearrange your shots, delete frames, insert a missing shot and jump to frames for lightning-fast editing. The overview also can display the captions for superior digital workflow control. 

Storyboards in a Flash.

New export to Flash video allows you to play back your storyboards locally or on the internet. Easily export the HTML code along with project sizings so you can play the storyboards back at full frame or optimize for viewing on iPhones and other mobile devices. 

The right tool.

Zoom in. Zoom out. Rotate around. Draw in the storyboard frame using vector draw tools. Import with alpha channels and mask tools included. New in-frame speech bubble and extra directors arrows. See how to use these features quickly and easily with the free storyboard software video tutorials. Combine them all to create the perfect storyboard preproduction media project.


  • OS X 10.11+ (El Capitan)
  • OS X 10.10+ (Yosemite)
  • OS X 10.9+ (Mavericks)
  • OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) or
  • OS X 10.7, 10.6, 10.5

500 MB HD
24-bit Color Display


  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP
  • (32 and 64-bit compatible)

500 MB HD
24-bit Color Display