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proDAD DEFISHR - featured

Automatic Video Fisheye Correction

proDAD DEFISHR is the world’s first fully automatic fisheye distortion correction solution for video. User’s of GoPro® (including new Hero 3 series), Contour, CameraOne, and digital cameras fitted with super-wide angle lens’ often complain about the warped images, especially out a the horizon of the video. DEFISHR fixes this with ease; the result is very high quality de-warped video. Includes manual adjustment tools to adjust for cameras mounted off-axis or upside down and even a calibration tool for creating a custom camera profile for unique camera/lens combinations.


Simply drag a video into the DEFISHR media bin; see an instant side-by side comparison of the original and de-fished video.


Need to fine tune the video to correct other camera lens distortion?  DEFISHR’s included manual adjustment tools allow manipulation of image zoom, x-axis, y-axis, and lens tilt.


DEFISHR includes an exclusive camera Calibration tool, which can be used to create a de-fishing camera profile for a camera not in the presets.  Simply shoot about 5 seconds of video of the Calibration grid with the desired camera and then import this video into the Calibration tool and it’s analyzed to create a new camera profile.

Why Choose DEFISHR?

  • Simple solution for correcting fisheye distortion (warped video).
  • Very easy to use…drag & drop video file, select a camera profile…instant preview of corrected video.
  • Includes pre-sets for common video cameras from GoPro, Contour, CameraOne, and others; and a special tool for creating custom camera profiles.
  • Includes easy to use tools for manual “fine tuning” of camera lens distortions, adjusting/flipping video from mistakenly mounted cameras, and more.
  • Stand-alone Windows® application, perfect for simple image pre-processing before using within video editing software or for just quick correction of video before sharing online.
  • Affordable!!



  • Automatically check for product updates. Faster MP4 encoding & better quality/smaller file sizes.  Better multi-monitor support; faster preview playback, and more.
  • Now can import DPX, Canopus DV, Canopus HD, and several other new formats.
  • Now includes additional camera profiles
  • Now features faster de-noising performance and sharpness is increased during de-noising.

DEFISHR for Windows 32-Bit and 64-Bit

Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1 – 2GB-memory,
recommended: i7-cpu, 6GB-memory

Camera Support

  • CamOne
  • Panasonic LumixDMC T27
  • Contour HD Mod1300
  • Contour+2
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • OlympusE-PL3
  • Rollei Bullet HD
  • Rollei Bullet S5
  • GoPro Hero2
  • GoPro Hero3
  • GoPro Hero3+
  • Canon XHA1
  • Canon HFG10
  • Canon EOS
  • Sony HDR AS10/AS15
  • Drift Innovations HD170
  • DJI Phantom Vision FC200
  • Somikon DV800

The following reading formats are available:
mov, mpg, mpeg, mp4, mts, m2t, m2ts, m2v, avi, mxf, vob, vcd, 3gp, jpg, tif

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