Toolfarm Professional Training for Primatte Keyer Pro: Toolfarm Expert Series


Toolfarm Professional Training for Primatte Keyer Pro: Toolfarm Expert Series - featured

Learn the Method, Not Just The Software!

Angie Mistretta demystifies the complex and powerful Primatte Keyer Pro plug-in from Red Giant Software, which can pull the matte, adjust spill suppression, handle color correction and handle the entire process of keying and matte creation.


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Available in 3 Formats All included. Download them all if you wish.

  • Flash based video with menus
  • Quicktime Movies
  • iPod/iPhone video

All project files are also included. This training tailored to busy professionals (and those who don't read manuals). It is meant to get the viewer started and comfortable with the plug-in within just a couple of hours. The training does not cover every single feature of the plug-in, but inspire you to look deeper into the tool (or the manual, if needed!)

primatte training


  • 1. Primatte Overview
  • 2. Key 1: Pulling the Matte
  • 3. Key 1: Edge Finishing
  • 4. Key 1: Spill Supression
  • 5. Key 1: Color Correction
  • 6. Key 2: Introduction
  • 7. Key 2: The Core Matte
  • 8. Key 2: The Edge Matte
  • 9. Key 2: Semi-Transparency
  • 10. Key 2: Masking
  • 11. Key 2: Matte Adjustments
  • 12. Key 2: Despilling
  • 13. Key 2: Color Correction
  • 14. Key 2: Edge Blending
  • 15. Key Comparison
  • 16. More Information & Credits

Adobe Flash 9+ Player (Free) or any standalone player that accepts FLV files.

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