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2.x REACH: AEssential Kit

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REACH: AEssential Kit


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

REACH: AEssential Kit

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REACH: AEssential Kit

Optimize your workspace, Optimize your workflow

With the REACH: AEssential Kit from PENCIL Park, you can optimize your workspace and optimize your workflow.  REACH is a dockable After Effects script that allows you instant access to your bookmarks, AE commands, your effects, presets, tools, and much more.

With Reach there are many features for motion designers, use and edit our “pre-made” expressions, create yours and store them. Use the responsive search bar to execute 150 Commands, search for any Scripts, dock them, and find all your Effects, Plugins and Presets. You can bookmark everything!
As a bonus, you have our Fast Screenshot Tool, an Anchor Point Mover, 2 sliders to ease your keyframes and the Align to Selected object panel.

Your workflow is UNIQUE. And so is Reach: Give it a try and be amazed.

Get ready to raise After Effects with the Reach AEssential kit:
Reach gives you easy access to a wide range of functions within AE, including commands, effects, presets, extensions, plugins, and all your scripts. There are also pre-written expressions, an expressions editor, a Script helper, and a storage feature for expressions.
Reach has exclusive features like tools for managing layers, keyframes, colors, audio sync, compositions, optimizations, crop, bounce, puppet pins, cameras, and more. The responsive interface also includes built-in features, for example, an anchor manager, align tools, easing sliders and shortcuts, and more.

The natural cherry on top is your bookmark manager and thematic toolbars with additional helpful and straightforward tools.
With a dynamic and responsive user interface, complete with a search bar for easy access to all features, Reach is a breeze.
Reach offers a free trial version with access to all side toolbars, so you can try it out and see for yourself just how mighty it is.

You can use this opportunity to Refresh Your Workspace and Seriously Boost your Workflow (no kidding).

Created by motion designers for motion designers, Reach is constantly evolving based on your feedback.

Make Simple Tasks Simple!

  • Access to +150 AE Commands
  • + Apply and Toggle All  Your Effects
  • + Your  Presets
  • + Your  Plugins-> Activate them in the Settings
  • + Your Expressions -> Activate them in the Settings
  • + Launch, Dock and Un-dock Your  Scripts
  • + Enjoy numerous Features
  • + Pre-written Expressions
  • + Expressions  Editor + Script Helper + Storage
  • + Anchor Point Mover
  • + Screen Capture Button
  • + 2 Sliders to  Ease Your Keyframes
  • +Bookmark Manager
  • + Optional toolbars with ton of features
  • A Dynamic UI …And a Responsive Search Bar to Reach Them All!

UI: Feedback & Search Bar
Buttons: Refresh, Bookmarks, Commands, FX, Presets, Your scripts, Utilities, Expressions, Editor, Infos.reach ui
Edit, Fetch, Inject, Crate Expressions and Select the property(ies) to apply them. Save or Delete any Expression. All your Expressions are immediately accessible in Reach*.(more information below)reach expressionsPaste Expressions Language References directly in your code with double click. Bonus: Scripting Helper when you select a property from your timeline.reach expressions languages

Did you know?

  • If you click on the info button at the top right, you can completely fine-tune your interface 🙂
  • If you click to launch a dockable script, click when you want it to disappear.
  • If you apply an effect, double-click on the effect in Reach to remove it
  • The tools’ eraser thoroughly cleans your layer of its effects and expressions.


In addition to effects, presets and extensions, and in addition to direct and customizable features, you can access and bookmark:

  • Replicate Composition
  • Mark Audio BPM on the Composition
  • Shift Layers
  • Fit Adjustment L. Above Layer(s)
  • Add Bounce with Controllers to a Property
  • Add Trimmed Solid Under Selected Layer(s)
  • Sound System (audio layer)
  • Delete/Clear/Reset Layer(s) Fx
  • Color Label Per Layer Type
  • Auto Crop and Precomp Layer(s)
  • Master Null For Layer(s)
  • Create Golden Ratio Map
  • Explode Shape Layer(s)
  • Mirror Keyframes
  • Organize Project Folder
  • Select 3D Layer(s)
  • Select Cameras
  • Select Guides
  • Select Light Layer(s)
  • Select Nulls
  • Select Shape layers
  • Select Text Layer(s)
  • Precompose With Attributes
  • Precompose Without Attributes
  • Clear Expressions
  • Reset Layer(s) Anchor Point
  • Reset Layer(s) Position
  • Reset Layer(s) Rotation
  • Reset Layer(s) Scale
  • Add Guides All Around an Object
  • Setup Guides as Rule Of Third
  • Stroke: Round Join And Cap
  • Trim layer To Another
  • Trim Layer(s) Until the End of Work Area
  • Unprecompose Layer
  • Grid / Distribute Layer(s)
  • Import Text File in Text Paragraph
  • Switch to JS engine
  • Layer Rename Source Name (match)
  • Set Markers / Interval
  • Beat Per Minutes & Measures
  • Easy 3D Camera with Controllers
  • Set Markers to Keyframed Properties
  • Sort Layers (inPoint)
  • Soap Opera Effect
  • Rename Layer(s) Using Effects
  • Join (Cancel) Separate Dimensions
  • Remove Selected Keys
  • Set Markers on Layers With Expressions
  • Open Project Folder
  • Scale / Resize Composition
  • Enable/Disable All Expressions
  • Collect/Assemble End-to-end Footage[Video]
  • Beat / Sound Audio Sync Music Reactions
  • Separate Joined Dimensions [Pos.Anch.Point]
  • Set Layers to Classic 3D
  • Set Layer Markers as Comp Markers
  • Add/Save Your logo / Watermark
  • Control Loops
  • Randomize Layers Position
  • Handy Pins [Nulls for Puppet Engine]
  • Remove Empty Folders From Project

AE Natives Commands:

  • Add To Media Encoder
  • Add To Render Queue
  • All Text Transform Properties
  • Auto Orient Orient Along Path
  • Auto Trace Path
  • Bake property / Convert Expression To Keyframes
  • Cam View Back
  • Cam View Bottom
  • Cam View Front
  • Cam View Left
  • Cam View Right
  • Cam View Top
  • Camera: 3D Create Orbit Null
  • Center Anchor Point In Layer
  • Clear Guides
  • Composition Flowchart
  • Composition Settings
  • Consolidate All Footage
  • Convert Audio To Keyframes (AE 2022)
  • Convert Shape
  • Convert To Editable Text
  • Copy Expression Only
  • Copy With Property Links
  • Create Masks From Text
  • Create Protected Region
  • Create Shapes From Text
  • Create Shapes From Vector Layer .Ai .Eps
  • Create Stereo3 Drig
  • Crop Composition To Region Of Interest
  • Deselect All
  • Disable Expressions
  • Edit In Adobe Audition
  • Edit Original
  • Enable Expressions
  • Enable Protected Region
  • Export Guides
  • Extract Work Area
  • Fit Comp
  • Fit Comp Height
  • Fit Comp Width
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Flip Vertical
  • Free Transform Points
  • Freeze Frame
  • Freeze On Last Frame
  • Generate Markers From Audio Beats
  • Generate Markers From Audio Events
  • Group Shapes
  • Guide Layer
  • Hide Locked Masks
  • Hide Other Video
  • Import Guides
  • Last Effect
  • Layer 3D Orientation
  • Layer Add Stroke
  • Layer Alpha Add
  • Layer Alpha Inverted Matte
  • Layer Alpha Matte
  • Layer Bevel And Emboss
  • Layer Center In View
  • Layer Collapse
  • Layer Color Overlay
  • Layer Convert To Editable Styles
  • Layer Create Intro
  • Layer Create Outro
  • Layer Drop Shadow
  • Layer Environment Layer
  • Layer Feather Falloff
  • Layer Gradient Overlay
  • Layer Inner Glow
  • Layer Inner Shadow
  • Layer Inverted
  • Layer Lock
  • Layer New Camera 3d
  • Layer Outer Glow
  • Layer Quality Best
  • Layer Quality Bicubic
  • Layer Quality Bilinear
  • Layer Quality Draft
  • Layer Remove All
  • Layer satin
  • Layer settings
  • Layer shows All Styles
  • Layer smooth
  • Layer styles
  • Layer switch Motion Blur
  • Layer switch Shy
  • Layer switch Solo
  • Lift Work Area
  • Line Anchor
  • Link Focus Distance To Layer
  • Link Focus Distance To Point Of Interest
  • Lock Guides
  • Lock Other Masks
  • Look at all Layers
  • Look at selected layers
  • Mask And Shape Path
  • Mask Expansion
  • Mask Feather
  • Mask Interpolation
  • Mask Opacity
  • Mask Shape
  • Move Layer Down
  • Move Layer To Bottom
  • Move Layer To the Top
  • Move Layer Up
  • New Adjustment Layer
  • Open Script Editor
  • Pre Compose
  • PreRender
  • Previous Keyframe
  • Purge All Memory
  • Purge All Memory And Disk Cache
  • Purge Image Cache Memory
  • Purge Snapshot
  • Purge Undo
  • Reduce Project
  • Remove All Masks
  • Remove All Text Animators
  • Remove Mask
  • Remove Unused Footage
  • Reveal All Modified Properties
  • Reveal Comp In Pw
  • Reveal Expression Errors
  • Reveal In Explorer
  • Reveal In Timeline
  • Reveal Layer Source In Project
  • Select Equal Keyframes
  • Select the Following Keyframes
  • Select Label Group (Selecting a layer)
  • Select Previous Keyframes
  • Separate Dimensions
  • Set Focus Distance To Layer
  • Set Poster Time
  • Shape Fill Color
  • Show Grid
  • Show Guides
  • Show Layer Controls
  • Show Rulers
  • Snap To Grid
  • Snap To Guides
  • Split Layer
  • Stroke Color
  • Stroke Width
  • Switch3 Dview
  • Sync Property To Audio Beats
  • Text Anchor Point Animator
  • Text Line Spacing
  • Text Opacity Property
  • Text Scale
  • Time Reverse Keyframes
  • Time Reverse Layer
  • Time Stretch
  • Trim Comp To Work Area
  • Ungroup Shapes
  • Unlock All Layers
  • Unlock All Masks

Exclusive Features:

  • Create Projects .aep from Comps

After Effects 2024, 2023, 2022

2.0.1 –  May 22, 2024

UnPrecompose: Now supports locked layers within the nested comp, ensuring they remain in place at the PlayHead.
New Feature: Added the ability to ‘Unbake Expressions’ using Click + Shift or Click + Alt/Option on the Bake Icon

2.0.0  –  Jan 18, 2024

Undo Redo with the Anchor Point is fixed.
Minor adjustments  –  Dec 16, 2023

Align to First Selected Object:fixed.
ew feature: Select the Same Property in all layers\n
Make a Grid in Square, Circle or Triangle with our grid-Tool in the toolset

1.9.9  –  Nov 21, 2023

Grid Maker V2

1.9.8  –  Jul 27, 2023

A more readable Anchor Point Mover and two helpful presets for the Easing tools: flay and 50-50

1.9.7  –  Jul 14, 2023

Fuction Swap Text : Have fun!

1.9.6  –  Jul 3, 2023

Grid: Distribute Grid based on rows, columns, and distance, but also in Square, Circle, and two triangle formats 🙂

1.9.5  –  Apr 21, 2023

New Button: Toggle Continuously Rasterize – >Click = Toggle the Continuous Rasterize option on ALL layers in your Project File.\n+Shift=Off\n+Alt=On

1.9.4  –  Mar 29, 2023

The Bottom toolkit has been updated with a great new feature:
Push your PlayHead to navigate easily on your TIMELINE.
The new UI Toggle makes expanding compositions more obvious.
Many enhancements on all features for a smoother experience.
About the Color System: Pick a color and apply it with the square icon on any layers, even text, WITHOUT DELETE FORMATTING.

1.9.2  –  Mar 24, 2023

Here are the new features for Reach:
We’ve rebuilt ALL the NULLS: no more solids to clutter your projects!
Empty memory is now in the main tools button, so the color manager is not mandatory anymore!
New color system management using the native color Picker.
We have added a ‘parent in chain’ button (the link icon): yeay!

1.9.1  –  Mar 4, 2023

-Handy Pins: rebuilt, no more NULLS to control your puppet pins
-Mismatch undo errors fixed on the cleaner and the anchorPoint Mover

1.7.9  –  Feb 17, 2023

-Reveal Filefrom timeline to finder or project Panel
-Toggle Extend Composition Panel
-Split layers according to their keyframes
-A lot more features. You’ll find out which ones when you will need them.

1.7.84 –  Jan 18, 2023

-New Big Feature: Reach Bulk Renamer:
Rename project items and layers by type, color label, and add numerical suffixes. In addition, you can insert some text and even replace a part of the current name.

1.7.83  –  Jan 13, 2023

-ToolBar and utilities improved: Clean a Layer (Expressions, Keyframes, Effects, Styles) in a click
-Add an adjustment layer like before: In a click. From now use +Shift to Add a Trimmed Adjustment layer
-Minor improvements

1.7.82  –  Jan 5, 2023

-Function Precomp and Crop Improved: More accurate and now with multiple layers, even not precomped!
-Manage all types of loop using 3 pictograms
-Delete keyframes icons and Delete Useless Icons removed.
-Colorwheel UI changed

1.7.81  –  Jan 2, 2023

Add function [button] Zoom straight to 100%
Settings updated
Minor improvements

1.7.8b  –  Dec 30, 2022

Layer Shifter new built

1.7.8  –  Dec 30, 2022

Layer Shifter new built

1.7.7  –  Dec 27, 2022

-New kit with ten specific features (to enable in your settings). !
Bug fixes.
Two new significant tools:
-Replace Any Text
-Tile your comp

1.7.6  –  Dec 23, 2022

Bounce improved + feature added in the toolsets

1.7.5  –  Dec 22, 2022

New features:

  • Remove Disabled Effects
  • Stick 2 Layers (Remove Gap)
  • Remove Useless Keyframes
  • Center Shapes around centered Anchor Point

1.7.4-doc –  Dec 20, 2022

-Documentation PDF
-New Easing Tools-Shortcuts

1.7.4  –  Dec 16, 2022

-New Easing Tools-Shortcuts

1.7.3b  –  Dec 14, 2022

-Block UI consolidate

1.7.3  –  Dec 13, 2022

-Compact format
New features
-Replicate Comp
-Color manager
-Zoom smooth Slider

1.7.1  –  Dec 8, 2022

2 new features:
-New Organize Project option+ Delete Empty Folder
-REACH Beat! Comp Markers from Audio!
-Bugs fixed

1.7c  –  Dec 5, 2022

-Toolset Effects fully functional

1.7b  –  Dec 5, 2022

-Review of the alignment tools
-Fix undo mismatch

1.7  –  Dec 5, 2022

-Review of the alignment tools

1.6.7  –  Dec 2, 2022

-New optional panel:
Align Paragraphs tosave space on your workspace (check your settings.
-Add Solid Icon
-White/black using Shift and Alt
-UI Responsive and Modular

1.6.6c  –  Dec 1, 2022

-Add Solid Icon White/black using Shit and Alt
-UI designed fine-tuned

1.6.6b –  Nov 30, 2022

Fully Modular
Display or hidden each Tool one by one

1.6.6  –  Nov 28, 2022

We’ve added a new optional Toolset (please check your settings:
The 5 most used sorts of Layers
-> Add a Null
-> Add a Text Layer
-> Add a Shape Layer
-> Add a Solid
-> Add an Adjustment Layer
And 5 most used FX (already available in your search results):
-> Add a Slider Control
-> Add CC Tint
-> Add Fill FX
-> Add Light Sweep FX
-> Add Fract NoiseAnd:-Improvement of the Shifter tool with a “PUSH” button
-Flaoa Bomb feature was added: BLOOM YOUR COMPS and updated
-New aesthetic UI, more responsive (check settings)
-Minor Bugs fixed

1.6.5b  –  Nov 24, 2022

-UI improvement
-Tips Updated
-DARK MODE optionnal

1.6.5  –  Nov 23, 2022

-Improvement of the Shifter with a “PUSH” button
-Flaoa Bomb feature was added: BLOOM YOUR COMPS!
-New aesthetic UI, more responsive
-Minor Bugs fixed

1.6.4  –  Nov 14, 2022

-New features:
Normalize (rescale) a 3D layer
Resize a Comp in a responsive way
-Fixed: Loop Controls

1.6.3  –  Nov 8, 2022

-New features:
Randomize layer Positions
Shift Layers By group and colors!

1.6.1  –  Nov 4, 2022

-Handy Pins: Colors=Pins colors
-Remove Empty Folders

1.6  –  Nov 3, 2022

-Search in your Expressions (manage this option in your settings)
2 New features:
-Display your layers Randomly
-Discover a new way to manage your puppet pins with “Handy Pins”.

1.5.81  –  Oct 27, 2022

-Important Update: Fix settings with toolset
-More permissive Trial

1.5.8  –  Oct 27, 2022

-Fix easing disabled buttons

1.5.7  –  Oct 25, 2022

-New Easing tool with Presets

1.5.6  –  Oct 17, 2022

-Feedback screen improvement

1.5.5 –  Oct 12, 2022

New Toolbar:
Center An Object
Resize A Layer to Comp size | To Comp Width | To Comp Height
Round | Butt Caps & Joins
Ungroup The Shapes
Remove Effects And Expressions
Crop and Precompose A Layer
Un-Precompose A Layer
Bake The Expressions
Organize Project Items
Empty Memory & Disk Cache

1.5.4  –  Oct 10, 2022

-Audio Sync feature improved with separated Horizontal & Vertical movement
-UI improvements

1.5.2  –  Oct 6, 2022

-UI Black and White in Settings (Legacy UI)
-Synch Audio Tool Rotation fixed

1.5.1  –  Oct 3, 2022

-Licence updated

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