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Color correction for every artist

Magic Bullet Colorista Free is a simplified, elegant color corrector that anyone can share and use. Our popular 3-Way wheels and RGB numeric sliders give everything you need for basic color grading, and it is workflow-ready for sharing industry standard CDL data.

Colorista Free FAQ
Introduction to Colorista Free

What is Colorista Free?
Magic Bullet Colorista Free is a simplified color corrector that anyone can use in After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro. This tool uses our popular Colorista 3-Way color wheels and precise numeric sliders to give everything you need for basic color grading. It also supports the industry standard Color Decision List (CDL) which lets you to share and communicate with other CDL-compliant applications and hardware devices. We are proud that Colorista Free is the only free CDL-enabled software designed for desktop editing applications.


Do I need Colorista Free if I already own Colorista II?
This depends upon the work you do. Colorista Free has two features that are not in Colorista II. Its CDL Burn and numeric sliders give you new functionality for a CDL-enabled workflow. The sliders allow you to directly edit the numeric values for your color correction. These are great features to have! We encourage you to download and use Colorista Free alongside Colorista II. All other Colorista Free controls are available in (and modeled after) Colorista II.

Does Colorista Free use the same Lift, Gamma, Gain color correction as Colorista II?
Yes! Part of the magic of Colorista Free is that the color wheels use the common Lift, Gamma, Gain model that produces pleasing results for Shadow, Midtone and Highlight correction. Behind the scenes, we translate theses operations into CDL-compliant Offset, Power and Slope values that can be shared with other systems. With Colorista Free, you get the nice intuitive interface you expect without having to deal with the nerdy concepts of offset, power and slope.

When should I use Colorista Free?
Colorista Free is ideal for anyone who needs basic, beautiful color correction. The product is also intended for colorists who can benefit from a CDL workflow. Colorista Free is an ideal addition to any color grading workflow since its CDL Burn allows you to share projects or settings with colleagues who do not have Colorista II.

What is CDL?
CDL stands for Color Decision List, a universal color grading standard from the ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) that anyone can follow and implement. It provides a format for the exchange of basic primary color grading information. Think of a CDL as the PDF of the color correction world. CDL’s let you enter and edit color values in an application and share them across other compliant software. Colorista Free exposes its CDL data and makes that list available for an open, easy workflow that conforms to professional colorist standards.


Magic Bullet Colorista Free works with Adobe After Effects CS3, CS4, CS5, CS6, CC 2014, CC 2015; Adobe Premiere Pro CS5; and Final Cut Pro 6 and 7.

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