ReelSteady GO


ReelSteady GO

Gyro Stabilized Perfection

ReelSteady GO is a standalone app that unlocks the true gyro stabilization potential of your GoPro Hero 5,6, and 7 cameras! Using the GoPro’s gyro data instead of traditional image analysis means near-flawless results on virtually any shot.


Who says you can’t teach an old GoPro new tricks?

ReelSteady GO not only works with the latest Hero 7 Black, but also Hero 6, and Hero 5 cameras including Session 5!

reelsteady go interface

Refreshingly Simple

Just load your video and we take care of the rest.  Camera model, settings, and sync points are automatically detected and applied.

Start stabilizing for Reel today!

Supported GoPro Cameras

  • Hero 5 Black
  • Hero 5 session
  • Hero HD(2018)
  • Hero 6 Black
  • Hero 7 Black

Supported Shooting Modes

All “Wide”, “4:3”, and “Superview” modes at a resolution of 1080p or larger, 25fps or more, with in-camera stabilization disabled.

Operating Systems

Macintosh: Mac OS X 10.11 and later

PC: Windows 10 64-bit and later

Hardware Requirements


  • Mac Intel
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB of Hard Drive space
  • Internet Connection


  • Pentium 4 2.4 GHz
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 200 MB of Hard Drive space
  • Internet Connection