v2.75 Renderking C4Dome


Renderking C4Dome
Renderking C4Dome

Renderking C4Dome; it’s a new way to think about HDRI lighting. It’s the most accurate lighting resource for Cinema 4D! You can split light and reflection source, creating really accurate images and animations.

Create your own HDRI maps in few clicks

You can create your maps choosing many hdr itmes from the huge library that we provide with the plugin. Choose your floor, background and top and C4Dome creates your new studio light! This new way to create custom environments it’s a great time saver and allows hundreds of possible combination. In few words you have infinte light studio in your archive!

Be accurate when you light you objects

You can use C4Dome in advanced mode and turn it into an accurate tool able to place you light/reflection exactly where you want! Drag and Drop your hdri items into C4Dome and move them until you have found the position you want. It’s perfect to create amazing stills!

Additional features

  • Render Preset: 15 render preset to obtain great results in few seconds. You can save and load your own presets.
  • Live viewer: it’s a tool that allow you to see your results faster than the final render.
  • Hdri saver: Click save hdr image and save your map for next time.


What’s new in version 2.75?

Easy Compositing

Matte background allows you to create perfect compositing. It’s been implemented since version 2 but now can express itself the best with Cinema 4D R18. With just one click you can have a perfect render where the 3D object is perfectly adapted to the background.

HDRI Tone Mapping

Does your HDRI not fit into the backplate images? Now you can easily adjust it to get them to coincide.

New Floor System

Floor, it’s been totally reprojected, giving the ability to select between 3 different kinds of presets, Rounded – Infinite – Matte, or you can also disable it. It’s very easy to create perfect HDRI studio rendering or Image Compositing. Now you can create accurate floor reflection thanks to the new I.O.R.  The reflection is driven by Index of Reflection that provides physically correct renderings.

C4Dome + Cinema 4D R18 = The perfect marriage

C4Dome is able to enhance C4D properties, specially if we are talking about reflectance channel… Obviously the ability to accurately split and manage reflection gives to you stunning renderings, but also motion tracking meets in an admirable way our HDRI Studio plugin.

Save & Load Lighting Presets

We received a lot of requests from people that were searching for a solution to store the settings that they have used into their scenes and use into other c4dome projects; the solution is the Save & Load tool in C4Dome that allows you to save your scenes as presets and, if you want, share the info stored in a simple file with other people of the community. You can also download new Lighitng Presets from the renderking site every month.  15 studio presets updated every month!

HDRI Painter

This is probably the most advanced feature of C4Dome 2.75.   Thanks to this incredible tool, you are able to paint, IN REAL TIME, your own HDRI map. Yes you have understood, you can draw your map directly into the viewport and find the perfect light/reflections that fits your scene.

  • Cinema 4d r 16, 17 & 18 (Does not support R19 or R20)
  • Cinema 4d Prime – Broadcast – Studio
  • Mac & PC,

C4Dome Instruction Manual PDF