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v2 Renderking Hard Surfaces

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Renderking Hard Surfaces
Renderking Hard Surfaces

More than 200 detailed models to create incredible environments

Hard Surfaces V2 is the ultimate kitbash pack. It contains 200+ beautifully textured models to quickly bring your ideas to life. The theme is a mix of steampunk, industrial, sci-fi styled mechanical kitbash models. Also included are fully built assets and 4 complete scenes.

There are three versions in the download: A fully textured .lib4d for Octane render, a fully textured .lib4d for C4D Physical render, and all of the .obj files to use in a different application such as Element 3D (not textured).

Textures INCLUDED for Octane 3.08 and C4D native shaders. Pack also contains Obj Models Video Copilot Element 3D READY!


Hard Surfaces it’s been developed using octane as the referenced engine, but the pack contains also another version texturized with C4D native shaders.

High-Quality Octane Shaders

  • Pipes and Tubes
  • Panels and Floors
  • Chassis and many other Assets
  • Locks and Gates

16 Pre-assembled Objects

Rig included!

5 Sci-fi Scenes

Element 3D Ready!!!

Every single element has been converted to OBJ to be easily imported into Element 3D or any other 3D software.

renderking hard surfaces sci-fi server room


renderking hard surfaces panels

renderking hard surfaces library

renderking hard surfaces tubes

Pipes and Tubes

renderking hard surfaces floors

Panels and Floors

renderking hard surfaces chassis

Chassis and Many Other Assets

renderking hard surfaces locks

Locks and Gates


Bonus content – Pre-Assembled Objects (2 fully rigged)

renderking hard surfaces bonus

renderking hard surfaces preset 1renderking hard surfaces preset 2renderking hard surfaces preset 3renderking hard surfaces preset 4renderking hard surfaces preset 5renderking hard surfaces preset 6t-rex


Element 3D ready

renderking_hard surfaces element 3d

renderking hard surfaces bike

MAC and PC – Cinema 4d R16 / R20.

January 2019 Update

Two new Great pieces added to Hard Surfaces Library!

  • A super detailed Server Room
  •  A Mechanical T-Rex

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