Rocket Lasso Recall

Rocket Lasso Recall
Rocket Lasso Recall

Bring your objects back to whatever state you want, whenever you want. Instantly.

Recall is the ultimate workflow tool designed to speed up your everyday Cinema 4D process, remove the fear of baking down your objects, and unlock the freedom to rapidly iterate. Be it for modeling, lighting, animations, complex character rigs, or even just simple camera positions, Recall will speed up the way you work.

Rocket Lasso’s FIRST plugin for Cinema 4D!

After a combined 20 years of experience on the front lines designing & developing plugins for Greyscalegorilla, the team at Rocket Lasso is excited to announce their first solo endeavor.

How can Recall speed up your workflow?

Recall is like an undo state in the form of a tag, you can bring your objects back to whatever state you want, whenever you want. But Recall is also so much more.

Instant double-click workflow for 99% of your everyday Recall use.


Never lose a camera position again! All while maintaining the freedom to maneuver your camera however you want.


Rapid Recall of different options: Keep your Object Manager clean, or for when the client is hanging over your shoulder and can’t decide which lamp they like better…


Keep the maximum flexibility of a complex parametric rig you might need to go back and change, with all the speed of baking it down into a single object.


Have a safety net for your simulations! For when Dynamics decides to stop working, or you find settings you don’t want to lose, but want to keep experimenting.


Keep your Object Manager nice and clean by storing backup copies, iterations, and experiments of objects, rigs, and models stored directly in your Recall tags.


Turn one object into another by copying Recall onto it!



rocket lasso recall icons
Instantly number…rocket lasso recall abc


Colorize…rocket lasso recall customize

and Customize!

rocket lasso recall

With a single click, stay organized your way while getting instant feedback directly in the Object Manager.

Recall helps you keep everything nice and tidy with the Notes tab. Including a preview image, date, user notes, and a list of all objects currently stored.



  • Recall is compatible with Cinema R18 – R25.
  • Recall works on Mac and PC
  • Recall works alongside your favorite plugins like X-Particles and 3rd party Renderers

RocketLasso Recall Plugin Quickstart Tutorial & Use-Cases #gettingstarted

Watch this tutorial to get an overview of getting starting with RocketLasso Recall and how it might fit into your everyday workflow!