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v3.6 Rodenburg PhotoMatch

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Rodenburg PhotoMatch
Rodenburg PhotoMatch

PhotoMatch analyses loaded images and calculates the matching 3D camera for you

PhotoMatch ® eases the integration of 3D elements with background images and offers a robust toolset to model 3D objects from a photo.

Besides this calibration part, PhotoMatch can be used to rebuild simple geometry, too. This works with indoor and outdoor scenes and eases the compositing of 3D elements in photographic environments or matte paintings.

Real-world camera settings often cannot be transferred 1:1 to 3D software such as Cinema 4D. Besides the calculation of the focal length and the position from where the image has been taken, the given perspective has to match as good as possible for believable results.

PhotoMatch® offers the best solution for this task and eases the process especially for architectual users. Additional tools even help to reconstruct parts of the photo as 3D objects, so they can be used for Projection Mapping, as a shadow catcher or a Matte object for compositing.

Runs with Cinema 4D 13-R19 (for R20 compatibility install the free Insydium Bridge Plugin:


(for R20 compatibility install the free Insydium Bridge Plugin:

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