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RodyPolis Shootout Bundle

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RodyPolis Shootout Bundle
RodyPolis Shootout Bundle

Shootout Stock Pack and Shootout Audio Pack Bundle


Shootout Audio Pack

What is Included:

The pack includes a total number of 140 Sound FX. That includes:

  • 27 Gunshots of pistols, shotguns, and Assault Rifles.
  • 26 Bullet Hits of walls, metal, and glass.
  • 7 Gun Reload sounds of handguns, shotguns, and machine guns.
  • 9 Explosions and blasts with various debris.
  • 9 Body Hits and blood splatters.
  • 10 Bullet Fly-Bys and whooshes.
  • 10 Bullet Shells of various weapons bouncing on the ground.
  • 11 Background Audio of war zones, firefights, and explosions.
  • 16 Grunts and body fall sounds.
  • 15 Bonus SFX

File Format:
The files are in WAV 24Bit 96kHz.

Shootout Stock Pack

What is Included:

  • 25 Blood Elements such as blood bursts and splatters.
  • 33 Bullet Hits such as wall hits, dirt hits, and sparks.
  • 32 Muzzle Flashes of handguns and machine guns.
  • 16 Shell Casings from various weapons.
  • 15 Smoke Puffs for gun smoke.
  • 32 Images such as bullet holes, blood hits, and sniper scopes.
  • 3 Product Tutorials using Hitfilm and After Effects.

File Format:

  • Resolution: 1080p.
  • Format: The video files are in MOV format with PNG compression. The image files are high quality PNG images.
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Fxhome Hitfilm
  • Apple Motion
  • Sony Vegas
  • Final Cut 7 & X
  • Adobe Premiere

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