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Rowie Slice Animator

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Rowie Slice Animator


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Rowie Slice Animator

Slice, Crop and Split Media

Rowie Slice Animator lets you slice, crop and split your Final Cut Pro media quickly and easily with built-in animation presets.

Slice Animator is a faster, easier & more convenient way to slice, split and crop your media in Final Cut Pro, then animate your selection with built in presets. Use Slice Animator to create custom split screen layouts, media walls, slide shows, motion animations and much more.


Slice & Position with Ease

Use controls directly on screen to create your selection then move to the layout position.

Easily Create Custom Layouts

The controls provide quick and convenient layout managment to get the look you want.

Tether to Center

Use the tether option in the media controls to keep your selection pinned to the center.


Each animation presets has relevant controls for the speed and the duration of the animation. Presets in the Motion categories feature independent controls for the build in and the build out.

  • Presets feature a range of animation speed curves
  • Set duration between 12 frames and 3 seconds


Blinds presets feature full directional controls. Duration in and out can be set independently.


Fade presets feature independent duration and direction controls for in and out animations.


Jumping presets feature independent animation styles for the jump out.


Move presets feature independent duration, speed, and direction for the in and out animation. Bounce presets feature independent overshoot controls and duration for the in and out animation


Rotate presets feature independent duration & speed for the in and out animation. Bounce presets feature independent overshoot controls and duration for the in and out animation.


Scale presets feature independent options for the in and out animations for scale, duration and speed. Bounce presets feature independent overshoot controls and duration. Presets include corner and rotation animations, with independent in and out controls.


Spin presets feature independent options for the in and out animation for direction, speed, duration & scale. Bounce presets feature independent overshoot controls, duration and scale.


Jiggle presets feature controls for Z rotation, X & Y position, and speed. Oscillate presets feature controls for scale on all axis, rotation on all axis, position on all axis, and variable speed controls for all axis. You can create your own custom looping animation patterns with ease. Jump preset features height control.


Tile presets create a split media animation. Set the duration and distance independently for the in and out animation


Wipe presets feature independent direction controls for each panel. You can set the order of the animation from top to bottom for horizontal presets; and from left to right for veritcal presets. All presets feature controls to set the range of motion for the panel animations.


The Wipe Full preset features multple direction, speed and duration controls. Use the independent border controls to animate outlines for the layout. With this powerful split screen tool you can create custom split screen layouts in minutes, with full control over the timing, speed and duration for every element of your split screen composition.



This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Works in Final Cut Pro on Apple and Intel processors.

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

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