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Red Giant Trapcode Shine


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Red Giant Trapcode Shine

Ultra-fast light ray effects

Sunshine through clouds, headlights in fog, or light rays sweeping a logo: Trapcode Shine does it all. Create 3D volumetric light effects without leaving your 2D editing timeline, and without the tedious render times of specialized 3D applications. Choose from 22 compelling Shine presets, or make your own light rays from scratch. Support for 16- and 32-bit guarantees high-quality effects for every project.


What’s New in v2.0

Now in 3D
Trapcode Shine 2 introduces true 3D light rays. Connect Shine to a 3D light, and the rays become 3D camera aware.
Fractal Noise
Add smoky lights to you motion graphics and VFX, with Shine’s new fractal noise. Includes masking and 3D fractal noise parallax tools for simulating even more depth.
Shine comes with 35 fully customizable presets, to get you started.

Reasons To Buy

  • 64-bit compatibility provides significant performance gains
  • Simulate a bright spotlight behind text or logos
  • Perfect for movie titling effects, from blockbusters to Westerns to zombie flicks
  • Add flair to animated DVD backgrounds

Powerful interface


Shine’s interface makes it easy to customize your own light effects. Fine-tune source point, ray length, shimmer appearance, colorization, opacity, and a full range of compositing modes.

Multi-color presets


For movie titles, choose from multi-color presets such as simple fire, green X-Ray, and Radioaktiv. Or for more subtle effects, you can extract colors from an existing logo or title, or make beveled effects with the alpha edges feature.

Shimmering controls


Flexible shimmer settings let you create automatic, loopable variations that add visual interest to light effects without the rendering overhead of complex compositing. Shimmer controls can also be used to create seamless loops of any desired length for attractive DVD backgrounds.

Create compelling light effects without leaving your editing timeline, and without the tedious render times of specialized 3D applications. Sunshine through clouds, headlights through fog, or horror movie titles: Shine does it all. Choose from 22 powerful presets, or make your own light ray effects from scratch. 16- and 32-bit support guarantee high-quality light effects for any project.

Fast Rendering

Renders light rays quickly at 5-10 frames per second

High-resolution imagery

Delivers highest-quality images with 32-bit support

Customizable Color

Numerous coloring options include 3- and 5-color gradients with tweakable coloring presets

Shimmer Effects

Unique controls create shimmering lights that animate efficiently


Works on any layer as a part of more complex animation effects

Transfer Modes

Built-in transfer modes support makes it easy to create complex light effects

Mask Controls

Threshold and circular mask controls make it easy to get the effect you want

Our tests have shown that our products perform best when used with the system configurations listed below. Although many of our products will run on older or less-powerful systems, those listed below are the minimum system requirements which we support.

Apple Macintosh

  • Mac OS X 10.10 and later
  • Mac Intel
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB of Hard Drive space


  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Windows 8 64-bit
  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • 64-bit Processor
  • 4 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB of Hard Drive space

Host Applications

Trapcode Shine runs in a variety of host applications. Each purchase and serial number allows the owner to use the product on more than one host application, but only on a single computer at any one time. Except where noted, the features are the same in all systems and host applications.

  • Adobe After Effects CC 2018, CC (2017), CC (2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2018, CC (2017), CC (2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014)

Please ensure that the host version is compatible with your operating system. Check with application provider for specifics.

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Customer Reviews

Shine Does

Great complement to Optical Flares. Easy to use and overlaps with some other capabilities, but handy to have.

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Mike Cash
Date: April 29, 2012

Trapcode Shine: a must-have plug-in

Trapcode Shine is a must-have plug-in. It simulates high-quality volumetric light effects like those produced by advanced 3D programs. Very easy to use and the results are looking very good. Recommended. Speedy service and unrivaled online support. Toolfarm rocks !!!

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Martin Weingardt
Date: April 12, 2012

Great for transitions and quick volumetric lighting.

Shine is probably the simplest tool in the Trapcode Suite, but it's definitely proven its worth to me more times than I can count. Volumetric lighting is very "expensive" in 3D apps, and so it's fantastic to have a rapid-rendering, easy to use workaround sitting right in After Effects. We also use Shine extensively as a sharp-looking transitional tool. It's a great accent to an otherwise dull wipe-transition!

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Jared Flynn
Date: April 09, 2012

Great plugin for Light Rays!

Trapcode Shine was my first plugin that I bought and I didn't regret it. You can use it to make your comps more realistc or just to make your title pop! Especially the multi colored Rays are great. The really do look great. I Like it!

Would you recommend this product to a colleague? Yes

By: Moritz Lüdtke
Date: April 09, 2012

New in v2.0.5?

  • Update for Mojave

New in v2.0.4?

  • Trapcode Suite 14 installer

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