Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser

Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser
Signum Audio BUTE Loudness Normaliser

BUTE Loudness Normaliser is a cross-platform application that assists in the final checks of the mastering journey. With our automated solution, you can rest assured your audio is loudness-ready for broadcasting or streaming in just a few clicks, and won’t be altered or rejected.

bute normaliser alertsSIMPLY EFFECTIVE

It’s incredibly easy to normalize your files using the BUTE Loudness Normaliser. Simply:

  1. First, drag in your WAV file.
  2. Select one of the many presets, or set your custom parameters using our unique system.
  3. Hit “Analyse” and get an in-depth analysis with alerts to areas that require Bute’s attention.
  4. Then, click “Comply” to normalize your audio. The metering graph clearly shows the extent of true peak limiting.
  5. Save your finished file. Done.

Please note that the BUTE Loudness Normaliser offers in-depth analysis and normalization of one track at a time. If you are looking for Batch Processing, check out our BUTE Batch Processor.


Our advanced metering algorithm has been optimized to deliver superior sound quality and accurate results. The integrated True Peak limiter helps ensure there are no overshoots getting through, whilst still normalizing to target. Our novel limiting algorithm also provides absolute transparency. Due to our approach, the relative dynamics of your audio will be affected as little as possible and you’ll be left with consistent, compliant masters of your audio files every single time.

In addition, this product is included with the Bute Loudness Suite.



  • Produce consistent masters
  • Avoid ‘level shifting’ and clipping downstream
  • Ensure accurate representation of your audio/music


  • Hit target levels for multiple platforms easily
  • Useful when you are facing tight deadlines
  • Deliver loudness-compliant audio to streaming platforms, where standards are a recommendation rather than a regulation
  • Optimize dynamics for streaming content


  • Hear how your audio will sound on all streaming platforms
  • Ensure the levels of all the tracks in your set list are consistent

What they’re saying about BUTE

Gain reduction graph, automatic re-metering, and the most transparent and reliable True Peak Limiter I have used. This Bute plugin has been such a useful tool with my daily radio production for SiriusXM Satellite Radio. Very intuitive!

Bryan Apple
Director of Creative Radio Imaging at SiriusXM (including LL Cool J’s Rock The Bells Radio, Eminem’s Shade45, Pitbull’s Globalization, and more)
Rockstar Games Music/Radio Producer (Red Dead Redemption 2, GTA-IV and GTA-V)

This is one of the most intuitive, informative and transparent limiters around.

Computer Music Magazine

The Bute Loudness Suite has become the most essential plugin in my Arsenal of tricks! It’s one of the most accurate and transparent plugins I’ve come across!

Denzil Lacey
Group Production Director – Wireless Group, Ireland / SiriusXM Satellite Radio

Overall, the Bute analyser plug-in is a very welcome addition to the field, and quite reasonably priced…. The Bute Loudness Suite is more expensive than the analyser, of course, but not excessively so, and the extra cost is easily justified by the inclusion of a very effective and genuinely transparent real-time brickwall limiter.

Hugh Robjohns

I would heartily recommend this plug-in whether you are mixing music, commercials, television or long-form as Signum Audio have produced a really clever but clear interface which will really help you manage the dynamics and loudness of your content.

Alan Sallabank
Re-recording Mixer and Sound Designer, Pro Tools Expert Post Production Specialist

BUTE Loudness Normaliser Features


By boasting a comprehensive range of industry standards and recommendations, the Bute Normaliser ensures that you can tune your productions to the needs of your clients with minimal effort. We will keep these up-to-date and you can create and save your own presets as well.

Bute is fully compliant with all revisions of ITU-R BS. 1770, EBU R128, ATSC A/85, OP-59, ARIB TR-B32, Spotify, YouTube, Apple Check, Hulu, Netflix (including the latest revision), TIDAL, Sony Gaming (ASWG), AES Streaming Recommendation, US Public Radio (PRSS), TIDAL and Pandora.


The colour-coded alert system notifies you if there are areas of your audio file that go out-with your desired target. You can see these areas in red on the history timeline. In addition, our custom alert system also allows you to fine tune the alerts for all the readouts to your specific needs. These will appear in yellow.


Import and export your files with a simple drag & drop. Please note that the BUTE Normaliser only processes one file at a time. If you are looking for Batch Processing, then our server-based enterprise solution is what you are looking for.


We understand that loudness compliance can be a time critical task at the end of a project. Our high speed processing will meter, limit and normalise your audio in record time.


Our novel design approach to the true peak limiter is an industry first, and it provides absolute transparency whilst ensuring no peak will ever go over the threshold. A gain reduction display shows you where and how much the limiter reduced your mix.


We support the standard .WAV 42bit 48KHz for broadcasting with all its pull up and pull down variants. In addition, we also support .flac, .mp3, .aiff, and more.


See clearly laid out readings for overall integrated loudness, loudness range, short-term and momentary loudness, RMS and true-peak. These can be toggled on and off, so you only see the information you require.


We give you the flexibility to adjust and integrate the Normaliser into your current work space. You can minimize it at the click of a button to divert your attention to other things.




  • Operating System: Mac OSx 10.9 Lion or higher / Windows 7 or higher
  • Available in 2 versions – Stereo or Surround (additional support up to Atmos 7.1.2 support)

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