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Softron OnTheAir Video Express - featured

Playout any file Quicktime can read to any output available - The flexible solution

OnTheAir Video Express is the ultimate QuickTime playout application on the Mac for professional looking playlist playout when using third party video cards or the Mac’s own Mini DisplayPort or HDMI ports.


Play Movies, Sounds, or Still Images
Play out movie files, sound files and pictures or other still images in the same playlist. Set a play duration for your still images and they will play out for that duration just as if they were a standard QT file.

Overlay Graphics over your video with Internal or External Keying
Overlay incredible graphics on top of video and use OnTheAir Video Express as a Character Generator. Export your animations from your favorite animation software to a QuickTime file with Alpha Channel and overlay them on top of an incoming video signal.

Slow or Fast Motion and Jog Shuttle Control in HD & SD
Control the playback speed of your clips to add a basic slow motion to your workflow. Set a playback speed at which all your clips will be played or use the jog shuttle control. Use OnTheAir Video Express with a Jog Shuttle such as the ShuttlePRO from Contour Design and take advantage of the many shortcuts available.

GPI Control for integration with Video Mixer
Control OnTheAir Video Express from a video mixer. When pushing on a video mixer button, you can send a GPI trigger which will start or stop a clip in OnTheAir Video Express (this feature requires GPI Commander to convert GPI triggers to USB)


  • Play any file QuickTime can read. Add more codec support by installing QuickTime components.
  • Output to all QuickTime available outputs (PCI cards, FireWire, Monitor…)
  • Output to all formats supported by the selected Video output
  • Play movies, sounds and still images
  • Duration of still images can be defined
  • Support interleaved 3D output
  • Cue Mode (instead of playing immediately when you hit play, it holds the first frame of video. Ideal for Live and News production).
  • External and Internal Keying supported (with supported video hardware and codecs)
  • Scrubbing supported
  • Control the playback speed (Quicker or Slower)
  • Jog-Shuttle

External Controls

  • Many keyboard shortcuts available
  • GPI trigger to control Video Mixer
  • Can be controlled by Video Mixer with GPI
  • Open to third party integration thanks to XML based playlists.

Clips info / trimming

  • Set in/out points
  • Read all metadata from file
  • Customize playlist cell information

  • Mac OS X 10.5.8
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