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v5 Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe

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Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe
Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe

A crushing, pounding, aggressive compressor for massive drums. Our spin on an old classic.

Pushing beyond the capabilities of its hardware inspiration, Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe offers unparalleled creative flexibility. Boasting a Darkness control for tone, and switchable slow or fast release times, you’ll always have the perfect sound at your fingertips. But that’s not all – with its ingenious mix knob, you can easily blend your dry signal with the processed version, all from the front panel. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional plug-ins – Devil-Loc Deluxe is here to help you shape and transform your sound with ease.

The addition of these controls opens up the sonic palette immensely. Dark thundering drums, to driven lo-fi loops, and more, and the mix control saves all that tedious routing and lets you automate mix to keep the Devil from taking over the soul of your tracks. This time, evil is good.

A Bit of Soundtoys Devil-Loc History

The original Shure Level-Loc from the 1960s was a brick wall limiter designed to be used in public address systems. Its extreme compression and gritty sound eventually became a secret weapon of some well-known and very creative engineers and producers.

It’s an extreme effect and can create huge sounds with drums and room mics, and in small amounts can add sizzle to things like vocals or acoustic guitar.

The controls were very simple, with only a switch for three “distance” settings based on how far from the mic you were. The M62V upped the control a bit by adding an input level knob. The reason it became famous was largely thanks to Soundtoys user Tchad Blake and his desire to push, abuse, and do deliciously evil things to his tracks. He discovered that the Level-Loc was gritty, dirty, and unusual. The kind of compression that made drums gigantic and nasty – which is a good thing.

Devil-Loc Deluxe also includes Devil-Loc. It may be little with just two knobs but it is one seriously big sound. If you already own it, check your account for upgrades to the Deluxe version.

Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe Highlights

  • Extreme compression effect creates huge drum sounds like nothing else
  • Mix knob allows you to dial in just the right amount of grit and ambiance
  • Darkness control lets you shape the tone and roll off crunchy highs for a warmer sound
  • Selectable fast and slow release times for added variety and control


    Joe Barresi – Melvins, Tool, Weezer, L7

    Devil-Loc is the most fun, useful and inspiring audio destruction plug-in I’ve come across since Decapitator came out. Totally addictive.

    Fabrice “Fab” Dupont – Jennifer Lopez, Santigold, Brazilian Girls, Sean Lennon

    Apple Silicon and VST 3 Compatible

    Plug-in Formats (64-bit only):

    • AAX Native, AAX AudioSuite, VST 2, VST 3, and Audio Units (AU)

    Supported Sample Rates:

    • Minimum: 44.1 kHz, Maximum: 192 kHz

    System Requirements:

    • Operating systems: Mac OS X 10.12 or later; Windows 7 or later.
    • An internet connection is required at the time of activation.

    Supported Hosts:

    • Pro Tools, Live, Cubase, Nuendo, Logic, Studio One, Reaper, Bitwig


    Soundtoys 5 Compatibility

    All version 5 Soundtoys products come in 64-bit VST, AU and AAX Native plug-in formats. Here is a list of our officially supported host applications.
    Pro Tools 12 - 2022.6Mac & PC: AAX Native and AudioSuite
    Logic Pro X - 10.7*Logic Pro X - 10.7*
    Ableton Live 9.2.2 - 11Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST
    Studio One 4.5+Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST
    Cubase 9.5 - 12*Mac & PC: VST
    Nuendo 8 - 11Mac & PC: VST
    Reaper 6Mac: AudioUnits & VST; Windows: VST
    Bitwig 4Mac & PC: VST


    Note about DAW / Computer Support

    We cannot guarantee support if you are using a supported host platform listed above on an operating system or computer that is not supported by the host platform itself. Please visit your DAW’s website or manual to ensure you are using a compatible system.

    If your DAW is not on the list above, it doesn’t necessarily mean that our plug-ins won’t work. It just means that it has not been tested. If something goes wrong with an unsupported DAW, you are welcome to write to support, but we cannot guarantee a solution. We currently recommend using our free trial with the hosts listed below to confirm compatibility on your computer.

    • MainStage
    • FL Studio

    32-Bit Plug-in Support

    With the release of 5.3.2, we have officially discontinued support for 32-bit plug-ins. With macOS Catalina requiring all applications to be 64-bit, and with the vast majority of our PC customers using 64-bit plug-ins, we decided it was the right time to end 32-bit support. Our most recent 32-bit installers are available to download below.

    Download Soundtoys 5.3.2 for Windows (32-bit)

    Download Soundtoys 5.3.1 for Mac (32-bit)

    Download Windows 32-Bit Installers for Individual Plug-ins

    What’s new in v5.4

    May 16, 2023

    • New SuperPlate plug-in, available individually, within Effect Rack, or as part of the Soundtoys 5.4 Bundle.
    • New Effect Rack Factory Presets
    • Updated high-resolution graphics and text for most plug-ins.
    • Fixes issue where VST3 plug-ins had the wrong window size in Studio One


    What’s new in v5.3.8

    • VST3 support for both Windows and macOS
    • Native compatibility with both Apple Silicon (M1/M2/M-series) and Intel processors

    Known Issues and Notes

    • In Digital Performer 11, discrete parameters behave incorrectly for VST3. We recommend using VST2 or AU in Digital Performer 11 until the issue can be resolved.
    • Some hosts will automatically replace VST2 plug-ins in sessions with matching VST3 versions, depending on the DAW and your DAW preferences. Our VST3 versions are fully interchangeable with their VST2 counterparts, but not all hosts implement this feature of VST3.

    What’s new in V5.3.7

    • Adds native Apple silicon support for Audio Units and VST2.
    • Fixes issue where installers may fail to install for certain users.

    Known issues and notes:

    • The minimum recommended version of Logic for native Apple silicon is 10.7.3
    • Switching presets in Logic’s built-in preset manager may cause instability with Effect Rack. Using our internal preset manager should be fine.
    • VST3 support is not included in this release and will come at a later time.

    5.3.6 Update

    October, 20, 2021

    • Fixed an issue where Effect Rack could crash when doing an offline render to a new sample rate with VST.
    • Fixed an issue where Effect Rack could produce an incorrect “out of automation slots” alert during an offline render.

    5.3.5 Update

    September 30, 2021

    • Fixed issues with offline rendering in certain hosts, where the effect might have a delayed onset or undesirable fade in.
    • Fixed audio artifacts that could happen when editing modulation patterns during playback.
    • Fixed issue where events could be edited to 0 level and then no longer modified.
    • Effect Rack now resets delay buffers on preset changes.
    • Fixed an issue with PhaseMistress sound for certain 2-stage phaser styles.
    • Fixed an issue where Effect Rack could crash on load in Reaper on Windows.
    • Pattern editor stability improvements.

    5.3.4 Update

    March 30, 2021

    • Fixed CPU Spiking in Bitwig when certain plug-ins were on an instrument channel.
    • Fixed incorrect license expiration warning that would appear in certain circumstances.
    • Fixed bug where Effect Rack could lose signal after re-ordering effects in certain circumstances.
    • Fixed issue where EchoBoy could crash while changing presets during audio playback.
    • Added new transport indicator to Rhythm Editors to convey current location within a pattern.
    • Stability improvements for Windows versions.

    5.3.3 Update

    December 10, 2020

    • Added support for macOS Big Sur (11).
    • Fixed minor graphics issues in macOS Big Sur.
    • Fixed issue where plug-ins would sometimes crash on instantiation in GarageBand or Maschine on macOS Catalina.
    • Improved handling of bad floating point values.
    • Fixed graphical issues with pattern editors.
    • Fixed tempo sync during offline render in certain plug-ins.
    • Fixed issue where delay of dry signal path in Little AlterBoy did not match host DAW delay compensation.
    • Fixed issue where Decapitator would flood undo history with AutoGain changes in Ableton.
    • Eliminated low level noise from MicroShift.
    • Adjusted levels of Decapitator’s “Dark Drive” preset.
    • Added numpad and arrow key support for string controls.
    • Improved mouse tracking behavior in preset menus.
    • Fixed Effect Rack crash that could happen during certain preset changes.
    • Fixed “Waveform and Rhythm Too Complicated” alert in certain rhythm presets.
    • Fixed Tremolator crashing on selection of “12 Bar Roller” rhythm preset.
    • Fixed Organize command disappearing from the preset menu in certain situations.
    • Fixed rare crash on recall with multiple Effect Rack instances in Ableton.

    5.3.2 Update

    December 17, 2019

    • Added support for macOS Catalina (10.15).
    • Fixed issues on Windows where knobs could snap to minimum position and stop responding to mouse movements.
    • Double-clicking to reset controls has been fixed on Windows.
    • 32-bit plug-ins have been discontinued.
    • Installer now includes the latest version of iLok License Manager, which solves an issue where plug-ins were blacklisted in Cubase on Windows.

    5.3.1 Update

    October 30, 2019

    • Fixed a bug in Little AlterBoy that could cause left and right channels to move slightly out of sync when used on a mono track in DAWs like Ableton and Cubase that process mono tracks in stereo.**
    • Fixed a similar left/right sync bug that could affect PrimalTap in “Freeze” mode.**
    • Improved parameter mapping for Resonance parameter in FilterFreak and PhaseMistress. This may very slightly change the sound of sessions that use automation on this parameter. If no automation is used on this parameter then all sessions should recall perfectly.
    • Smoothed out choppy animation on certain Retina displays.
    • Repaired window scaling problems in Windows on high DPI monitors, especially in Ableton and Studio One
    • Added MIDI triggering to PhaseMistress and EffectRack AAX.
    • Installer icons on Mac and PC should now show up more easily on a black background.
    • Mac installer supports light and dark mode.
    • New Remove Soundtoys utility on Mac lets you uninstall individual plug-ins more easily.

    ** These changes will affect the sound of audio in some sessions. You may want to bounce or freeze tracks if you want to keep the out-of-sync or phasey sound that may have occurred in previous versions.

    Soundtoys 5.3.1: Our Final 32-bit Release

    We’re happy to announce that Soundtoys 5.3.1 is now available. This update includes an important improvement to Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap and a number of other bug fixes.

    Soundtoys 5.3.1 will be our final patch before we add support for MacOS Catalina, which will require us to drop 32-bit plug-in support. This will be our final 32-bit compatible release for both MacOS and Windows. Visit our Download Page to get the latest installers.

    Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap Sync Fix

    When using Little AlterBoy on a mono track with a stereo output, sometimes it was possible for the left and right channels to shift out of sync. This could add an unwanted “phasey” sound to the vocal, or create a slight difference in the sound of the left and right channels. This bug could also affect PrimalTap’s Freeze mode. Soundtoys 5.3.1 fixes this issue.

    NOTE: this fix may change the sound of some audio tracks that use Little AlterBoy and PrimalTap (in freeze mode). We think this change is for the better! However, if you think the out-of-sync sound is an important part of some of your tracks, we recommend you bounce or freeze those tracks to preserve the exact sound they have today.

    MacOS Catalina Support Coming Soon

    If you’re a MacOS user, you’ve probably gotten word that many DAWs and plug-ins, including Soundtoys, do not yet support MacOS Catalina. Unlike previous releases of MacOS, Catalina introduces new security safeguards and ends support for 32-bit applications and plug-ins, creating a significant challenge for plug-a developers. We’re hard at work updating and testing our products, and we will have an update soon.

    What’s new in v5.3

    macOS and PC:

    • Plug-in activation window now includes support for Activation Codes, which will be distributed to customers who purchase a new product (not an upgrade) from our web store, and will allow those licenses to be activated without an iLok account (optional).
    • Little Plate is now included in the 5.3 license group for new Soundtoys 5 customers.


    • macOS Mojave is now officially supported.
    • Graphics issue that was causing several components of the Soundtoys graphical user interfaces to display incorrectly on macOS Mojave has been resolved.

    What’s New in v5.2.3

    All Soundtoys Plugins updated June 4, 2018 (Maintenance Update (Mac) and (PC))

    • Little Plate now included in the Soundtoys 5 installer
    • Fixed rare audio dropout/glitches under certain circumstances
    • Fixed crash that could happen sometimes on session recall
    • Fixed sluggish animation of tweak drawers on high DPI monitors on Mac
    • Fixed rhythm editor to allow for creation of multi-bar rhythms
    • Fixed “update nesting too deep” alert
    • Added support for MIDI triggering to AAX versions of FilterFreak and PrimalTap
    • Fixed CPU spiking in certain instances
    • Fixed AudioSuite support for different stem formats (mono-mono, mono-stereo, stereo-stereo) for Tremolator, Decapitator, Devil-Loc Deluxe, FilterFreak 1 & 2, Little Radiator, Radiator, and Sie-Q
    • Fixed occasional crash when rendering in Reaper on Windows
    • Fixed preset sorting in macOS High Sierra
    • Audio Units plug-ins will now scan correctly without requiring a restart in macOS High Sierra
    • Locked knob titles will remain red when GUI is closed and reopened
    • Fixed Pro Tools automation hotkey support for Effect Rack, as well as compound parameters like Delay Notes/Time in EchoBoy
    • Fixed Pro Tools automation hotkey support for all plug-ins on Windows
    • Fixed session recall in AU Lab
    • Fixed balance offset in in PanMan Random & Triggered modes
    • Updated VST plug-in names to make them consistent with AU and AAX versions when displayed in DAWs. *This included Little Plate, Little AlterBoy, Little Radiator, Little PrimalTap, Little MicroShift, EchoBoy Jr., and Sie-Q.

    What’s new in 5.2:

    • EchoBoy Jr. is now available in Soundtoys 5 and Effect Rack
    • EchoBoy Jr. is now included with individual EchoBoy 5 licenses and installers
    • Some Effect Rack presets now include EchoBoy Jr.
    • Fixed an issue where certain AAX plug-ins did not support multi-mono operation
    • The LFO rate parameter can now be automated in PhaseMistress and FilterFreak 1 & 2

    What’s new in 5.1

    Sie-Q was added to the lineup.

    What’s new in 5.02


    • Plug-ins with the Analog Mode option now have a new “Op Amp” style to replace the Version 4 “Digital” style that was removed. In the previous version 5 release sessions using “Digital” defaulted to “Clean”. They now default to “Op Amp”. This will address the sound differences that some customers heard when recalling old sessions.
    • PrimalTap has a new Auto Gain switch added to the Tweak menu. When enabled, the output will automatically be lowered proportionally as the input gain is raised. This is the new default behavior for PrimalTap. Old sessions and user presets will open with Auto Gain set to “Off.”
    • Preset names, when edited, now display in italics to indicate an edited state


    • Preset names are now displayed correctly when sessions that were last saved with V4 are recalled (instead of reading “Default”).
    • Fixed an issue in PrimalTap where the Rolloff feature was not filtering the feedback loop as intended. (Note: this update will change the sound of some presets and sessions but is the correct and intended sound and behavior of PrimalTap).
    • Fixed an issue where Devil-Loc and Devil-Loc Deluxe knobs could jump to minimum or maximum when clicked in a certain area.
    • Fixed a problem where the delayed signal in EchoBoy might drop out under certain conditions.
    • PhaseMistress default settings will now sound identical to the default preset.
    • Preset names are now pre-populated when using the Save As… option.
    • Resolved a Windows problem where alerts could be hidden behind other windows.
    • Fixed issues that would cause the compare light to come on unnecessarily with certain plugins and presets.

    New in Soundtoys 5:

    • Effect Rack, PrimalTap, and Little AlterBoy plug-ins
    • New authorization options
    • Workflow enhancements
    Soundtoys Devil-Loc Deluxe

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