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v4 Source Elements Source-Live

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Source Elements Source-Live


Download demos and trial versions, product documentation, free presets and more.

Source Elements Source-Live

You may download a free Demo after logging in.

Source Elements Source-Live

Time to go Live. Source-Live™

Stream Low-Latency HD video and audio in perfect sync. Participants, professionals, musicians and students can view and participate, review and approve sessions instantly from anywhere using just a web browser.

Source-Live is the perfect remote solution for real-time supervised video editorial, VO recording, ADR and audio mix sessions, music rehearsals & education.

Source-Live Pro is a next-gen software application that allows you to stream your audio, DAW or NLE mix to multiple viewers simultaneously along with an HD video representation of your video screen or live video input. Unlike other video and audio broadcast software applications, Source-Live Pro is designed from the ground-up for the media industry, for broadcast where the input streams may not be coming from a single source.

In Source-Live Pro, you can delay audio in relation to the video input to ensure accurate sync is achieved, so your viewer can review and approve your content with satisfaction. Utilizing the most current AAC/MP4 encoding, Source-Live Pro provides viewers with true 24-bit audio quality. Real-time “viewer management” allows you to control who is listening in on your Session.

Instant HD, no delays

Broadcast full-quality video over the internet in real time using Source-Live. Share HD video from any source; transmit smooth, consistent-frame-rate content without playback errors or delays.

Build consensus with multiway videoconferencing

Pin a camera or broadcast stream to a floating window for continuous visual access. Use push to talk or echo cancellation. Remote viewing by your clients is as simple as opening a link in a browser.

Unveil more detail with full-resolution audio

Share high-resolution audio in real time -no masking, no harsh compression, no echo cancellation, no compromises.


Share content safely with secure encryption

Send secure streams with confidence, using our dedicated passkey-protected gateways and watermarkable video. Share sensitive material with remote talent & clients—there’s no risk of placing your media assets on remote computers.

The simplicity of browser-based collaboration

Our video-chat gateway meeting room feels as familiar as any popular web meeting room—but it’s a lot more robust, with optimized features for media pros. You can even stream your recordings to give offline guests access to sessions and lessons. Built in Video Chat up to 20 constituents.

An affordable alternative without compromise

Our flexible pricing suits everyone. Whether you’re an artist, an educator, or a production house, we have a plan that precisely meets your needs, no hardware required. Contact our Solutions team for Enterprise options.

Which industry are you in?

Review & approval

Source-Live is the perfect system for real-time remotely supervised video editorial, VO recording, ADR and audio mix sessions. Avoid the complexities and limitations of multiple systems that weren’t built for your specific workflow.

Combine with the ADR bundle

When recording remote ADR, nothing is more challenging than a deadline: things can get downright stressful. Nail that VO recording in sync and on time. Place beeps and wipes on the fly, control cue mutes, direct actors, and share feedback between takes as well as review proposed edits.

Music rehearsals, education & scoring

When the composer, production team, ensemble or master class can’t meet in the same room, Source-Live offers HD video and audio in sync. Its low-latency feature allows for instant communication and direction.

Source-Live Pro LL

Stream high sample-rate mixes & video broadcasts, live from your timeline.

  • Effortlessly sync live & recorded audio to HD video
  • Flexible subscriptions available+
  • iLok not required
  • HD Video Streaming: Send-only
  • HTTPS 2048-Bit Encrypted Streams
  • Screen Capture for Desktop Screens
  • High-Quality Stereo Audio
  • Per-Client Stream Authentication
  • NDI: Support for all NDI-enabled NLEs
  • Real-Time Video Chat & Messaging

+Source-Live Pro LL subscription is available at $45 per month for up to 10 viewer hours, with a one-time $75 setup fee. If you are re-subscribing and your previous subscription lasted at least 4 months, the setup fee is waived. Cancel anytime, no obligation.



Premium quality, secure, budget-friendly, ultra-low-latency live broadcasting for audio and video professionals. Capture multiple windows, screens or external video capture input devices up to 2K resolution and broadcast latencies so low you’ll hold your breath in disbelief.

Bandwidth usage

Source-Live Pro LowLatency (“Source-Live LL”) is priced by viewer-hours*. This is to ensure that the underlying technology and infrastructure keeps working smoothly at low latency; the equipment, man hours, easements, and technology required to carry the service are expensive. Bandwidth is also a limited commodity based on location and distance from an exchange: the further you are, the more expensive it becomes.


We have designed pricing and usage to be very simple and easy to use. Source-Live LL viewer-hours* are priced according to the plan you choose. While streaming, the app will let you know how much time you are using. When you use up all the hours you will be emailed to upgrade your plan so you can continue streaming.

Each plan has a maximum allowance of viewer-hours that do not carry over to the next month. If you upgrade or downgrade your plan, you will be increasing or decreasing, respectively, the maximum number of viewer-hours per month.

* Viewer-hours are counted per viewer per hour. E.g. 2 viewers watching your stream for 1 hour count as 2 viewer-hours from your monthly viewer-hours allowance.

Stream limits

The trial plan will automatically stop streaming after 1 hour.
Plans 10 and 100 stop after 5 hours.
Plans 250 and 500 stop after 12 hours.
You can resume the stream.

Review of Source Live Pro 3 Live Streaming HD Video & Audio In Sync

Documentary: the most comprehensive remote audio & video collaboration solution with Source Elements

Remote Overdub and Mix Review with Sean O’Keefe and The Burst and Bloom

Source-Live Pro is a standalone application, and does not require additional software for basic operation. Support only exists for MacOS 10.14 (Mojave) and higher. For earlier system support, we recommend using NDI (Network Device Interface). For more information on using an NDI™ source in Source-Live, refer to this article.

Minimum recommended configurations for Source-Live Pro

  • Mac OS 10.14 or higher, or Windows 10 (64 bit).
  • 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM
  • 1MB Internet upload or higher

Note: Source-Live Pro is capable of HD video compression and therefore requires a modern CPU with sufficient RAM. The CPU meter will indicate if your system is capable of video processing. For HD video broadcast, you will need a stable internet connection with at least 1MB of dedicated upload speed. We recommend connecting your internet to your device with an ethernet cable for best performance.

Requirements for Source-Live Gateway

When receiving a live stream:

  • Mac OSX: Chrome
  • Windows: Chrome
  • Mobile: Android (Chrome) and iOS (Safari)

For Video Chat, there is support for Desktop and Android. iOS is not yet supported.

For Audio, set your default audio output in your System Preferences (Mac) or Control Panel (Windows).

What’s new in 4.0?

Source-Live Pro has much lower latency and higher-quality than Source-Live 3.0. Furthermore, there is no port forwarding involved since all streams go via the server. This allows for you to get set up and broadcasting right away.

Currently, there is no iOS application for Source-Live Pro. However, it will run on all browsers and no further installation is needed for your viewers.

Cut the Cable: Choosing the Right IP Media Protocol for Your AV Workflow

Cut the Cable: Choosing the Right IP Media Protocol for Your AV Workflow

Cut the Cables, Conquer Workflows! This guide explores NDI, SMPTE 2110, and IPMX - the leading protocols for transmitting video and audio over IP networks.


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