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Source Elements Source-Zip

Got a 2GB audio session? Source-Zip it down to 200MB!

When you need to move media over the internet, use Source-Zip to compress, transfer, and then uncompress the files at lightning speed.

Create self-extracting archives of audio, video, and session files, using industry-standard lossless or lossy codecs.  Every detail about the media is preserved including all the critical metadata.

Optimize file size & media quality with trusted codecs

With a choice of industry-standard codec settings, from Apple Losses (ALAC) to the latest MPEG compression technology, you’ll be able to shrink your files by up to 90 percent for quicker delivery over the internet. Share your self-extracting file via popular cloud storage services or ftp; the recipient simply double-clicks to restore files to full size.

Keep sessions running smoothly when you preserve metadata

When you compress session files with Source-Zip, you can trust that your metadata will be preserved and restored on remote systems, so recipients can quickly re-open sessions, pick up right where you left off and update. Using the uncompressed codec option, return to your collaborators the new audio and session files to complete or continue the collaboration process.

Ensure a seamless file transfer with the free Unzip app

When you compress files with Source-Zip, the recipient can easily unzip them using the free Source-Unzip application included in every archive.

How does Source-Zip work?

Step 1:

Drag the audio or video session folder containing the media files you want to compress into Source-Zip. You can drag the folder directly into the Source-Zip window or onto the Source-Zip icon in the Finder or in the Dock.

Step 2:

Choose your desired compression scheme. The greater the compression, the more quality you lose; the smaller the files, the faster they will transfer over the internet. Choose Lossless compression if you don’t want any audio quality loss, or Original if you want to preserve the integrity of your media files.

Step 3:

Now, Zip It! Source-Zip will compress all of your audio and video files and create a self-extracting file containing the smallest possible compressed versions of all other files. You will now have a folder containing the compressed audio and video data, along with a free, distributable copy of the Source-Unzip application for the file recipient.

Step 4:

Transfer via your preferred cloud storage service, FTP, or otherwise send the .szp file which includes the Source-Unzip application anywhere you like. The person on the receiving end never needs a license to unzip the archive to access the session, and you can send your file to as many people as you wish.

Step 5:

To recreate your session on another computer, just drag the .szp archive to the Source-Unzip application. Source-Unzip will recreate an exact replica of your session folder and restore the audio and video files to their original format. If you choose lossless compression, your file transfer is exactly the same as if you transferred your original session.



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Source-Zip 2.0 works with MacOS 10.9 and higher.  It has very low memory and CPU requirements.

  • Industry-Standard AAC Support
  • Lossless Support
  • Password Protection Via AES256 Encryption
  • Browse Mode: Select Files to Unzip


*Full licenses are perpetual and non-expiring. You have no further obligation to pay support or upgrade fees, except when you require these services.

What’s new in 2.0?

Source-Zip 2.0 works with MacOS 10.9 and higher; it is a newly designed application that resolves permissions issues where MacOS 10.14 will no longer run the Source-Unzip application. This update requires the zip file residing separately to the application. It means you can send the application once to the recipient, and afterwards they only need your zipped files.

Documentary: Remote audio & video collaboration solution with Source Elements

Source Elements made a bumper in just 2 weeks in September 2020 in collaboration with multiple parties around the globe.  Collaborators included Vienna's Synchron Stage orchestra, a voice actor in Melbourne, a composer in Chicago, a music director in Germany... plus edit, mix and approve across 7 countries.  Watch this video to see how it was done.