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Premium Audio. For Professionals.

Nuendo offers a vast range of dedicated functions focused on post production, studio production and live recording that underscore the reputation of Nuendo as one of the world’s most powerful audio production systems.

Note: Additional USB-eLicenser required to use this product, if one is not already in use.

What is Nuendo

As the most advanced audio post-production solution available, Nuendo is the choice of film, TV, game audio and immersive sound industry professionals worldwide. Ever since its initial release, Nuendo has been a vital tool in creating the soundtrack to many high-profile productions, products and installations. Regular updates with new features, workflow improvements and additional, user-requested functions mean that Nuendo constantly exceeds the expectations of an audio workstation dedicated to audio post, with high end — often unique — capabilities that continue an ongoing revolution in audio and media production software.

What makes Nuendo stand out

The Platform

Nuendo 10 is another leap forward for a post-production audio platform which has been at the leading edge of the industry for nearly 20 years. From the beginning, Nuendo was designed to deliver a truly ‘in the box’ solution with a state-of-the-art audio engine, innovative tools, the best integral plug-ins and support for the very latest technologies and formats. Driven by users and those at the forefront of this fast-changing industry, over the years regular updates and improvements have ensured that Nuendo continues to lead the market, adding new features, workflow-enhancing tools and ensuring to always deliver exceptional audio quality. Nuendo 10 ensures that it remains a premium platform for professionals who need to deliver the very best audio content – fast.

The Team

Nuendo is developed by a dedicated, close-knit team of audio professionals whose combined skills and experience ensure that users have the very best and efficient tools at their fingertips. Product and feature planners are seasoned veterans, with very close ties to the professional post-production industry, constantly looking for what will be the next trend or ‘must have’ in the business. They work closely with the software developers; young, enthusiastic and talented programmers who turn the ideas and desires into reality. The planners and software developers also work with Nuendo end users, asking them to try new features and provide input, ensuring that every new feature is implemented in the way that our customers want.

The Community

Nuendo could not exist without it’s community of end users, whose comments and feedback ensure that the software is always being developed to meet the needs of those at the ‘sharp end’ of the professional sound industry. Every feature has to be implemented in a way that improves their workflow and the audio that they produce for their customers. This is achieved through direct personal communication with end users and the information and ideas that they exchange between themselves. That many of them know and help each other, that they suggest new ideas, recognize new trends or shifts in the industry and communicate directly with us plays a key role in helping us to improve Nuendo, which assists with them staying at the forefront of this highly competitive market.

The Innovation

Nuendo 10 is a leap forward for our leading post-production audio platform, but it is the latest of many advances for Nuendo… and more will, of course, be in the pipeline. We are always looking to the future to ensure Nuendo constantly improves. Our product planners and developers are always working in the background, seeing how they can come up with more innovative features, functions and improvements, as well as developing new technologies to serve emerging markets, all designed to provide our customers with the tools they need (and some they may not even know they need yet!), to ensure that future updates maintain Nuendo’s place at the forefront of this fast-moving industry.

The Partners

As well as our customers and the dedicated Nuendo planning, development and marketing team, we maintain strong relationships with partners throughout the professional sound industry. Technology partners, content creators, other manufacturers who work with us to deliver seamless workflow connectivity with each other’s products, sales/marketing businesses, dealers and client customers who understand that an audio production created on Nuendo is a mark of excellence are all vital members of the Nuendo ‘family’. Every member of the family helps and reinforces our determination to ensure that Nuendo is always the best, most innovative, forward-looking and user-friendly post-production solution. We are grateful to all of you and look forward to working together on many future leaps forward for Nuendo.

What’s new in Nuendo 10

Nuendo 10 is the premium audio production solution for game audio design, TV/film post-production and VR authoring professionals. Its high-end features range from import and matching of field recorder audio files, via an array of exceptional creative tools for sound designers, through to groundbreaking, seamless support for VR mixing environments.


Field Recorder Audio Import

Long requested by Nuendo users in post-production studios, we have listened to your requests and are pleased to include Field Recorder Audio Import in Nuendo 10. This powerful new feature allows you to search for Field Recorder audio files matching selected events in the project by choosing a set of predefined search criteria – a process which can otherwise take weeks of manual work. A list of files with attributes or metadata similar to the selected project events will be displayed, with options to check the search result and preview the files. After confirmation, the chosen audio files will be inserted into the project and edited to match the originally selected events.

ADM import

With the rapidly increasing number of Dolby Atmos installations, the demand for Dolby Atmos mixes is rising fast. ADM files – such as those exported from the RMU or Dolby Atmos Production Suite Renderer software – can be imported into a new or existing Nuendo project with the object automation intact for further mixing or editing. Bed and object audio channels. pan automation, programs and content structure are all supported, with audio from ADM extracted to split mono files in the Nuendo project. Folder tracks are created to represent the ADM Program/Content structure, while object tracks are assigned to VST MultiPanner with Pan Automation.

Video Cut Detection

Another huge time-saver is the new Video Cut Detection (VCD) that allows you to analyze video files for edits and to insert markers for each one of those cuts. You can analyze complete video events or a selected range of a video event, while adjusting the sensitivity of the cut detection process. Once detected, you can insert markers either on the existing (active) marker track or by creating a new marker track. There are further options for marker settings as well as key commands to open the VCD panel, start the analysis and insert Markers helping to make it a fast and intuitive process.

Video rendering (N10.2)

The ability to export a video file, or a section of a project including audio and video, will be implemented in a future Nuendo 10 maintenance update.

dearVR Spatial Connect support

Nuendo 10 now supports dearVR Spatial Connect, an immersive 3D audio production tool developed by Dear Reality. dearVR Spatial Connect allows any sound designer, musician or sound engineer to create and mix immersive 3D audio content directly in VR. Featuring a revolutionary, gesture-controlled workflow, it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between Nuendo and your VR production environment.

Doppler effect plug-in

The Doppler plug-in is a fast, straightforward way to simulate the perception of movement and distance of a sound and the changes in pitch as its source passes you, rising as it approaches and falling as it moves away. The higher the speed of the object, the stronger the Doppler effect.
Best used as a Direct Offline Process, you can set the Start, Listener and End positions and the Doppler plug-in will render the effect to the chosen audio. It can also be used as an insert plug-in.


The VoiceDesigner plug-in is the perfect tool for sound designers to modify voices, with parameters including Detune, Formant, Preserve (allowing pitch shifting with formant preservation), Robot, Morph and FX. Morph is a particularly powerful effect which lets you process the input sound with the characteristics of another signal to create unique, bespoke vocal effects. VoiceDesigner also features a mixer, which allows you to set different levels and frequency ranges when mixing the dry input, side-chain and wet signal.

New Distroyer processor

The asymmetric distortion of Distroyer adds body, character and harmonics to create everything from gentle analog warmth across a whole mix to hot distortion for kick drums.

Cue Sheet export (N10.1)

The ability to create a report for accounting of all music pieces, or of all VO clips of a narrator, used in the project will be added in a future Nuendo 10 maintenance update.

ARA support (N10.1)

Nuendo 10 supports the ARA 2 specification for extended communication between ARA plug-ins and the DAW. ARA-compatible plug-ins are integrated in the Editor, which gives you access to all editing functions of the corresponding plug-in.

Workflow improvements

Time is always precious in the professional audio business, so Nuendo 10 includes many time-saving features and workflow enhancements to help you create content as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Audio Alignment Panel

Audio Alignment is a great time-saving tool, allowing you to transfer the timeing of an audio event to another audio event or mulitple events with a single mouse click.  Thi is immproved in Nuendo 10, with a new panel that provides more options and greater flexibility to synchronize different dialog recordings, easily matching multiple tracks to a designated reference track, with the timing corrected automatically.  Audio Alignment makes finding the perfect take fast and efficient.

Revised channel strip

The channel strip is the most important element in the workflow of the producer or mix engineer.  Nuendo 10’s completely redesigned channel strip significantly extends the functionality and usability of its modules.  New metering elements offer direct visual feedback for each module, with detail views for the strip’s compressors allowing further tweaking with extra controls.

Improved Direct Offline Processing options

The Direct Offline Processing panel also features new functionality.  You can now drag and drop insert plug-ins from the MixConsol to the Direct Offline Processing window’s Process List and Favorite panel.  This allows the plugins (and their settings) from insert cells to be quickly and easily applied as Direct Offline Processing or Favorites.  If the MixConsol Insert Rack Header is dragged, the whole insert plug-in chain can be applied or added as a favorite.  FX Plug-in Tiles from the MediaTab can similarly be dragged and dropped.  In addition, Offilne Process Normalize lets you choose to normalize by dB Loudness Unit (EBU 128) as and alternative to setting dBFS Max.

Ambisonics enhancement

To allow for better monitoring of Ambisonics mixes, Nuendo’s AmbiDecoder includes twon new modes.  Front Focus Setting allows recordings produced as an Ambisonics sphere to be enhanced.  By selecting a defined reange in the AmbiDecoder, it can be used to increase volume iin the direction that the user is looking, or re-balance the sound field of a premixed Ambisonics sphere.  Aditionally, the new Stereo Speaker Mode allows the user to listen to an Ambisonics mix on stereo or binaural mode speakers and headphones.

Latency Monitor

Whether monitoring a recording or sending a cue mix, low latency is crucial for an accurate production environment.  The new Latency Monitor section in Nuendo 10’s MixConsole delivers enhanced control by making the sum of the latenciews and the individual latency of each plug-in within the effects chain visible.

Plug-in Improvements

Working with Plug-ins has been radically improved in Nuendo 10.  You can now assign effects plug-ins to a track by dragging them directly from the Media Rack, or crate an instrument track by dragging a VST instrument plug-in directly into the project.  All plug-ins are now displayed as tiles representing the respective user interface.  Third-party plug-in tiles can be quickly created with a simple click on the plug-in header.

32-but integer and 64-bit float support

Nuendo 10 ensures that you never need to compromise on the precision, quality and authenticity of you recordings.  Now supporting recording, importing, exporting and converting audio files with bit depths of 32-bit integer and 64-bit float, the nuendo audio engine’s long reputation for high quality has leaped forward again with Nuendo 10.

HiDPI support for hi-res displays

Nuendo 10’s user interface now supports high-resolution displays on current macOS computers.  Please read or Knowledge Base article for details of support for Windows 10.


Another long-rime requestion feature fro the post-production community is Automatch, a key command to punch out of Latch mode when writing automation.

MixConsole Snapshots

MixConsole Snapshots let you create alternative mixes and very quickly compare the results.  You can add notes, recall only the EQ settings or even just the settings of an individual track.

Music Production Features

Nuendo 10 includes all of the exceptional music production features introduced in Cubase 10.

VariAudio 3 for ultimate control

With VariAudio 3, every aspect has been improved and extended.  It includes even more creative tools like Smart Controls, micro pitch level and adjustable formant shift, all designed to give you ultimate control.

Improved side-chaining

Side-chaining is one of the most popular techniques for creating space in a mix, as well as for distinctive effects.  Thanks to simplified side-chain setup, you can create the routing you need with just a few clicks.

Unbeatable beats with Groove Agent SE 5

With a fully resizable interface, one-click routing setup, significant workflow improvements, Pad presets, in-kit preview in the new content browser and much more. Groove Agent SE 5 brings an all-new user experienece, plus gigabytes of new sounds.

Inspiring sounds and loops

Nuendo 10 comes with 5 GB of exciting new sounds and loos, exclusively produced by some of the most acclaimed producers in their genes.  These include the Blockbuster library (Allen Morgan), Mystic Spaces (Ferdinand Forsch), Raw Ambience (Rawtekk), the Analog Techno library (Florian Meindl), Hip Hop Vault (Beat Butcha) and Soul Assembly (Soul Purplus).

Vintage ‘verbs for REVerence

One of the most acclaimed effects in the Nuendo plug-in arsenal, REVerence has been redesigned and expanded.  Managing custom impluse responses and the preview workflow have been streamlined, with 20 new impulse responses of vintage analog and digital reverbs added.

Redesigned plug-ins for enhanced workflow

Many Nuendo plug-ins have a brnad-new look, featuring a modern user interface which makes them easier to use, helping improve and speed your overall workflow.

Official MPE support

Nuendo 10 officially supports MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE).  It automatically detects and sets up the most common MPE controllers, with convenient assignment to any kind of instrument parameter.  It also includes libraries of exclusively designed MPE-ready presets for Retrologue and Padshop.

Usability, performance and quality improvements

  • Nuendo 10 is packed with many more significant improvements in many different areas, including:
  • Streamlined contextual menus for events.
  • Redesigned windows, panels and dialogs to give the user interface a consistent theme.
  • Improvements to adding tracks, multiple tracks and routing setup.
  • Improved performance on systems with more than 14 cores.
  • Enhanced results from the algorithm of the Hitpoint detection feature.
  • Superior resampling quality for the best possible audio.

Premium media production system


The premium solution for Audio Post-Production

Nuendo is the premium solution for audio post-production. Whether it is for film, TV, commercials or corporate movies, the feature set enhances every aspect of your workflow, allowing you to concentrate on the important production tasks and leaving the tedious manual work to be taken care of by Nuendo. From preparing your project and importing raw data, through dialog editing, sound design and mixing to delivery – even if composing music, ADR or reconforming are needed, – Nuendo includes the best solutions for every production task right there in-the-box.

Import Data and Preparation

Importing data from other software can be risky and bring unexpected challenges. This is why Nuendo’s compatibility with AAF files is not only approved for major non-linear editing (NLE) systems, but it’s very reliable and is being constantly improved with every new version. Nuendo also supports all major video codecs and formats, in case the video file is delivered separately. It integrates a powerful search and match functionality for Field Recorder audio files, allowing you to easily access the best quality audio takes available. Many other functions allow you to easily keep the original data inside the project for safety, although hidden and deactivated.

Dialog Editing

Dialog editing is one of the most important tasks in post-production. From assignable key commands and creation of macros, via surgical clip editing or multichannel group editing, automatic audio alignment and comprehensive fade editing, to extremely flexible offline processing capabilities, Nuendo has a solution for every challenging task that you can think of. A plethora of high-quality audio effects and processes are included, external editors can be seamlessly connected, multiple selected events can be processed at once and many options are available to organize thousands of clips and tracks. Super quick editing functionality and many other problem-solving features will make your life much easier, when editing in Nuendo.

Music Composition

It may not be a post-production task per se, but music is a big part of the final mix for a film or video. Sharing the same development code as Cubase – one of the world’s best music production platforms available today – all of Cubase’s music production features and capabilities are included in Nuendo. With superb composing, recording and MIDI functionality, a huge collection of sounds, loops, presets, instruments, libraries and effects, as well as support for the tens of thousands of 3rd party VST plug-ins, Nuendo can be used to produce world class film music by itself, or to seamlessly import a Cubase music project and merge it with the rest of the post-production project.

Sound Design

Creative work is another one of Nuendo’s strengths. With many included sound effects, innovative VST Instruments and high-quality effect processors, Nuendo is an extremely powerful platform for sound designers. The integrated MediaBay makes finding the perfect sound from thousands of files very quick and easy, while the Sampler track, sound Randomizer and VoiceDesigner help to make creating completely new sounds from existing ones a breeze. The flexible offline processing and render-in-place capabilities in Nuendo will keep the MixConsole free for the mixing stage and, should a new video cut arrive at any time, Nuendo’s integrated ReConforming solution will automatically re-align your files to the new cut, so you can immediately pick up where you left off.

Automatic Dialog Replacement

Whether used to dub a film in different languages, to sync a speaker’s voice to an animated character or to replace bad quality location recordings, Nuendo’s integrated ADR will save you huge amounts of time and frayed nerves when recording dialog in the studio. CSV files created in Excel can be imported to Nuendo, where markers will be created for each take that needs to be spotted. Rehearse, record and review options are available for the comfort of the voice actor and recording engineer. A monitoring matrix with flexible settings for talent, recording engineer or editor is part of the system. The ADR session can then be exported as an AAF project. Even Foley recording is possible with this powerful solution, all included in Nuendo.

Merging Projects

Merging projects is an easy task within Nuendo, thanks to its many media management and organization capabilities. Nuendo supports import and export of track archives, import of multichannel stems and tracks from other projects, support for ADM files (import only) and copy paste between projects, as well as the ability to back up a whole project including all media files. To organize huge projects, Nuendo facilitates hiding and deactivating tracks while leaving them in the project for safe-keeping. Folder Tracks and coloring functions for tracks and events will help you to always have a good overview of the whole project, while finding specific passages in your project is just one mouse-click away, thanks to the cycle markers.

Mix and Deliver of Stems and Master

Nuendo offers advanced mixing capabilities and a powerful film mixing-style Automation system. Besides the included Anymix Pro surround panner, Nuendo’s VST MultiPanner supports Dolby Atmos 9.1 and 7.1.4 mixing and other surround formats from 5.1 and 7.1 up to 22.2 and Auro 3-D. Over 100 professional plug-in effects and processors are part of the package, including a convolution reverb with many impulse responses, a high-quality channel strip and channel EQ, while the loudness track and loudness meter will help you keep control over your levels. And, depending on the delivery specifications, you can save a lot of time by exporting multiple stems based on cycle markers, while Multi-Master Batch Export for additional mixes in different languages can be done in one go.

Export for Dubbing Stage

If mixing will take place on a dubbing stage or within another system, Nuendo facilitates bouncing and consolidating stems, converting multi-channel files to multi-mono or exporting the whole project in AAF format. Atmos pre-mixes can easily be done in Nuendo, channel effects, automation and offline processes can be printed into the files and real-time multitrack recording is also possible within the Nuendo project. Finally, thanks to Nuendo’s flexible naming scheme and the additional cue sheet export functionality, it is very easy to keep an overview of all your exported audio files.

Game Audio

The No.1 choice for Game audio

Besides all its well-known music production and post-production features and capabilities, Nuendo includes a plethora of well-thought-out functionality, exclusively designed for Game Audio, that we guarantee will speed up your workflow exponentially. After careful consideration of the game audio community’s needs, Nuendo is integrating more and more unique features that help to compose interactive music and create thousands of sound assets. These can then be imported into a game engine, ensuring that you will never lose the overview of all those sounds and will always allow you to go back to your original projects, just in case you need to make changes or create new ones.


Game Audio Connect with Wwise

Nuendo 7 gave life to Game Audio Connect, a revolutionary interconnection between your favorite DAW and Audiokinetic’s game audio middleware, Wwise. This feature allows transferring audio files directly from a Nuendo project into Wwise, including naming schemes and metadata that will remember the origin of those files, so that you can re-open your Nuendo projects from within your Wwise session to further edit your sound assets. You can also transfer entire interactive sections of your compositions from Nuendo as music segments into Wwise, including audio and MIDI tracks, as well as cycle and cue markers. Also possible is to create Nuendo projects directly from Wwise segments, effectively using Nuendo as a MIDI editor for Wwise.

Composing interactive music

Composing for games is a fun, yet challenging, task – so having the right toolset at hand will help you be more creative and efficient. Nuendo’s unparalleled workflow is designed towards interactive music composition. It allows you create chunks of music based on cycle markers, assign them multiple parallel busses, render all your tracks ‘in place’ (with effects if needed) and drag-and-drop transfer them to Wwise as music segments, including MIDI, audio and marker tracks, while keeping the tempo information. You can also go back to your original Nuendo project to keep composing, or create a whole new project out of a Wwise segment. As with every workflow approach in Nuendo, you take care of being creative, Nuendo will take care of the rest.

Sound Editing and Design

Nuendo is a compelling solution for sound designers. Besides the comprehensive included sound content, Nuendo offers high-quality tools such as the Randomizer to create many variations of one sound automatically, the VoiceDesigner to transform voices into out-of-this-world sound effects, an integrated Doppler effect, a Sampler Track to create whole libraries of sounds right from within the project window, and many others. Additional fantastic editing functionality, such as Direct Offline Processing for applying effects and processes to a number of selected clips at once, will also speed-up your sound design workflow. The many included VST instruments, effects and presets will make creating new sounds an enjoyable experience and push your creativity to its highest potential, while leaving the tedious repetitive work to the DAW.

Renaming events by list

Dialog in games usually consists of many individual audio clips that will be triggered interactively, depending on what is happening in the game. This means that a single line of dialog is likely to contain more than ten audio clips, which all have to be recognizable by the engine to be played back correctly. Nuendo will automatically rename all your dialog events at once. By importing a CSV file with all the relevant data, it will assign the corresponding name to each selected audio event while allowing you to re-align, edit and preview the results, to make sure that it is all correct. Most importantly, instead of having to manually rename thousands of audio files, which could take weeks of work, Nuendo will do it for you in a matter of seconds.

Exporting events as files

Dialog tracks, sound effects and interactive music in a game are mostly groups of single audio assets that will be triggered as the player interacts with specific objects, characters or situations. Every asset in a Nuendo project can be exported quickly and easily to your hard drive or directly to your Audio Middleware (via GAC), thanks to Nuendo’s Export selected events dialog. You can choose to render the insert plug-ins into the files, include the master channel effects if needed, render MIDI events into audio files and apply a pre-defined naming scheme to keep track of all your assets. It is also possible to bounce a selection of several audio files to a new track within the same Nuendo project (render-in-place).

Version Control with Perforce

Last but not least, Game Audio Connect provides seamless integration with the Perforce version control system. Version control allows you to manage changes over time and track revisions of your project’s assets, facilitating seamless collaboration and further work on existing projects. Thanks to Perforce version control, any change in the Nuendo project is automatically monitored in the background, making manual interaction unnecessary.

Virtual Reality

The world’s most complete DAW for Immersive Sound

Immersive sound is one of the most exciting topics for future audio applications. Being a central hub for post-production and game sound creation, Nuendo is also the world’s most complete DAW for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive sound production. Nuendo’s comprehensive feature set caters for VR beginners, with easy-to-use onboard tools that allow for the creation of stunning VR projects without needing anything extra. Nuendo is also the best choice for VR professionals to create highly immersive sound fields for VR/AR experiences in consumer and corporate applications. The direct integration with DearVR Spatial Connect turns Nuendo into a powerful in-VR authoring platform, representing the most efficient immersive sound workflow available today.


Ambisonics support

Ambisonics is a technology that creates a spherical sound field. Unlike traditional immersive sound formats, it is not channel-based, using an encoded bundle of multiple audio streams to place sounds anywhere within the sound sphere. The precision of positioning depends on the number of streams, described as first, second or third order.

Nuendo supports Ambisonics up to the third order and not only for mixing — Nuendo can record directly from an Ambisonics-capable microphone system, allowing you to capture live performances and positioning sounds in the spherical field with the utmost precision. You can also import pre-produced Ambisonics sound mixes as Wave files and use the internal VST Ambisonics Panner to create an Ambisonics mix from mono, stereo or surround sources.

Panning audio in Ambisonics

Mono, stereo or surround channels can be routed to Ambisonics busses with the new VST MultiPanner to position the audio in the Ambisonics sphere. The Top and Rear view-orientations are bound to the head tracking viewing angle, meaning that whatever you see in front of you in the VR display will also be what is virtually “front” in terms of panning.

Headtracking: HMD connection

Headtracking is essential for creating content for VR, as the head moves in a spherical environment. For this, popular VR headsets such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive can connect directly to Nuendo, allowing you to view the original VR content in real time while mixing the audio environment. Alternatively, 3Dconnexion Mouse is also supported.

Monitoring Ambisonics Audio

The VST AmbiDecoder decodes the Ambisonics mix to an immersive HRTF-based binaural sound for headphones or to an immersive sound speaker configuration. Besides being able to import an HTRF file containing the information of individual head and ears shape, the AmbiDecoder also offers YouTube and Facebook monitoring modes.

To allow for better monitoring of Ambisonics mixes, Nuendo`s AmbiDecoder includes two new modes. Front Focus Setting allows recordings produced as an Ambisonics sphere to be enhanced. By selecting a defined range in the AmbiDecoder, it can be used to increase volume in the direction that the user is looking, or to re-balance the sound field of a premixed Ambisonics sphere. Additionally, the new Stereo Speaker Mode allows the user to listen to an Ambisonics mix on stereo or binaural mode speakers and headphones.

GoPro VR Player

To be able to display 360° videos, Nuendo requires GoPro VR Player Version 3. GoPro VR Player is a free video player that can be synchronized with Nuendo and play back 360° videos, with the viewing angle following the listening perspective.

dearVR Spatial Connect support

Nuendo 10 now supports dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT, an immersive 3D audio production tool developed by Dear Reality. dearVR Spatial Connect allows any sound designer, musician or sound engineer to create and mix immersive 3D audio content directly in VR. Featuring a revolutionary, gesture-controlled workflow, it eliminates the need to switch back and forth between Nuendo and your VR production environment.


Creativity unleashed. Professional composing for picture.

A large part of media production is music. Without music, a film, TV show, commercial or a video game would be nothing like the full experience. Composing for picture is a complete workflow on its own, because the mood of the music has to fit the theme of the visuals that it accompanies. Being developed with the same code as Cubase — one of the world’s best and most well-known music production platforms — Nuendo includes every music production feature, tool and workflow you will need to score hours of music for film or games, right there in the box… on your computer and in your studio… without the need for expensive external equipment or outboard hardware.


Nuendo’s composing functionality could be described as “genius”. It includes a score editor, letting you write music notation directly into the software, while MIDI functionality is extremely advanced and flexible — including the unique Expression Maps, Note Expression technology and MPE support. Chord Track and Chord Pads will give you that extra inspirational push whenever you are stuck in the creative process and – when you want your listeners to be in suspense, wondering what will come next — the Tempo and Signature Tracks allow you to create very complex tempo variations within scores. Of course, you can use the Arranger Track and TrackVersions to create different versions of your songs, freeing your creativity to wander at will, then deciding later which are the best tracks to use.


Nuendo’s audio engine ensures that all your recordings have the highest, purest quality possible. With support for up to 256 audio inputs, you will never run out of possibilities —even when recording large orchestras. When complex time signatures are needed, Nuendo’s advanced Metronome supports a wide variety of different click patterns and sounds, to ensure maximum comfort for your musicians. And you need never miss the perfect take while rehearsing, thanks to the Pre-Record and Retrospective Record capabilities. The Control Room gives you total control of cue levels and monitor mixes during recording, while the Audio Pool ensures that you always have full access to all available audio files, even when they are no longer needed in the project.


When it comes to editing audio, Nuendo has an answer for every task, whether it’s for surgical, sample-accurate editing or for group editing of many tracks at once. Hitpoint detection, Audio Warping, Time Stretching and Pitching are just a few of the many tools available in the Sample Editor. With the Comping tool you can choose the best parts of each take, while with VariAudio you can polish your vocals to perfection. Edit your audio clips directly on the project window or within the Audio Part Editor and adjust the tempo of your multitrack recordings almost automatically with the Audio Warp Quantize and the Audio Alignment panels.


For many producers, mixing is one of the most creatives tasks of music production. With Nuendo you will feel like you are mixing on a beautiful console, thanks to its pristine Channel Strip and EQ, array of high-quality real-time plug-in effects, a very flexible panning system and the most advanced automation panel on the market. Mixing music for surround or even immersive formats is as straightforward as mixing in stereo. And with so many monitoring options included as standard, you’ll enjoy your work like you are part of the audience. Last but not least, Nuendo offers many metering options to help make sure that you always stay within the approved loudness standards.


Once you have finished the creative part, it’s time to send your masterpiece to be compiled with the rest of the production. You can export your project as an AAF or an OMF file, ensuring maximum compatibility with other DAWs. You can also export your tracks as track archives. With the Render in Place functionality, you can create audio files from every single track in your project or export them as Stems via the Batch export functionality. And if you are sending your music to game audio middleware, you can use Game Audio Connect which will support audio and MIDI tracks, as well as cycle markers and tempo information.


The professional choice for broadcast

Nuendo is the right choice for the creation and handling of audio assets for broadcasting. With built-in tools such as Loudness measurement and processing, Loudness track, broadcast audio formats up to 22.2 and a plethora of batch export and editing capabilities, it is ready to provide the finest audio to any radio, TV or online broadcast production. Through its open architecture and APIs, Nuendo can be connected to a range of media management systems for the direct exchange of audio assets in a variety of formats such as AAF, MXF, BWF and more. Nuendo is the professional choice for broadcast applications.

Ingest and Import

Nuendo supports a broad range of formats in unparalleled quality. You can work with files up to 384KHz and record hundreds of audio tracks at once. Nuendo provides utmost compatibility with many formats such as WAVE, Broadcast-Wave (BWAV), AAF, MXF (audio), OMF, several video formats including ProRes and MP4, as well as DNxHD files and more.

Ultra-fast audio asset editing

When it comes to editing a broad range of audio formats, Nuendo’s unparalleled capabilities range from mono and stereo up to multi-channel formats like Dolby Atmos and immersive sound formats. From multi-track surround editing and folder asset-editing to multi-take comping and picture-follows-edit workflows, Nuendo has everything onboard to facilitate the editing process and is capable of handling large projects containing thousands of single audio events.

Processing of audio files

When time plays a crucial role, such as in newsroom productions, any unnecessary step in the workflow process needs to be avoided. The new Direct Offline processing in Nuendo dramatically speeds up the refinement of audio assets, allowing you to apply your most often used processes and VST plug-ins as a chain for one or multiple selected clips. Auto Apply lets you use offline processing with the feel of real-time effects, but without the CPU load, keeping your MixConsole clean for the mixing stage. You can copy your process chain to other clips or save it as a preset to use it in other projects. The list of processes is always available for each clip, allowing for later non-destructive changes. Any change will be applied to all selected clips.

Renaming tools

A correct naming scheme for your audio assets is very important when handling a large amount of audio files. By importing a .csv file with all the relevant data, Nuendo’s renaming tool releases you from the wearying task of renaming all events by doing the job done automatically

Loudness measurement – realtime and offline

One of the most important tasks in creating and delivering broadcast-compliant material is to deliver assets which conform to loudness standards, such as EBU R128. Nuendo comes with a fully integrated loudness meter, capable of measuring integrated, momentary and short-term loudness, which are shown by graphical values. This enables you to keep track of the loudness of your audio material — be it a ten-second advertising spot or a one-hour TV series — and deliver in EBU-compliant formats. The Loudness Range display keeps you updated about the overall dynamic of the signal and, if the material is getting too loud, the peak warning algorithm keeps you informed.

While common loudness tools only show specific values in real-time, Nuendo writes a loudness curve on a separate track, based on short-term loudness and while indicating true peaks. This dramatically speeds up the process of judging if the mix is EBU-compliant. Loud and quiet scenes can now be mixed with unmatched precision, allowing you to achieve a greater sense of balance in your mixes.

Loudness processing

The automatic loudness processing feature lets you optimize loudness quickly and efficiently by exporting audio files at user-defined loudness levels. This helpful feature caters not only for industry-standard EBU values (-23 LUFS), but any user-defined loudness level. True peak values for rendered audio are also user-definable. Because all settings have been conveniently integrated into the Export Settings dialog box, they are also available for more complex rendering tasks – for example, in conjunction with cycle markers or with batch export functions. And, of course, optional peak level limitation is also available.

Exporting assets to network

Nuendo also provides a comprehensive, yet efficient, set of audio export features. The Channel Batch Export function allows you to simply render audio files from all channels or freely selected groups of a project in one go – for example, overnight.

A newsroom editor can even export spotted scenes of a project via the Export Audio Mixdown menu. Of course, Channel Batch Export is able to automatically export scenes, regions and even snippets of sound effects or pieces of music in one go.

All exported files can be fed to a network server and can be saved as one new project, just containing the exported files.

Nuendo SyncStation synchronizer

With the Nuendo SyncStation, you can connect and synchronize external audio and video systems and devices with Nuendo, while controlling (almost) all Syncstation functions directly from within it. Be it for radio or TV broadcast, Nuendo SyncStation is the right choice as soon as your production chain needs it be in perfect sync!


Well prepared for your future in audio

A growing number of game studios and TV/film post-production facilities as well as broadcasters rely on Nuendo in their daily business. Among them are companies like Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Microsoft, RTL, Europasound, NC Soft and NHK, all of which benefit from Nuendo’s unparalleled feature set and the industry’s most attractive pricing. Nuendo is more than just a software application — it is the centerpiece of a complete studio solution that comprises the Yamaha Nuage DAW controller, interfaces, synchronizers, and other peripherals.

Nuendo Educator version for education facilities

Offer students a true career prospect by creating audio courses that are related to picture work. Be it games, television, film, broadcast or immersive content, the growing demand for students in these billion-dollar industries makes any audio course focused on them more attractive.

Equipping your facility with Nuendo may be a first or you might consider expanding your existing course offer to include it. Either way, if you would like to benefit from Nuendo Educator, we are here to turn your plans into reality. Not only do we offer train-the-trainer support, help with education material and promotion of your new Nuendo course, your facility could become an official Steinberg Training Center, gaining from even more services and a stronger presence in the media industry. And with the Nuendo Student version, we offer your students a cost-effective solution to continue their work with Nuendo at home.

Nuendo Student version for enrolled students

Are you currently enrolled in an audio or media course? if so, you are eligible for a Nuendo Student version at a very special price. Being the technology leader in audio post-production, Nuendo includes unique features that will help you work with game middleware, mix for TV shows, compose and design sound for film projects or record dialog (ADR) for foreign language dubbing. Choose Nuendo to harness unrivaled game audio, TV, film, broadcast and virtual reality audio-authoring workflows that are sure to leave an impression on future employers. Stay one step ahead of the competition by working faster, more efficiently and by demonstrating a high degree of professionalism. This, in turn, prepares you well for the audio job you aspire to — at international game companies, post-production houses, broadcasters or as a successful freelance.

Nuendo Educator 365 days (time-limited license)

This new product comprises a one-year time limited license, perfect for institutions that need to equip a large number of workstations for educational purposes without a significant upfront investment, thanks to a lower annual renewal fee. As its name states, this license is limited to 365 days and requires a yearly renewal. All Nuendo program updates – including usually paid versions – are included in the renewal fee and, if a new version of Nuendo is released while the license is valid, you only need to update your eLicenser Control Center (eLC). In this way, the license on the USB eLicenser key will gain extended permission to run the newest available version of Nuendo. You can then download and install the latest release and start enjoying the new functionality right away.

Teachers, tutors and educational institutions need to be eligible for this product.

Operating System

Mac: OS X 10.11 / macOS 10.12 / macOS 10.13

Windows: 64-Bit Windows 7 / 8.x / 10

Minimum System Requirements

  • 64-bit Intel or AMD multi-core processor (Intel i5 or faster recommended)
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 20 GB free HD space
  • 1366 x 768 display resolution (1920 x 1080 recommended)
  • Graphics card with Open GL 2.0, DirectX 10 and WDDM 1.1 support
  • (Windows only)
  • USB port for USB-eLicenser (license management)
  • DVD-ROM dual-layer drive
  • OS-compatible audio hardware*
  • Internet connection required for activation, account setup and personal / product registration. Additional downloads may be required for the installation.

Note: This software version does not support 32-bit plug-ins.
*ASIO compatible audio hardware recommended for low-latency performance

What’s new in v10.2?

Nuendo 10.2 introduces Video Export, which allows you to render a video file including audio. The current implementation is limited to MP4 files with H.264 video compression and stereo audio in 44,1 or 48 kHz/16 bit with AAC audio compression.

See the full release notes

What’s new in v10.1?

ARA 2 support

Nuendo 10.1 introduces support for the ARA 2 protocol. This feature can be found under the Extensions heading. There are three ways to apply ARA-capable Extensions to an audio event:

  • Audio Menu > Extensions > Choose Extensions (e.g. Melodyne)
  • Context Menu on Audio Events > Extensions > Choose Extensions
  • Info Line in project window for selected Audio Events > Extensions > There you can either select an Extension, or you can read which Extension is already active for the selected event.

The Extension item only appears if ARA-enabled extensions have been found by Nuendo. If there is nothing on the system, you won’t be able to see it on the menu.

Cue Sheet export

This new feature enables to extract Information or data from a project and save it as text, mainly in form of a table or sheet, thus create a report for an accounting of all music pieces, or of all VO clips of a narrator, used in the project.

Split channels

This new functionality serves to split interleaved multichannel audio files into mono files – both on referenced clips in the project and single files in the Pool.

Issues & Improvements

Audio Alignment

Audio Alignment now supports phase inverse to avoid phasing issues when automatically aligning the signal of two different sources.

  • When applying Audio Alignment with the Option Prefer Time Shifting, inversed phase of the target is detected and corrected automatically. Phase inverse is applied as a real-time process.
  • The Phase Inverse real-time process can also be applied manually by setting the parameter in the Info Line

To see the full list of bug fixes, go here.

What’s new in v8.3?


Virtual Reality

  • Nuendo 8.3 introduces new built-in tools for the audio authoring of 360° videos.
  • The VST MultiPanner includes a new mode that supportsAmbisonics channels.
  • The Control Room offers an integrated plug-in (AmbiDecoder) to decode the Ambisonics mix, either to a binaural signal (headphones) or to an immersive speaker setup.

High precision recording and export

  • Nuendo 8.3 can now export audio files with a 64-bit float and 32-bit integer bit depth.
  • It is now possible to record audio files with a 32-bit integer bit depth.


  • There is a new key command to shuffle results in MediaBay.

Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD
The new version of the Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD is required to import and playback Avid DNxHD videos in Nuendo 8.3.0. The download is available for registered users at www.steinberg.net/mysteinberg.

Issues resolved


  • Pan automation now works as expected in Virgin Territory.
  • VCA slave channels no longer compensate automation outside of the desired range.
  • Automation now outputs sound correctly while adjusting Trim level.

Direct Offline Processing

  • The DOP process list is now restored correctly when importing a Track Archive.
  • Processes referring to unavailble plug-ins are no longer recalculatedaccidentally.
  • Edit files are no longer missing when exporting a Track Archive where Izotope RX Connect has been used.
  • Using Pitch Shift as a DOP no longer corrupts the project file.

Export Audio Mixdown

  • The Cycle Markers list in Export Audio Mixdown window is no longer looks greyed out.
  • Export ing an audio mixdown with “L/R channels only” activated no longer renders the application unreliable.


  • It is now possible to add any hard disk as a Favorite.
  • The MediaBay window can now be recalled with Workspaces.
  • The MediaBay now displays BWF metadata correctly.


  • Time linear count-in now works correctly in Cycle mode.
  • Store Pattern in Click Pattern Editor now works correctly.


  • Drum maps are no longer assigned to undesired tracks.
  • Playing back an independent track loop no longer causes an offset on the cursor position.
  • MIDI ports lists are now updated as expected after freezing and disabling VST Instruments.


  • Custom FX Chain Presets can now be loaded as expected.
  • GUI responsiveness when operating the Stereo Panner in Mixconsole has been improved.
  • The Mixconsole History is now updated as expected after undoing/redoing certain commands.
  • Fix for certain plug-ins becoming non-functional after toggling Bypass status.


  • Loading projects containing custom 96kHz impulse response files no longer render the application unreliable.


  • Rests in polyphonic voices are now scaled correctly.


  • Copying and pasting audio events and markers at the same time no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Connecting Ableton Live 10 via ReWire no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Resizing user interface elements no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Importing Track Archives with referenced video files no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Toggling between projects containing video no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Toggling between Nuendo and other applications no longer renders the application unresponsive


  • A privacy warning on mac OS 10.14 no longer appears when connecting Propellerheads via ReWire.

User Interface

  • Project settings are now applied correctly after changing multiple parameters at once.
  • The Control Room Overview now works as expected.
  • Text entries in the Nuendo ADR settings window are now better readable.
  • Hardware Rack in MixConsole now works correctly with Steinberg MR series.

What’s new in  v8.2.1?

Issues Resolved:

Avid Consoles:

  • Surround channel meters now work as expected on Avid System 5 and S6 consoles.
  • Avid Consoles now support all 16 insert-slots.

Direct Offline Processing: Clicking the Direct Offline Processing toolbar button several times no longer renders the application unreliable.


  • Warning message no longer appears when dragging clips into the Pool’s trash can.
  • A dialog box now asks if recorded audio should be deleted when quitting an unsaved project.
  • Importing a FLAC audio file no longer renders the application unreliable.
  • Files no longer appear to be missing when loading projects created with Nuendo 8.1.

Metronome: Metronome factory sounds are now installed correctly (macOS X only).

Presets: Factory FX Chain Presets are now available.

VST Instruments: The FLUX wavetable synthesizer library for HALion Sonic SE 3 now works as expected.

Steinberg Nuendo: How to Import Data and Prepare Your Project #gettingstarted

Importing data into Steinberg Nuendo is straightforward and reliable.  Watch this short tutorial to learn how.