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StrokeStyler instantly fetches a stroke’s dashes, taper or wave settings for you, allowing you to easily edit them directly in the panel.

Twirling down endless groups in your shape layers to find and set a stroke’s dashes, taper or wave settings takes forever. StrokeStyler instantly fetches these settings for you, allowing you to easily edit them directly in the panel.

StrokeStyler also brings the much-loved ‘Align Dashes to Corners’ functionality to After Effects.


How does it work?

Select your stroke and move your mouse over the panel.  As soon as you do, StrokeStyler fetches the sashes, taper, and wave settings and displays them in the panel.  Then, edit the fields and everything is updated live in your comp.   It’s so simple and fast, it feels like it’s a built-in part of After Effects.

KeyFrame Detection

StrokeStyler will detect if any dash, taper, or wave property has keyframes or an expression applied to it and let you know with the familiar icons above the fields.  Clicking the keyframe icon will immediately add a keyframe at the current time, so you don’t waste time endlessly twirling down the properties.


Aligns Dashes to Corners

Aligning dashes to the corners and ends of paths in Illustrator is easy, but impossible in After Effects, until now.  StrokeStyler lets you do just that – align dashes to corners on rectangles, polygons, and even custom paths.

Default Settings

Styling a ton of strokes at once? You can set defaults for the dashes, tape, and wave settings and add them to a stroke in one click.

strokestyler defualt settings


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