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Stupid Raisins Grid Pop for FCPX

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Stupid Raisins Grid Pop for FCPX


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Quickly layout anything in Final Cut Pro.

Grid Pop is a fast way to layout, align and distribute anything in Final Cut Pro X.



Quickly and easily align anything in FCPX!

Grid Pop is a fast way to layout, align and distribute anything in Final Cut Pro X. Have you ever tried to layout several elements in Final Cat Pro X? It takes forever and is nearly impossible to get right.

I’m gonna let the cat out of the bag. Final Cat Pro doesn’t have the tools to arrange, align or distribute clips. Right now, you have to do it by hand and getting it just right is frustrating!

All that hassle will make you as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs!

Don’t have a hissy fit. There’s a better way!

Easy to use arranging tools

Grid Pop is a Final Cut Pro X plugin that makes it easy to line up, evenly distribute and arrange anything! Grid Pop comes with 56 awesome effects and 6 generators designed to save you time and make you more professional. You can use Grid Pop with anything. It works with video, pictures, graphics, logos and titles!

Grid Pop will turn a furry mess into an organized layout in just a few moments!

Drag & drop effects are fast!

Use the drag and drop effects to quickly evenly layout and arrange elements.

Generators are great for tons of elements

Use the generators to create custom layout patterns. Then quickly move your elements to the intersections for even alignment and distribution.

This product requires Noise Industries FxFactory to run (Free Download).

Please refer to the FxFactory page for updated system requirements.  FXFactory Pro is a paid version with the same system requirements as the free version.

Please Note: This product works exclusively in Final Cut Pro.


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