1.14 Swiss Knife for After Effects


Swiss Knife for After Effects
Swiss Knife for After Effects

Swiss Knife is a group of 20 tools that can be combined in thousands of variations.

Swiss Knife

Swiss Knife it is one tool and unlimited possibilities

Play with 4 groups including parallaxer, interactor, placeholder and support.

Use it for any kind of projects, character animation, video editing, templates, UI/UX animation


The main purpose of this group of tools is to allow you make parallax animation as easier, as possible.

  • Parallax 2D will make fake parallax effect with 2D layers, if you don’t want to go to 3D.
  • Parallax 3D makes true 3D distribution between Near and Far Distances, which you can type manually.
  • Extruder main feature is that you can make extrude from placeholders.
  • Stack is a huge option, which allows you to make linear stacks in 2D or 3D space.


Interactions is very helpful to make interdependent animations.

  • Dependence is a wonderful tool which allows you to put any animation in dependence of any other property.
  • Interactor put your animation in dependence of positions between last selected layer and others.
  • Animarker allows you to put your animation in dependence of markers.
  • Offset animates all parameters on the same value, but with time delay.
  • Revolver take rotation of the objects and links to the main object

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Allows you to optimize, probably, your every day’s routine.

  • Placeholder allows you to use shape layers or picture layers as placeholders to any stack of footages.
  • Piner put your image in dependence of selected path vertices
  • Switcher puts all selected layers to precompose, crop precompose to biggest layer in it and turns on Time Remap.
  • Alpha Matte clones very top selected layer as Alpha Matte to all others.
  • Slideshow allows you to make simpliest slideshow in precompose.


Support functions is a suit of different functions witch helps you with your projects.

  • Reorder will reverse your order. By Click there is simple reverse of order of selected layers.
  • Bake will bakes your expressions to keys and optimize them as possible.
  • Tangents is simple tool to make position moves with proper arcs.
  • Resize is a wonderful tool. It will help you to make all selected layers (or items) the same size.
  • Slice is beautiful. It’s slices the layer on the pieces, it has it’s own menu, just click on it and you will see.
  • Swap is very interesting and variable tool. It changing source off selected layers with just click.

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