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v2.6.x Syncaila

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Syncaila is a professional tool for video editors, which performs fully automatic synchronization of video and audio footage from multiple cameras and recorders. No timecode needed.

Save your time and energy on creative tasks

The purpose of Syncaila is to free an editor from manual synchronization when dealing with multiple takes from multiple cameras and recorders. It saves a lot of time and effort for maximum concentration on creative editing tasks.

3 Simple Steps

  • Open – Export XML from your editing program and import it into Syncaila
  • Sync – Click the Synchronization button in Syncaila
  • Save – Export XML from Syncaila and import it back into your editing program

The most advanced level of synchronization


  • Human logic simulation – Unique algorithms that simulate human logic and the working process of the video editor
  • Attention to chronology – Maximum accuracy in the clip order of the synchronized project. Four chronology types from which to choose.
  • Great for big projects – Processing of multi-hour footage from multiple cameras and recorders of various models and formats
  • Unsynchronized clips placement – Even media files that do not have an audio track will be placed with a very small inaccuracy – less than a second!


  • Fast processing – The highest synchronization speed in the world
  • Speed-Quality Shifter – Seven modes of operation and the choice to prioritize quality or speed
  • Accelerated re-sync – Accelerated processing of sequences with the same footage. Almost instant re-synchronization!
  • Resource saving – Optimal consumption of computer resources. Light install package. Very light cache files in one place


Syncaila presents a user-friendly, streamlined and informative interface specially designed for synchronization purposes.

syncaila ui


  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro
  • DaVinci Resolve
  • Magix Vegas Pro (With conditions)
  • Edius (With limitations)


A tool for me. A tool for you.

Dear Filmmaker! After getting a degree in IT, I had been working for 10 years in video production, so I know all the nuances of the work of the videographer and video editor. Faced with the problem of synchronizing multi-camera shoots, when existing tools could not cope with the needs of my project, I wanted to get rid of the arduous and tiresome task of syncing manually, so I developed Syncaila. Powerful enough to synchronize multiple-hour-long edits with many different sources and cameras, while providing a speed which is unparalleled, Syncaila frees you from the challenges of manual synchronization and saves your time and energy so you can focus more on a pleasant creative process!
– Alex Coolicove, lead Syncaila developer

Generous Licensing


Syncaila has a trial period of 20 days with no limitations on the functions and capacity of synchronization as if full registered version.

20 CLIPS on two tracks
Synchronization of up to 20 clips on 2 tracks is free forever!

A permanent license with a one-time payment. No subscription.

Unlimited upgrade to the latest version of Syncaila. All subsequent versions without additional fees.

2 in 1
One license key is suitable for both macOS and Windows.

Even a single-user license key allows use one key on up to 3 computers (non-simultaneous use).



What does the “number of tracks” means in the license description?

If you do not need to sync very large multi-camera projects, you can save money with a smaller license, sufficient for your tasks.  A track means a complete audio track (including all channels) + a video track from the same source.  For example, a license for 3 tracks is suitable for a 3 camera project, or 2 cameras + recording from an audio recorder, or 1 camera + 2 simultaneous recordings from an audio recorder.

Can I use a single-user license on my laptop and computer?

A single license is intended for individual use. It allows the use of Syncaila on 1 (primary) + 2 (additional) computers if non-simultaneous use.
A multi-user license is intended for use by a group of users. It allows the use of Syncaila on N (primary) + N (additional) computers. Running the program on additional computers simultaneously with the primary ones is not permitted.

To avoid license restrictions, it is not recommended to install and run Syncaila on additional computers without the need.

How to upgrade a license?

If you have already purchased a license key and want to make the upgrade to increase the number of tracks, you need to send the key to (from the email address that was specified when buying the key).  Write about the intention to make the upgrade.  In response, we will send you the payment instructions.  The cost of the upgrade will be the difference between the current prices of your current license and the license you wish to upgrade to.  After completing the payment, we will send you a new license key.

Is there a discount when purchasing a multi-user license?

Yes, at the moment there is the discount when buying a full or ultimate license for several users.  For 2-4 users: 10%. 5-9: 15%. 10-19: 20%. 20-29: 25%. 30+: 30%.  The discount will be automatically calculated upon purchase.  Discount does not apply when buying a limited license.

Please note that the multi-user license is intended for a company.  The license key is given one common for a company.  If you are going to unite for a more economical purchase of licenses, then you lose some important advantages of a single-user license, that is:

  1. Additional Computers: A single-user license allows the non-simultaneous use of Syncaila on 2 additional computers. A multi-user license adds N additional computers where N = the number of users.
  2. No Risk: If someone from the multi-user license violates the terms of the license agreement, (in the main, this can be distribution of the key), the key will be blacklisted, then other users will not be able to use the software.

View User Manual

WINDOWS 64-bit: 7, 8, 10
MacOS: 10.13 (High Sierra) and above (may work on earlier versions)

Editing software compatibility

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Final Cut Pro X, Final Cut Pro 7
  • DaVinci Resolve

With conditions:

  • Vegas Pro
  • Edius (Import Only)

Currently, Final Cut Pro 7 XML (*.xml) and Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml) formats are supported. In theory, Syncaila can work with all editing software supporting import/export to this format. In practice, there may be some specifics of a particular editing program. We will announce compatibility with other editing programs once we finish testing. Since there are many editing programs and they are frequently updated, compatibility issues are sometimes possible.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Syncaila provides correct interaction with Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.0, CS 5.5, CC 2014 and higher

We recommend: Adobe Premiere Pro СС 2014 and higher

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 6.0 and CC 7.0 incorrectly interpret audio channels when importing and exporting XML, and are not recommended for Syncaila.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS 5.0 and CS 5.5 split stereo tracks into mono tracks while importing and exporting XML. This creates a cumbersome sequence.

Final Cut Pro X

Final Cut Pro X and Syncaila interact by exporting/importing to Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml).

Final Cut Pro 7

Final Cut Pro 7 and Syncaila interact by exporting/importing to Final Cut Pro 7 XML (*.xml). Tested with the last version of Final Cut Pro 7.

DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve and Syncaila can work together by exporting/importing to Final Cut Pro 7 XML (*.xml) or Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml). Use the Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml) format to avoid the problem of converting stereo to mono after importing XML to DaVinci Resolve.

Vegas Pro

From version 12 and higher.

Vegas supports both Final Cut Pro 7 XML (*.xml) and Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml) formats, but with some limitations.

Vegas Pro 12-15 writes the file names instead of absolute file paths to XML, so Syncaila cannot detect all media files locations. Starting with Vegas Pro 16, this issue is addressed, but there is a new issue when exporting to Final Cut Pro 7 XML (*.xml) if a project has files with the same name.

If you use Vegas Pro 12-15, uncheck the Include Media option during the export to XML. Vegas will export the XML file only. You can fix all file paths in Syncaila.

We recommend using Vegas Pro 16 and higher with Syncaila 1.3.3 and above, import and export to Final Cut Pro X XML (* .fcpxml), and uncheck the Include Media option. Thus, you will not need to wait for the media files to be copied or the invalid file paths to be fixed.

Vegas splits stereo tracks to mono tracks when importing Final Cut Pro 7 XML, and unlinks audio and video when importing Final Cut Pro X XML (*.fcpxml).



Edius does not support the export to Final Cut Pro XML.

So, if you want to import a sequence to Syncaila, you need to use another editing software that supports the export to Final Cut Pro 7 XML.

Edius splits stereo tracks to mono tracks when importing XML.



February 09, 2023

  • fixed missing audio track for multi-streamed clips after synchronization in FCP XML X format
  • fixed missing audio in some cases for clips with zero timecode
  • fixed crash when loading XML X from Vegas
  • fixed unstable sync quality in some cases
  • fixed premature deletion of program logs


January 11, 2023

  • fixed bugs of version 2.6
  • potential crashes when checking files
  • incorrect detection of some clips as duplicates and related problems
  • import errors after syncing audio files that contain an image
  • issue with overlapping of synchronised groups of clips in the order as in XML
  • potential crashes when fixing file paths
  • implemented removal of duplicate media files during XML import
  • including workaround of Resolve bug – duplicate files on multi-channel clips
  • improved reading of media formats in FCP XML X
  • improved positioning of synchronised groups of clips relative to each other
  • fixed an issue causing files to disappear or duplicate clips in Resolve
  • fixed rare problem with AAC format reading


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