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Telestream Wirecast Studio - featured

Live streaming video production software for Mac or PC

All-in-one live video streaming software that enables unlimited capture, live production, and encoding of HD and SD sources for live streams broadcast to multiple servers and platforms simultaneously. Streams to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and more. Includes a FREE copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Express (a $149 value).


Turn your computer into a television studio with Telestream’s Wirecast® software. Wirecast is the easiest way to produce and stream professional quality video with titles and graphics to Facebook Live, Youtube Live, Twitter, and more. Don’t edit later, make your streams look amazing now and tell your story. Live.

Stream live? Wirecast has you covered.


Live stream graduations, award ceremonies, student news and sports, guest lectures, and classroom lessons to your community. Wirecast is used at every level of education.

Houses of Worship

Engage and expand your remote congregation with live streams of your services and events. Reach out and touch more people.

Live Event Production

Live stream conferences, concerts, interviews and more. Wirecast provides everything you need to stream professional live events.


Capture the action! Use Wirecast’s professional features like clocks, scoreboards and instant Replay to bring your audience to the game.

Television, Radio & News Broadcasters

Stream your programming to OTT and social platforms or augment your premium content with second-screen live and interactive offerings.

Digital Marketing & Social Media

Wirecast is the perfect live video marketing tool. Engage real-time with customers, fans and prospects using Wirecast’s native integrations with Facebook Live, Twitter, Periscope, YouTube and more.


Professional live broadcasting features

Easy to Use - Mix and swap video and audio shots with the click of a mouse. Move, drag, and resize sources and stack them in any order so you can get the look you want.

Unlimited Destinations - Stream to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or ANY RTMP destination. Stream to more than one at a time.

Stream & Record - Stream and record at the same time. Great for archiving or off-line editing, record MP4 or MOV files to any drive.

Unlimited Video Sources - Cameras, microphones, webcams, IP cams, capture cards, and more. See a full list of supported capture devices.

Conferencing & Remote Production - Rendezvous peer-to-peer conferencing comes built-in to Wirecast. Send guests a link to join your live broadcast.

Beautiful Graphics & Animated Titles - Over 100 built-in graphics and titles. NewBlueFX Titler Live, free with Wirecast, is the best way to display animated graphics and titles with Wirecast.

Social Media Comments - Built in Twitter comment curation and display. Display Facebook comments in animated titles using NewBlueFX Titler Live Express or NewBlueFX Titler Live Social.

Replay, Scoreboards, Clocks & Timers - Great for sports producers. Wirecast has professional features let your live viewers follow the action in the moment, and never miss an important play.

Professional Audio - Multi-channel audio ingest, support for ASIO, WASAPI and CoreAudio compatible devices. Mix up to 8 independent audio tracks, and add FX and processing.

Free Wireless Camera App - Use Wirecast Go (iOS only) to bring in live mobile video from any wifi or LTE (cellular) connection.

Desktop, NDI & Web Capture - Capture a variety of IP sources or anything on your computer screen or other computers. Automatically detect NDI and Syphon sources. Built-in web-browser can display live web pages.

Local Program Output - Output your Wirecast program mix to external monitors, multiviewers, over NDI, our via baseband SDI or HDMI through a connected capture card. Use Virtual camera to output to other software applications.



New in Version 8.1

Vimeo Live
Vimeo Live is a new destination in Wirecast! Just login with your username and password in Wirecast to manage your events and keep track of your monthly streaming quota.

Copy & Paste Sources
You asked for it, now you’ve got it. Easily copy and paste shots and layers to other shots or even other Wirecast projects with the Edit menu. This saves time and allows you to move or duplicate important sources much faster.

New in Version 8

Wirecast Rendezvous
Bring in up to 7 live guests into your broadcasts with Rendezvous, Wirecast’s built-in peer-to-peer conferencing, screen-sharing and remote contribution solution. Integration with Wirecast Go iOS app, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Facebook Live Comments
Use the included Titler Live Express (free with Wirecast 8) to curate and display Facebook comments and posts directly on screen in beautiful, custom-animated templates.

Multi-track Audio Mixing (Pro)
Record or output up to 8 separate audio tracks (mixes) per broadcast. Perfect for multi-language streaming or isolating audio tracks for post production.

NewBlueFX Titler Live 3
Wirecast ships with the latest version of NewBlueFX’s award winning live graphics and titling program. Create beautful 3D animated titles and graphics, and choose from hundreds of templates or build your own. Comes in 4 different versions: Present, Sport, Social and Complete. Find out more.

Multi Viewer
Preview any source or camera angle on any connected display. Customize your layouts so you can see all your content at a glance.

Multi-channel Audio Ingest
Now you can bring in up to 16 channels of audio per source. Avoid unnecessary upstream mixing and get the sound you want in Wirecast. Support for ASIO and WASAPI compatible devices added.

Clocks & Timers
Add the time and date to any broadcast or create customer clocks, timers and stopwatches you can control with the click of a mouse.

Easier to Use
The best just got better. New wireframes for your sources allow you to resize, rotate and crop directly inside the Preview Editor. Z-rotation has landed!

Better Performance
Like a well-oiled machine. Brand new render engine, better color space conversion, and increased encoding performance and resource management mean better results while using fewer resources.

Wirecast Go 2.0
Using our new and improved free* iOS app, you can stream to any Wirecast system from any location using your LTE or wifi connection with Rendezvous. Perfect for live remote production and contribution.
*in-app purchases

New Transitions
Wirecast 8 brings a wealth of new transition animations, including a complete overhaul to the “smooth” transition. Bring your shots on screen in style.

Dropshadow & Reflection
Add beautiful, customizable reflections and dropshadows to any source. Works with chroma keyed and live sources, so it only applies the effect on the correct part of the image.


Wirecast Comparison Chart

Capturing Wirecast Studio Wirecast Pro
Support for multiple cameras and inputs (USB, SDI, HDMI) No Limit No Limit
Wirecast Rendezvous: remote guests and production 2 guests 7 guests
NDI™ (Mac/PC) and Syphon (Mac only screen capture alternative) sources
Web page display and capture
Multi-channel audio ingest
Add additional media: audio, video, graphics
Screen capture
Integration with capture cards from Blackmagic, Magewell, Matrox, AJA, Epiphan
WiFi iOS sources with Wirecast Go
ASIO support
IP cameras and web stream input (RTMP, MMS, HTTP, and RTSP)  
Teradek steamreader plug-in (cube 100/150/200/250, Clip, Sputnik)  
Up to 250 layers
23 beautiful transitions
Text and titles (lower thirds)
Advanced audio mixer, multi-channel ingest
Audio & video sync
Social media comments, curation, and display
Live viewer counts (Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and Hitbox)
Playlists and image carousels
Clocks, timers, and stopwatches
Scoreboards with Titler Live Sport
8-track audio mixing, Pro Audio FX  
Animated graphics and titles, Facebook comments, with NewBlueFX Titler Live

Titler Live Express
FREE with
Wirecast purchase

Titler Live Present
$449 FREE with
Wirecast purchase
Instant Replay  
Virtual Sets   3 sets included
Optional Add-on Pack of six 3DVirtual Sets from Virtualsetworks ($329)   purchased separately
Output & Streaming
GPU-accelerated encoding (requires Intel or Nvidia GPU)
RTMP, RTP multi + unicast
Built-in destinations: Periscope/Twitter, Brightcove, Facebook, YouTube, DaCast, Akamai, Wowza, Microsoft Azure, and more…
Record to disk (MP4, MOV)

24/7 ambient Facebook streaming

Sponsored Facebook Live content
Multi-viewer output
Virtual Camera and Microphone output
Monitor output data and statistics 1-4-slot 1-17-slot
ISO Record individual sources  
Program feed output (AJA and Blackmagic cards)  
NDI™ output  
Multi-track audio files  
Standard Support ($99/year)*
Includes FREE software upgrades and support through Email, Knowledge Base, Telestream Community Forum.
See our support page for more resources.
✓* ✓*
Premium Support ($299/year)
Includes all features of Standard Support and adds Priority Response, Telephone Support, Remote Access Services
Purchased Separately Purchased Separately

*1st year Standard Support included in the purchase of Wirecast Studio and Wirecast Pro.



What's new in Wirecast 8.1

NEW Features

  • Vimeo LIVE destination
  • Added the ability to duplicate Shot Layers via Copy and Paste within an existing Shot or as a new Shot
  • Added the ability to snap Shot Layers to the edges and center lines of other Shot Layers
  • Support for 1080p streaming to Facebook Live
  • Facebook Live accounts who have been given “Can Post” permissions on another account can now stream to the primary account’s Events and Groups
  • Support for Adobe Photoshop PSD image files
  • Added the ability to manually refresh Shot icons by right-click → Refresh Shot Icon
  • Now able to map Clear Layer shots to a Keyboard Shortcut for Transitioning

Improvements & Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could cause video to stop encoding properly while live streaming
  • Fixed an issue where Rendezvous host could lose audio input afer a peer joined their session
  • Fixed an issue where creating Replay Shots could cause the video in Preview/Live to stutter briefly
  • Fixed a bug that could cause Record to Disk outputs to go out of sync while streaming at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the color picker could stop working properly in the Widget sources
  • Fixed random crashes when using WebStream IP camera sources
  • Fixed a random crash that could occur when outputting via NDI
  • Fixed Replay recordings not scaling to fit canvas automatically when creating a new Replay Shot
  • Fixed channel selection not working properly in the Audio Mixer
  • Fixed inability to use Monitor Capture across two separate video adapters
  • Fixed an issue where setting Canvas Size to 720x480 would result in bad video encoding
  • Fixed a bug where Playlists would always transition their sources using Smooth when the Playlist was on the first Master Layer
  • Fixed bad audio when playing back HE-AAC audio files
  • Fixed a bug causing live media file playback to restart when stopping stream outputs
  • Fixed a bug that caused bad QuickSync outputs when used in conjunction with other encoders
  • Fixed long startup times when launching Wirecast without an internet connection
  • Fixed Virtual Microphone not being uninstalled when upgrading Wirecast from an older version to a newer version

What's new in Wirecast 8

NEW Features

NEW - Wirecast Rendezvous | Multi-site production with remote guests

  • Easily bring in remote guests without additional hardware or software for the guest
  • Send them a link and they can join on a smart device or Chrome/Firefox browser
  • Add up to 2 guests in Studio, 7 guests in PRO (Note: Subject to available bandwidth)
  • Screen share and Tally lights
  • Companion iOS app (Wirecast Go) for mobile guests

NEW - Completely NEW rendering engine

  • Huge performance increases
  • (WIN) Upgrade to Direct 3D 11
  • Added Z-rotation
  • Resize, rotate, and crop handles directly in the Preview Window.
  • Asset Snap-to-grid, Guidelines, and Centering.
  • Add Reflection and/or Drop Shadow to any source.

NEW - Multi-Viewer Output System

  • Support for up to 17 slot multi-viewer output (up to 4 in Studio) to any attached display.
  • Send different configurations (1x, 2x, 4x, 10x, 17x) to different monitors.

NEW - Multi-Channel Audio Ingest

  • Support for up to 16 channels of input via each connected professional audio interface, each NDI source, and/or each capture card input with embedded audio.

NEW - Multi-Track Audio Support (Pro only) – up to 8 tracks

  • Multi-language streaming.
  • Multi-language recordings.
  • Isolate audio sources for post-production.
  • Behind-the-scenes or other commentary track support.

NEW - Major encoding engine upgrade

  • Substantially less system resource usage for most content when encoding with x264.
  • Higher quality x264 encoding.
  • Tighter bit rate variations when utilizing CBR (constant bit rate).

NEW - Automatic color space matrix with options for override

  • No more washed out looking sources, Wirecast will auto detect the color space and apply any appropriate conversions to maintain color quality throughout the entire workflow.

NEW - NewBlueFX Titler Live 3 - Complete titling suite with social media titling templates, sports templates, and much more.


  • Free live Facebook comments with Titler Live 3:
    • Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio purchase
    • Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro purchase
  • Curate and push live comments from any web browser on your network.
  • Animate comments as they fly in or out.
  • Upgrade to Social or Complete to add Youtube and Twitter.
  • Updated, expanded, and improved Titler Live modules.


  • Express – Free with Wirecast 8 Studio – Includes templates for many common titling needs. Does not include Title Designer.
  • Sport – Sports titles and graphics, scoreboards, integration with Sportzcast live scoreboard data sources.
  • Social – Display social messages through high-end, animated designs from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. Even poll your audience in real-time, displaying results graphically.
  • Present – Free with Wirecast 8 Pro – Everything you need to title and produce live shows, events, conferences, church streams, etc.
  • Complete – All the above for a complete titling solution for any event.

NEW - NEW Transitions

  • 23 included live transitions.
  • NEW ‘Smooth’ transition features allow curve types and animation effects like ‘spring’.

NEW - (WIN) Implement WASAPI Audio Capture

  • Reduced audio latency and increased channel support compared to Direct Sound.
  • Support for NEWer WASAPI only multi-channel audio devices.

NEW - (WIN) Implement ASIO Audio Ingestion

  • Support for the industry standard Windows pro audio API.

NEW - (MAC) Added Syphon client support for Mac

  • Improved quality and performance over macOS native functionality when capturing Syphon enabled apps on macOS (Adobe After effects and Character Animator, Many VJ tools, Unity engine, and many more).

NEW - NEW Clock, Timer, and Stopwatch Source

  • World clock, time and date functionality - all completely customizable.
  • Start, stop, and reset with the click of a mouse.

NEW - Add option to override automatic format detection in capture cards

  • Now you can override the automatic detection system and specify the exact setting you need for your workflow.

NEW - De-interlacing hot toggle

  • De-interlacing can now be toggled per source in the moment. No need to restart the app.

NEW - Add support for .WebM files

  • Support for the popular .WebM format when bringing in media files.

NEW - Add support for Sony XAVC-S video format

  • Support for the popular XAVC-S format used in Sony cameras.

NEW - Replay - Option to mute audio during playback

  • Now, you can set your replay files to include audio, without having to manually mute each replay clip when used in a live setting with narration. Great for enhancing your post-production workflow.

NEW - Wirecast Go iOS App

  • iOS only, updated and improved
  • Integrates with Rendezvous natively
  • Replaces Wirecast Cam for Lan/Wifi camera use

Improvements & Fixes


    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Logout option to clear security information
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve filtering of the With (Sponsor) field to display better results
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Update hyperlinks in Advanced Options to a graphical icon
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Highlight first entry in search fields by default
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve readability of highlighted text for search fields on Mac
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Improve responsiveness when switching events on Mac in 8.0 builds.
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Add warning dialog to the "Delete Event" button
    IMPROVED - [Facebook] Test for stale URLs (i.e. one that cannot be streamed to) when validating Facebook settings
    IMPROVED - (WIN) Put cursor at the end of the field when using Enter to accepting a search value
    IMPROVED - (WIN) Refactor Virtual Microphone / Camera Installation & Registration
    IMPROVED - Add a "Select All" menu item to allow users to select all sources in Preview
    IMPROVED - Add a link to download Remote Desktop Presenter from the add sources menu if it isn't installed yet
    IMPROVED - Add boxed icon for virtual microphone toggle
    IMPROVED - Add Select All and Unselect All buttons to the "Edit Visible Destinations" window.
    IMPROVED - Add Twitter Source to Plus button in shot inspector
    IMPROVED - Allow simultaneous CPU and GPU buffers during output
    IMPROVED - Asynchronous media file indexing
    IMPROVED - Audio Mixer: Click 'R' to pan to 50R / Click 'L' to pan to 50L
    IMPROVED - Change arrow cursor to hand cursor when hovering over the "Click for help..." links in "Facebook Advanced Options"
    IMPROVED - Delay the "missing sources" prompt a second or two after opening a document
    IMPROVED - Do not include dynamic outputs in the logic that determines the canvas size.
    IMPROVED - Double clicking the vertical split bar between the preview and live panels should toggle between a 75% split and a 50% split
    IMPROVED - Eliminate 3 second wait when adding new video sources
    IMPROVED - Include ”http://" by default in Web Display
    IMPROVED - Increase Default Font Size & Change default color to White
    IMPROVED - Make newly added video sources scale to fit by default.
    IMPROVED - Optimize video format conversions used in ISO recording
    IMPROVED - Organize Add Source Menu
    IMPROVED - Periscope - Change the "Start Broadcast" menu item to "Go Live"
    IMPROVED - Playlists always transitions all layers rather than just the playlist layer.
    IMPROVED - Remove Blank Shot that appears with New Document
    IMPROVED - Remove Camera Preview window
    IMPROVED - Removed Apply button in Capture Card settings as it applies with changes automatically
    IMPROVED - Request: Relabel the document recovery message
    IMPROVED - Request: Replace the "Clear Layer" (Blank Shot) icon
    IMPROVED - Smaller resize range for audio mixer
    IMPROVED - Support for Viewership when streaming to multiple destinations
    IMPROVED - System Audio Capture Should say "Select Audio device: instead of "Audio Settings"
    IMPROVED - Take out the padding around the Preview and Master audio meters
    IMPROVED - Update Twitch Encoding Settings
    IMPROVED - Use the boxed icons from the Mixer in the main UI for Monitor and Mute.
    IMPROVED - Users do not need to restart the app for deinterlacing to work


    FIXED - (HiDPI) Wirecast icon is low resolution
    FIXED - (MAC) (High Sierra) Installer text is hard to read
    FIXED - (MAC) Application becomes inaccessible if a user attempts to "Authorize" to "YouTube" while offline
    FIXED - (MAC) Audio timestamps passed to external display output plugins are broken
    FIXED - (MAC) CEF process separation caused some pages to no longer load correctly
    FIXED - (MAC) Crash with specific URL's in the "Web Display" widget
    FIXED - (MAC) Dragging the main document UI to the minimum size causes Preview and Live to disappear when the shot editor is open
    FIXED - (MAC) OpenGL crash when opening a specific document
    FIXED - (MAC) Record to disk - ProRes Proxy codec records H.264 video
    FIXED - (MAC) Wirecast can crash when selecting a font for title text on Mac
    FIXED - (MAC)Apple H.264 hardware encoder disappears when in use
    FIXED - (Widgets) Black hex color boxes are unreadable in the "New Source Dialog" window for multiple widget sources
    FIXED - (WIN) "Drop Shadow" font style does not match other menu options in the "Preview Inspector"
    FIXED - (WIN) "Record to Disk -Window Media" is cropped off in the "Output Statistics" window
    FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Clicking "Reconnect" button quickly 5 or more times causes Wirecast to hang
    FIXED - (WIN) (NDI) Source doesn't always show up in the capture devices
    FIXED - (WIN) 32-bit Virtual camera DirectShow filter fails to register
    FIXED - (WIN) Authentication error message shows up twice for several destinations
    FIXED - (WIN) Colors do not look right and scaling is off when capturing from YCbCr 4:2:0 video sources
    FIXED - (WIN) Crash after exiting Wirecast while tearing down DirectShow device
    FIXED - (WIN) Cursor does not change to the "pointer" hand when hovering over hyperlinks in Windows
    FIXED - (WIN) Damaged resource notification refers to Mac file type in Windows
    FIXED - (WIN) DINPro font does not work in Text Widget
    FIXED - (WIN) Encoder audio settings should be limited to 192kbps on Windows only
    FIXED - (WIN) External Display Output on Windows will sometimes be very pixelated
    FIXED - (WIN) Incorrect error message is displayed when attempting to record Program Replay to a read-only folder
    FIXED - (WIN) ISO recordings of DirectShow sources do not start until the source is in the canvas (preview or live)
    FIXED - (WIN) Mouse Scroll wheel does not work in Asset Manager
    FIXED - (WIN) Output settings window not populating Taskbar or Windows Peak
    FIXED - (WIN) Preview/Live flickers with GeForce GTX 980M
    FIXED - (WIN) Recordings created in VLC are crashing Wirecast
    FIXED - (WIN) 'Replay+ISO', 'Replay' and 'Twitter' menu items don't have hotkey shortcut letters underlined
    FIXED - (WIN) Scrubbing the scrollbar for the 'Titles' window too fast will cause the application to hang
    FIXED - (WIN) Setting YouTube event to a pre-POSIX start date will crash the application
    FIXED - (WIN) Starting NDI or Blackmagic output with specific settings will cause crash
    FIXED - (WIN) Titles browsing will not depict thumbnails on initial launch of window
    FIXED - (WIN) Verify that AVerMedia Live Gamer HD2 GC570 works with Wirecast
    FIXED - (WIN) Windows video playback and encoded output on GTX960 is stuttering
    FIXED - (WIN) Wirecast installer shows when opening document from explorer
    FIXED - (WIN) YUV sources have washed out colors with NVIDIA GPUs
    FIXED - [Facebook] (WIN) Reduce jerkiness when switching between scheduling states
    FIXED - [Facebook] authentication page has scroll bars on the bottom and side
    FIXED - [Facebook] Progress indicator will not stop if user cancels authentication prematurely
    FIXED - [Facebook] refactor destination
    FIXED - [Facebook] sponsor setting does not recognize verified page properly
    FIXED - [Facebook] Text in the Description Field is a little too far right on Mac
    FIXED - [Facebook] Time box is slightly misaligned compared to the Start Date menu
    FIXED - [Facebook] Title and Description fields inherit strings from deleted events
    FIXED - [Facebook] Unable to Tab from Title field to Description field in Output Settings
    FIXED - [Facebook] Users can bypass the Facebook configuration validation by having another destination
    FIXED - 1080p Anamorphic setting is not 1440x1080
    FIXED - Adding audio filter de-highlights the headphones icon in the audio mixer
    FIXED - Audio bitrate settings that are not valid for the encoder are populating the list
    FIXED - Audio Effects disappear with playlist shot switching
    FIXED - Blackmagic encoder presets causing a crash
    FIXED - Changing encoder resolution with Auto Canvas breaks color controls
    FIXED - Changing the UI to show program results in black bars
    FIXED - Clear Layer can be deleted via Edit menu
    FIXED - Corrupted encoding presets could cause documents to fail to open
    FIXED - Crash in project with many duplicating titles and playlists
    FIXED - Crash when importing an MOV in QuickTime Animation format
    FIXED - Crash when switching between Audio FX and/or slider settings within the same slot
    FIXED - Cropped DP Shot does not hold settings after closing Wirecast
    FIXED - Cropping then moving the image causes resizing
    FIXED - Cursor rapidly switches icons during hover after adding a WebStream device to the Shot Bin
    FIXED - Default window height does not show the auto-populated shot on the 3rd layer
    FIXED - Disable keyboard shortcut for deleting a shot while the shot editor is open
    FIXED - Disconnecting secondary monitor while External Display Output is active does not terminate external viewport
    FIXED - Display persists through the External Display Output after closing document
    FIXED - External Display Obscuring Wirecast on some systems when external display is unplugged
    FIXED - External Display Output only available to the first Wirecast document
    FIXED - Hang when ending stream while still recording
    FIXED - Image shifts slightly whenever the user uses the crop attribute
    FIXED - Image Slideshow source does not convert from OBS converter
    FIXED - Indefinite hang in the GlobalHotkeyMonitor
    FIXED - ISO - Segmented and Replay recordings will drop one frame in between segments
    FIXED - ISO not creating files - Bluefish 444 Epoch 4K Neutron
    FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Channel" is not localized when certain Broadcast Destinations are selected
    FIXED - Localization: Japanese: "Refresh" does not fit within the associated button in the USB Devices window
    FIXED - Localization: Locate missing Asset prompt displays placeholder text
    FIXED - Localization: Matte selections in the Configure Visual Effects tab are not localized
    FIXED - Localization: Multiple strings are not localized in the Desktop Presenter configuration pane
    FIXED - Localization: Select Screen Region text is cut off due to line-wrapping beyond the text box
    FIXED - Localization: Text does not display properly in the USB Devices window
    FIXED - Localization: Text is cut off on the Configure Cropping tab
    FIXED - Localization: The Wirecast Menu is not localized
    FIXED - Long audio interface names in audio mixer are being cut off
    FIXED - Minimize and maximize buttons react on mouse down rather than mouse up
    FIXED - Missing Twitch ingest servers in output settings
    FIXED - Multiple error messages generated for incorrect authentication to custom partner destinations
    FIXED - Pixelated text in lower third
    FIXED - Problems invalidating or updating Playlist Shot UI Tabs after the Playlist Shot is moved to another Master Layer
    FIXED - Record to Disk - MP4 x264 files have an edit list that excludes almost every frame in the first GOP
    FIXED - Remove Hitbox CDN as it no longer exists
    FIXED - Replay mark in displays incorrectly within the UI for ISO Recordings
    FIXED - Replay/ISO menu has two listings for "Configure" and "Configure ISO Outputs"
    FIXED - Same shortcut won't work if assigned to multiple actions
    FIXED - Scoreboard text size is too big
    FIXED - Selecting between options on the Source Properties tab causes Video/Audio to stutter with Blackmagic devices
    FIXED - Selecting Solid Background under Text Properties Defaults to a Background with 0% Opacity
    FIXED - Selecting the currently selected External Display Output causes the output image to disappear
    FIXED - Shot-level audio settings affect other shots using the same sources
    FIXED - Strict CBR sometimes fluctuates more than it should
    FIXED - Support for Blackmagic Production Camera 4K
    FIXED - Text Properties Background Color - Auto Switching to None
    FIXED - Text Properties window contents can be highlight selected
    FIXED - Text Tool - Clicking on Shadow Attribute Sliders does not apply correctly
    FIXED - TextField - Undo/Redo doesn't always function
    FIXED - The aspect ratio of a text source can become corrupted in certain situations
    FIXED - The mix minus and mute state is not being updated between the Audio Mixer and Source Properties
    FIXED - There are too many encoding templates to display them all in the Output Settings dialog's Encoding popup menu
    FIXED - Tooltip for create replay shot button is "Update Replay Shot"
    FIXED - Twitch output configuration is sluggish in the "Output Settings"
    FIXED - Unable to access the "Output Settings" while outputting to "Virtual Camera Out"
    FIXED - Update Monitor Checkbox to button in mixer
    FIXED - Update Twitch API to V5
    FIXED - Video can stutter on some occasions with Replay Templates
    FIXED - Virtual Camera not working in Skype
    FIXED - When attempting to connect to Facebook, re-clicking the stream button causes hang
    FIXED - When modifying the Output Settings you need to press Create in the Facebook config
    FIXED - Wirecast 6.0.5 Update Can't Stream Audio with Sample Rates <44.1KHz
    FIXED - Wirecast/Ustream will crash if audio mixer is present when first opening
    FIXED - With certain equipment workflows, audio dropouts can occur during shot switching
    FIXED - x264 Encoding Produces Increasing/Excessive Keyframes
    FIXED - x264 Outputs with a resolution of 480x270 can cause the encoder to fail

Known Issue(s):

  • (WIN) Canvas Sizes of NTSC 480 or PAL 576 can result in a corrupt output on Windows machines using an encoding method other than Intel Quick Sync. This should be fixed in the first bug fix release.
    Click here for information on a simple workaround.
Operating System

Windows 7, 8, 10, macOS Sierra, Mac OS X El Capitan

Windows 10, macOS Sierra

i5 dual-core @ 2.3GHz1

i7 quad-core @ 2.8GHz+


Hard Drive

2GB2, 7200 RPM for record to disk

500GB+, Solid State OS Drive
Graphics Card

Intel HD3, DirectX 11 capable

Nvidia GeForce or AMD Radeon, 1GB+ video memory
Internet Connectivity

Open HTTP/HTTPS port 80, RTMP port 1935, port 7272 for Remote Desktop Presenter

If behind a firewall, check with your CDN for any sites to whitelist

1May be insufficient for 1080p+ or 60 fps workflows.
2Additional hard disk space required for record to disk.
3Insufficient for advanced Multi-Viewer workflows.

An internet connection is recommended for Wirecast 8.0 license activation.

ATTN: Wirecast 8 has dropped support of HDV licenses/cameras.
Please click here for additional information.

NewBlueFX Titler Live Express & Present – Includes over 60 title templates for lower-thirds and overlays (Mac & Windows).

  • Purchase of Wirecast 8 Studio includes a free copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Express.
  • Purchase of Wirecast 8 Pro includes a free copy of NewBlueFX Titler Live Present.

Remote Desktop Presenter – Please use the Remote Desktop Presenter version 2.0.8, available as a separate download from Telestream.

Best Practices

Minimum Required Upload Speed

  • It is recommended that an upload speed rate of at least double the selected video bitrate be available, especially for a total target bit-rate of 10Mbps (Megabits per second) or less, or when there are multiple outgoing streams.
  • Upload speed can be tested at a website such as
  • Additional tasks that can consume upload bandwidth on the network should also be considered when determining how much of the available upload bandwidth can be allocated towards streaming


Wirecast Rendezvous uses WebRTC technology that can be very resource intensive. For the best experience, we suggest considering the following table when choosing hardware:

  Studio (2 guests + 1 host) Pro (7 guests + 1 host)
Bandwidth4 Add 4 Mbps Add 5+ Mbps5
Processor4 i5 quad-core6 i7 quad-core6

4Based on a single simultaneous stream of 720p30 x264 @ 4.0Mbps.
5Bandwidth per guest will scale downwards as more are added to maintain reliability.
6Minimum recommended processor with example stream4. More demanding workflows may require a more capable CPU.

High frame-rate streaming (60fps):

  • High frame-rate streaming will result in increased CPU usage and require a higher bit rate (4Mbps or higher) for a quality encode.
  • Simply switching to a higher frame-rate without ensuring the CPU and bitrate are sufficient may result in a lower quality encode.

CPU Usage:

  • Consider lowering your canvas frame rate and/or streaming resolution to lower CPU usage.
  • Maintained system CPU usage greater than 60% will increase the likelihood of dropped frames.

ISO Recording

  • Solid State Drive or fast RAID array recommended for ISO Recording and Replay functionality.
  • Actual data rates will vary depending on quality level selected for ProRes (Mac) or MJPEG recording (Windows), as well as the resolution and frame rate selected.
    • For Mac ProRes recording please refer to Apple’s ProRes data rate specifications.
    • Windows MJPEG Best Quality Guidelines (Megabytes per second):
      • 1080i and 1080p 29.97 and 30 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~25MB/sec
      • 1080p 60 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~50 MB/sec
      • 720p 59.94 and 60 FPS, MJPEG Best Quality – ~20 MB/sec
  • Total expected data rate should be compared to available disk write speed to ensure adequate disk throughput.

Failure to ensure the available disk write speed is greater than the highest expected total data rate may result in frames being dropped from recordings (ISO, Replay, and Record-to-Disk).

Hardware accelerated encoding requirements:

  • Apple Hardware Accelerated H.264 encoding requires a Mac with an integrated Intel GPU.
    Note: This may change in the future, as the Apple API decides what hardware acceleration method is to be used. At the time of this writing, only Quick Sync via an Intel GPU is supported.


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