CHV Electronics The Distortion Collection (FxScript) v4.0



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CHV Electronics The Distortion Collection (FxScript) - featured

13 distortion video effect plugins: This plugin collection consists of 7 video filters and 6 video transitions.


  • Float (Filter) - Creates a wobbly distortion similar to the distortion created by hot air.y
  • Fluid Pro (Filter & Transition) - Creates a melting effect. The video melts and flows away.
  • Gridslide (Filter & Transition) - Cuts the source video into many rectangular sections and slides each section into a different direction.
  • PixelStorm Pro (Filter & Transition) - Distorts the video pixel by pixel and moves each pixel into a different direction.
  • StormCircle (Filter & Transition) - Creates an animated circular, rippled hole in the source video.
  • StormFront (Filter & Transition) - Creates an animated distorted line that cuts through the source video.
  • Stripes (Filter & Transition) - Creates an animated sine wave distortion.

Compatible Final Cut Pro 3-7 and Final Cut Express.

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