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CHV Electronics The Morph Collection (FxScript) - featured

Have you ever wanted to use Final Cut to create a transition with a morph-effect? Did you ever try to dislocate specific content of an image or of a video? Do you like the effect at the end of the "Black or White"-video clip of MJ?


This collection of plugins makes it possible to do morph-effects directly with Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. The collection consists of 36 plugins to cover all kinds of morph capabilities. There are three groups of plugins:

  • Transitions: With the 12 Morph-transitions you can do a Morph from one still to another. For animated clips, you should use the Morph-generator, due to the inability of Final Cut to set keyframes for transitions.
  • Generators: The 12 Morph-generators are perfect in generating morph-effects with animated clips. The ability to set keyframes makes it easy to handle animated clips.

  • Filters: The 12 Morph-filters are very special. Actually, they should be called "Distortion-filters" and something similar because they are mainly used to distort a picture or a clip, but these plugins are based on the same functions as the transitions and the generators. That's why they are also called "Morph". With the filters, you can move specific points of a clip or an image to definable positions. For example, you can move the eyes of a face further apart while the clip is running. How this looks and what you can also do with the filters is described later in this manual.

In order to do a Morph, you have to set two grids. One grid is applied to the source and the other is either applied to a destination clip (transition and generator) or it is used as a morph-grid (filter). The Source-grid defines the source points and the Morph-grid (Destination-grid) defines where the points of the Source-grid have to go.

Each section consists of 12 different versions. The only difference is the sizes of the used grids. The smallest grid has 2x2 points (even though it has actually 2x3 points) and the biggest grid has 16x16 points.

  • All controls and all grids are keyframeable with Final Cut Pro (Filters and Generators)
  • Lots of preview modes
  • The Canvas and DV-output (Firewire-connector) can be used simultaneously to create the setup of the grids
  • Zoom-feature for exact positioning
  • 2 different grid-appearances
  • Ease-in-out-function (Transition)
  • Customizable canvas

* compatible with Final Cut Pro 2-7 and Final Cut Express.

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