CHV Electronics The MotionTracker Collection (FxScript)



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CHV Electronics The MotionTracker Collection (FxScript) - featured

With this collection you can automatically stabilize your video, create an automatically animated garbage matte, insert clips and images into your project, distort certain parts of your clip and zoom into a specific area of your project.


  • Image Stabilizer - Use this tool to stabilize your clip
  • Insert Image - Use this tool to overlay an image (or clip) onto your project. The image will follow the selected content and will appear as if it always had been there.
  • Garbage Matte - This tool creates an animated Garbage Matte
  • Point Distortion - This tool is made to distort certain parts of your project. Use it to make faces and number-plates unrecognizable or distort. Up to 10 points can be tracked simultaneously
  • Zoom - get closer look at something specific of a shaky vide

* compatible with Final Cut Pro 2-7 and Final Cut Express.

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