Pixel Lab Earth and Globe Pack


Pixel Lab Earth and Globe Pack
Pixel Lab Earth and Globe Pack

50+ Models for Maxon Cinema 4D


“I’m excited to introduce The Pixel Lab “Earth and Globes Pack!” I’ve collaborated on this project with Simon Spencer-Harvey and Remco van der Meer. We’ve created over 55 earth, globe and solar models. Also included are 6 Xpresso rigs to help you create very intricate and custom animations. We have everything from realistic and high poly to stylized and low poly and everything in between. Artistic, stylized, lego, minecraft, tron, cloud scenes, milkyway, solar systems: we have a bit of everything for everybody! I hope you enjoy it!” – Joren Kandel

globe 1

The models include textures. NOTE 1: They will NOT work in versions previous to R12. Note 2: The Graphical Xpresso rig, Realistic Earth Xpresso rig and Milkyway are very detailed and high quality with loads of options. Because of that you will need a fairly fast machine to use them, just be aware of this. Note 3: The Cloud Scene uses Pyroclusters so you will need the full Studio version of C4D to use that model. The Stylized Globe 3 uses Sketch and Toon so you will also need the full Studio version and will have to turn on Sketch and Toon in the render settings. Besides these two you can use all of the models with the Broadcast Version of C4D.

You may use these models for personal or commercial use, just not for stock or resale in any way. I have made a .lib4d file so you can load these models into your Cinema 4D Content Browser and easily access the models at any time!

globe 2

globe 3

The Following are Included in this Pack

  • Atlas Rock Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Arrows Earth C4D 3D Model
  • City Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Cloud Scene
  • Colored Lights Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Compass Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Core Glow Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Country Text C4D 3D Model
  • Cube Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Desktop Globe Xpresso Rig
  • Digital Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Droplet Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Earth Core C4D 3D Model
  • Fire World C4D 3D Model
  • Flat Map with Pins: 4 Versions
  • Flat Relief Map Xpresso Rig
  • Simple Globes C4D 3D Model
  • Ice Cube Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Lego Planet High, Medium and Low Poly C4D 3D Model
  • Low Poly Chunky Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Low Poly Earth 1 & 2 C4D 3D Model
  • Low Poly Landscape C4D 3D Model
  • Milkyway Scene
  • Minecraft Pixel Art Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Modern Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Neon Earth Sign C4D 3D Model
  • Plush Cloth Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Point to Point Xpresso Rig
  • Polluted Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Realistic Earth and Moon Xpresso Rig + Version w/no Xpresso
  • Shield World C4D 3D Model
  • Simple Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Social Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Spinning Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Stylized Globe 5x Versions C4D 3D Models
  • Sunrise Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Traffic Earth C4D 3D Model
  • Tron Style City Globe C4D 3D Model
  • Wooden Globe C4D 3D Model
  • World Hand C4D 3D Model

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