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CHV Electronics The Repair Collection (FxScript) - featured

Reduce noise and repair damaged video FxScript

Compatible with Final Cut Pro 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, and Final Cut Express (all versions).


Here are the tools for Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express most editors have been waiting for. Finally, you can:

  • Eliminate noise quick and easy
  • Remove dust and scratches
  • Repair any kind of dropouts (i.e. from Betacam SP and DV tapes)
  • Conquer dead pixels of digital cameras
  • The Repair-collection is the only plug-in collection totally dedicated to repairing video with Final Cut Studio.

Noise Reduction
Get rid of noise and dust. Noise Reduction is easy to use and will reduce any kind of noise on a video.

Dirt Remover V1.0
Remove black and white spots from your video automatically. Dirt Remover is made to eliminate dark and bright spots from your video and replace them with content taken from nearby frames. You can choose between the elimination of black, white or both types of spots at once.

Dropout Eliminator V1.0
Repair even the worst dropouts with content from nearby frames. Dropout Eliminator is made to repair damages like dropouts or burn holes. If your video contains big damages in a single frame or field, you can replace the lost content with the content of a nearby frame. As a requirement, your video must have a similar frame close to the damaged frame.

Dead Pixel V1.0
The intelligent tool to repair dead pixels and spots. Dead Pixel is able to reconstruct damaged areas with a size of up to 16 x 16 pixels. Normally you will use this tool to repair footage that has been shot with a digital camera with dead pixels. Such footage is actually useless and in most cases, you can't bring it back. If you have such footage, Dead Pixel will be a life saver.

Note: Fx-Script plugins are compatible with Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Express. They do not work in Motion.

  • Final Cut Pro 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7
  • Final Cut Express (all versions)
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