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v1.75 Torus Media Labs CANVAS360 Pro

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Torus Media Labs CANVAS360 Pro


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Torus Media Labs CANVAS360 Pro

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Professional 360˚ VR toolkit for Adobe After Effects

CANVAS 360™ Pro is a workflow inside of Adobe After Effects enabling users the ability to composite 360˚ VR footage/renders together with traditional After Effects layers and non-360˚ footage/renders.

Built on a complex architecture under the hood, it offers a surprisingly simple and coherent interface to make ease of almost any 360˚ task. The workflow is complete with highly customized tools that work seamlessly alongside After Effectsʼ powerful motion graphics & compositing tools. CANVAS 360 Pro also facilitates the integration of 3D packages by merging any tracked or animated After Effects camera into a 360˚ project. Designed for users to create 360˚ experiences using conventional visual effects tools, CANVAS 360 Proʼs functions are familiar and easy to learn.

3D Camera Tracking & 360˚ Stabilization

Exclusive 3D camera tracking and stabilization tools.

With CANVAS 360™ʼs user-friendly interface, users can now utilize After Effectsʼ powerful AE Camera Tracker to track their 360° media. CANVAS 360™ seamlessly integrates the tracking data into the userʼs 360° composition, including data from third-party match-moving (camera tracking) packages. The camera automatically stabilizes when integrating the track, thanks to the tracking data. The user can then adjust and save the stabilized camera before outputting.

360º Compositing

CANVAS 360 assets together with traditional non-360 assets.

CANVAS 360™ extends After Effectsʼ canvas to 360° while introducing a host of exclusive tools. Whether 360° or non-360°, live-action or CGI, CANVAS 360™ brings everything together into a single 360° timeline, supporting usersʼ favorite AE tools and plugins, as they navigate through their 360° scene. Add localized mattes and effects to easily rotoscope, color correct, or blur a region of interest in your 360° footage and renders. Add logos and layers to a specified perspective using the same technique.


Customize the ‘Frontʼ Perspective

Fully customize the perspective of the experience by utilizing After Effects’ native Cameras, Keyframes & Graph Editor.

Convert After Effects Scenes into 360˚

Convert any previously created 3D After Effects scene into 360˚ camera motion, animated layers, particles, footage, native After Effects layers, etc.

Localized Mattes, Effects & Logos

Add localized mattes & effects to easily rotoscope, color correct, blur, (etc.) a region of interest in your 360 footage/renders. Logos/Layers can be added to a specified perspective using the same technique.

After Effects CC 2020, CC 2019, CC 2018


1.75  (Current version)  –  Jan 20, 2020

  • Support for After Effects 2020
  • ‘Working Aspect Ratio’ option available in the Project Settings
  • Many bug fixes (thank you for reporting!)

* Do not update Canvas 360 if you are in the middle of an existing project
* Canvas 360 no longer supports versions of After Effects prior to CC2018


1.61  –  Apr 2, 2019

  • Support for After Effects 2019
  • 16k support in After Effects 2018 and 2019

1.55  –  May 19, 2018

  • Many small bug fixes

1.53  –  Jan 23, 2018

  • Fixed ‘Undefined’ listbox items on the PIP tab
  • Changing the Field of View in the Settings refreshes the POV tab instantly

1.53  –  Jan 23, 2018

  • Fixed ‘Undefined’ listbox items on the PIP tab
  • Changing the Field of View in the Settings refreshes the POV tab instantly

1.51  –  Dec 17, 2017

  • Fixed random crash occurrences when the Canvas panel was closed by user
  • Other minor bug fixes

1.50  –  Dec 14, 2017

  • Panel Interface
  • New ‘Create a Project’ wizard
  • Multiple Canvas projects in a single After Effects project
  • Create a project from an imported Premiere sequence/composition
  • New [Default] POVs
  • Complete project details on the Project tab
  • Project Settings menu
  • Graphical overhaul (icons, menus, etc)
New 360 Output Map-Types (AE 2018):
  • Equirectangular
  • GearVR
  • Fisheye
  • Sphere-Map

*Projects dating back to v1.30 can still be opened in v1.50
*GoPro Player may crash After Effects if you are creating a project as GoPro Player is launching in the background

1.34  –  Oct 20, 2017

  • Support for After Effects 2018

1.33  –  Aug 23, 2017

  • Significant speed increases
  • Alpha channels for both input & output is now supported
  • MochaVR workflow integration
  • Element3D ‘World Transform’ is now supported
  • You can animate the ‘Working Camera’ before tracking (Orientation & Rotation)
  • World Space is recalculated after the tracking data is injected (Stabilized = [0,0,0])
  • After Effects no longer caches old frames after the tracking data is injected
  • You can freely look around after Targeting a 3D Layer on the POV tab
  • You now receive ‘Info Panel’ updates when tasks are completed
  • Lots of minor bugs fixed


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