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Red Giant Trapcode Tao


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Generate 3D geometries along a path

Create beautiful complex motion graphics with animated extrusions, spheres and N­gons. Quickly generate procedural 3D geometries using built­ in auto paths, mask shapes, and the motion from After Effects 3D lights. Tao uses After Effects 3D cameras and lights, so you can fully integrate your Tao geometries and paths with your motion graphics and VFX shots.



Trapcode Tao Features


Powerful offset tools make it easy to animate your extruded paths and geometries.


Create intricate, complex geometric designs using 2 sets of repeaters.


Loop animations for motion graphics and backgrounds with Trapcode Tao’s powerful offset and looping system.


Illuminate your motion graphics with After Effects lights, specialized Tao Lumi lights, or Image Based Lighting for fast and realistic renders.

Materials and Textures

Create photoreal motion graphics with textures and included reflection/environment maps. Tao includes 14 HDRI maps for use in your work.


Taper your paths and geometries and then animate their growth, for organic looking motion designs.

Second­Pass Wireframe

Add a second­pass wireframe on top of your Tao geometries. Great for creating stylized or vector­style imagery.

Fractal Distortions

Choose from regular, Multi, SmoothRidge, Multi SmoothRidge for varying organic displacements of the Tao geometries.


Tao runs on OpenGL, giving you incredibly fast feedback and rendering.

Supported OS:​

  • Mac OS X 10.10 and later
  • Windows 8, 10 64­bit


  • Adobe After Effects CC 2018, CC (2017), CC(2015.3), CC (2015), CC (2014)

What's new in Trapcode Tao 1.2.4? Released 24 September 2018

  • Mojave compatibility

What's new in Trapcode Tao 1.2.3? Released May 10, 2018

  • Fixed rendering issue when Depth of Field was enabled.

What's new in Trapcode Tao 1.2?

  • A new depth-of-field tool makes it easy to create camera-realistic blurs for your Tao objects, based on their distance from the After Effects 3D camera.

What's new in Trapcode Tao 1.1?

  • 25 new presets to help users get started with 3D animation processes
  • Negative OAS Duration allowing for negative values – useful for audio visualizations
  • New Lights Modes for even faster rendering, useful for building long structures with Tao Lights when only the newest part of the structure is visible; new modes include Build-up and Remove, Build-up (fast), and Build-up and Remove (fast)

What's new in Trapcode 1.0.4?

  • Adds support for CC 2015.3

What's new in Trapcode Tao 1.0.1?

  • Fixed: Some users reported crashing when they reopened older projects.
  • The “Orient to path” checkbox now works with the TAO LINE lights features.
  • Fixed: An issue with Light Modifiers not affecting segments/geometry correctly

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In this tutorial, Hashi from Action Movie Kid shows you how to create the energy effects from Captain Marvel. Use fractal noise for controlled chaos!


After Effects VJ Loop Tunnel with Trapcode Tao + Audio Sync

VinhSon Nguyen of Creative Dojo has a fun tutorial using Trapcode Tao to make a tunnel animation synced with audio.


Create Ghostbusters Style Visual Effects

Director Seth Worley takes you behind the scenes and shows you how he created the visual effects in “Busted,” his Red Giant Film Team Experiment. Watch “Busted” here and follow the link to the tutorial.


Trapcode Tao Tutorials

Peder Norrby has a bunch of great tutorials listed on his website for the ever-so-popular Trapcode Tao! Download a free demo of Trapcode Tao.


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“New tutorial on creating seamlessly looping flowing ribbons with Trapcode Tao in Adobe After Effects.” - Peder Norrby


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Peder Norrby has published a couple quick tutorials pertaining to some questions that he received on the Trapcode Instagram account.


Logo Reveal with Trapcode Tao

“In this tutorial, Peder Norrby covers a simple technique to reveal a logo or text with Trapcode Tao using paths from masks, offset and moving the camera.” - CG Terminal


Logo Reveal with Trapcode Tao

“In this tutorial, Peder Norrby covers a simple technique to reveal a logo or text with Trapcode Tao using paths from masks, offset and moving the camera.” - CG Terminal


Low poly Cupcake Christmas tree with Trapcode Tao

Dominic Pons explains how to create a low-poly Christmas tree scene in After Effects using Trapcode Tao.