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VFXER Bio Cell for Cinema 4D

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VFXER Bio Cell for Cinema 4D
VFXER Bio Cell for Cinema 4D

50 Organic Cinema 4D Models for Sci-Fi VFX, Medical, and Scientific Visualization

VFXer Bio Cell for Cinema 4D and Redshift is the ultimate solution for creating immersive 3D visualizations for the biotech, film and game VFX, scientific and medical industries.

Seize New Opportunities

Meet the surging demand for biotechnology, medical and scientific 3D content using VFXER Bio Cell CINEMA 4D – boost your career and income.

Huge Time Savings, Easy Drag & Drop

VFXER Bio Cell gives you a large toolbox of 50 exciting organic stylized CINEMA 4D Redshift models ready to go, which include DNA, virus cells, blood cells, neurons, bacteria and other micro organisms. Seamlessly drag and drop into your CINEMA 4D scene and render.

Ditch 3D Modeling & Texturing Hassles

Focus on the fun and creative aspects of the process – animating, lighting, and artistry. Let VFXER Bio Cell For CINEMA 4D handle the rest.

Introducing VFXER Bio Cell For CINEMA 4D

A collection of 50 exciting organic CINEMA 4D Redshift models for Sci-Fi VFX, medical & scientific visualization.

The pack includes numerous stylized biomedical 3D models, which include DNA, virus cells, blood cells, neurons, bacteria and other micro organisms. It’s everything you need to create organic animations.



Impress your clients with breathtaking organic animations

Imagine creating stunning, stylized organic 3D content that graces the screens of broadcast media, VR & AR, science documentaries and blockbuster films.

vfxer bio cell examples of microscopic organisms


Scientific, Medical, and Biotechnology sectors

Exciting & Lucrative New Career Opportunities For CINEMA 4D Artists

In the ever-evolving landscape of VFX and Motion Graphics, there are exciting new opportunities for artists like you. The demand for stylized 3D content in scientific, medical, and biotechnology sectors, spanning broadcast, print news media, science documentaries, and film, is on the rise.

As a seasoned VFX or motion graphics artist, you hold the key to satisfying this increasing demand. The biotechnology industry is growing at an impressive pace, with pharmaceutical and future medical tech companies requiring captivating marketing materials and commercials for their products.

To excel in this arena, it’s essential to stay ahead of the curve. As an expert in your field, you’re well aware that high-quality resources can make a significant difference. VFXER Bio Cell CINEMA 4D pack is a versatile tool that can empower you to create stunning visuals that cater to the specific needs of biotech and life science clients.

vfxer biocell red virus

Built For CINEMA 4D & Redshift

Huge Time Savings, Easy Drag & Drop

  • Boost Creativity: Say goodbye to complex 3D modeling tasks and focus on what you love – lighting, animating, and composing 3D scenes.
  • Save Time: Our plug-and-play models eliminate days of modeling and texturing work.
  • Seamless Integration: Easily drag and drop VFXER Bio Cell’s models from the CINEMA 4D asset browser for quick scene creation.
  • Stunning Renders: Detailed 4K resolution textures and optimized Redshift shader settings are sure to impress your clients.

What Can I Create With The VFXER Bio Cell CINEMA 4D Pack?

  • Produce stunning VFX for sci-fi movies or games that involve nanotechnology, biotechnology, or genetic engineering.
  • Create stylistic animations of biological processes such as DNA replication, or cell division for medical and pharmaceutical visualization.
  • Create stylised renders of viruses, bacteria, or parasites for biotechnology news broadcast media and publications.
  • Prototype captivating microscopic worlds and experiences for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality devices such as the Apple Vision Pro.
  • Create engaging 3D animations for medical and pharmaceutical social media campaigns.

vfxer bio cell purple neurons

Amazing Value For CINEMA 4D Artists

High-quality scientific models for CINEMA 4D and Redshift don’t come cheap and can take a significant amount of time to source. On many 3D marketplaces, these models typically range between $25 and $150 each.

VFXER Bio Cell, however, provides a collection of 50 detailed CINEMA 4D Redshift models for only $229. If bought separately, this bundle would cost an eye-watering $1,250, making it an outstanding bargain for CINEMA 4D artists.

And there’s even more to this offer…

vfxer bio cell lutsBONUS

VFXER Bio Cell CINEMA 4D Redshift LUT Pack

25 bespoke LUT files designed specifically for stylized organic biotech color looks, that also help you fine tune and dial in your own artistic vision and taste.

These exciting LUTs can be used directly within Redshift or your editing software of choice.

This pack – worth $49, comes free with your purchase of VFXER Bio Cell CINEMA 4D Redshift.

Redshift 3.5 or above for CINEMA 4D
CINEMA 4D Version 2023 or above

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