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2.x Volume n’ Tricks

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Volume n’ Tricks


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Volume 'n Tricks

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Volume n’ Tricks

Volume n’ Tricks allows users to craft breathtaking isometric animations compatible with Lottie Files. Multiple Layers Projection. Projected Parented Isometric Shadows. Pivot/Rotation Feature. Optimized Resource Usage

Volume n’ Tricks 2 is an After Effects extension for crafting isometric projections, volumes, and animations with ease. This iteration introduces functionalities that ensure your animations are Lottie-compatible, a distinction not achievable with AE 3D renders.

It’s a new, straightforward and efficient tool for animation needs.

Innovations for Impact

With Lottie Compatibility , transitioning from After Effects to web and mobile applications has never been smoother. It enables seamless integration of animations into diverse platforms where 3D is not an option.

Projected Isometric Shadows brings a new level to animations, offering a visually enhancement that breathes depth into projects. Live Visualization ensures immediate feedback on your creative decisions, streamlining the design process by eliminating the need to toggle between panels.

User Experience Reimagined

Its dynamic User Interface offers a true intuitive interaction with the tool. Controls provide the precision needed to fine-tune your designs, with new features designed for professional use but accessible enough for new comers.
The ability to project onto Multiple Layers simultaneously opens up new creative possibilities, allowing for more complex and layered designs.

2D, Simplified Yet Powerful

Volume n’ Tricks 2 will fool your brain thanks to the extrusions and the unique pivot/rotation feature.
However, the tool has been optimized for reduced resource consumption , ensuring a smoother experience even on less powerful systems. This optimization does not compromise performance , maintaining the high-quality results that users have come to expect.

Transforming Design

Volume n’ Tricks 2 is a tool and a creative catalyst. Transforming flat designs into dynamic faux 3D, 2.5 dimensional masterpieces opens up a world of possibilities for digital designers. Whether you’re integrating new objects into an isometric scene, working across multiple layers, or creating with shapes and texts, Volume n’ Tricks 2 (literally) elevates your designs to another dimension .
Your creations can be shared and modified without the need for extension , fostering a spirit of collective creativity.

Revamped for the best

Volume n’ Tricks redefined how to create isometric projections and volumes in After Effects. Volume n’ Tricks 2 is a complete revamp that offers what Classic, Advanced 3D or C4D render can’t: A handy way to create isometric art on the fly and to export your creations in other formats like Lotties.

What’s New in 2

  • Lottie Compatibility:  Seamlessly export your After Effects creations with Volume n’ Tricks 2 in Lottie animations, quickly preparing your content for web and mobile applications.
  • Multiple Layers Projection:  Amplify your creative possibilities by projecting onto multiple layers simultaneously.
  • Projected Parented Isometric Shadows: Add depth and realism to your animations with accurate isometric shadow
  • Improved Pivot/Rotation Feature:  Animate in all directions in limitless Extrusion and apply keyframes even to the Isometric Rotation feature.
  • Live visualization:  See the result of your creations immediately and fine-tune your animation in your Effects Controls Panel
  • Optimized Resource Usage:  Volume n’Tricks 2 is designed to be poor demanding on your system’s resources. The results are optimized, focusing on performances.
  • Dynamic User Interface:  Dive into a completely revamped, intuitive UI
  • Enhanced Controls:  Experience precision at its finest with newly introduced controls. Adjust, tweak, and perfect your creations with powerful, easy-to-use pro features.
  • Simplified Process:  Volume n’ Tricks 2 streamlines your Isometric Design, making bringing your visions to life effortless.

Practical note for users:

I: The tool advises adding a stroke of any chosen color to single-color shapes. This ensures the sides remain visible and distinct, maintaining the visual integrity of the design.
II: Due to After Effects’ limitations, some complex shapes may take some time to be projected into faux3D. To save an enormous amount of time – even if Volume n’ Tricks does it for you- , we strongly recommend that you group your subgroups and shapes into A SINGLE GROUP > content> Select all > Group (CMD+G or CTRL+G)




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